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Good Nintentions Gone Bad...

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Posted 13 December 2004 - 10:26 AM

Hello. It is a Japaneeeeeeeese!
I'm sorry. Although I cannot write English, I can read.

I will come tomorrow. Good night!

Good Nintentions Gone Bad
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Posted 13 December 2004 - 10:27 AM


"Famicom Game Music Cover Bands" Reviews and Links

This collection of links was created to serve as a reference to bands that cover Famicom games with analog instruments. This list may be appended to in the future.

* 12/13 Update -- CHROMELODEON, The Power-Ups, and others were added.
* 12/11 Update -- Temp Sound Solutions, Virt, Inverted Silence, Chris Stewart (EnderX), and Saitama Saisyuu Heiki, and others were added. Temp Sound Solutions is crazy. For real.

Band Name / Site -- Score -- Comments
The Advantage (American)
One of the more famous cover bands with an emphasis on "reviving" game music with a typical band sound. One of the guitar players has had the experience of performing in Japan as a member of the indie band, Hella. Nintendo knows of them, though they don't do anything. Even in Japan, CDs can be purchased from major CD shops and Amazon. Goonies 2, Castlevania, Mega Man, Metroid, Contra, and other 8-bit tunes.

A participant of VGMix and DoD. Also has experience in the creation of video game music. Although his remixes are primarily released on VGMix, his metal arrangement of Zelda on DoD is an excellent release, although sometimes I think it's too busy. But it's still amazing. About the same production quality as Metroid Metal.

Metroid Metal (Stemage)
Fairly hot prog metal arrangements of Metroid with awesome production quality. It's recommended that you listen to the MIDIs that are included alongside the arrangements. Click the [Songs] menu at the top page for the songs.

Temp Sound Solutions (Shawn Phase)
A pleasant approach, involving a musical performance over the actual video game music. This is quite interesting. In fact, it's crazy. For real. Balloon Fight, Mario 3, Hudson's Adventure Island, and all kinds of other 8-bit tunes. Songs are [Music page] [Music page2] and all over the place so go and find them!

Bitbop? (Sweden)
Great acoustic guitar arrangements. From Excite Bike, Super Mario, Bubble Bobble, and other 8-bit tunes to FF7 and FFX. [Music page] <- A zipped album with all their songs. There are also some songs on the Singles page.

Minibosses (America)
One of the more famous cover bands. Their sound is similar to The Advantage's. They even cover some of the same songs as The Advantage. I recommend listening to them both for comparison. Goonies 2, Castlevania, Mega Man, Ninja Gaiden, and other 8-bit tunes. Songs and videos can be found at the top of their official site.

Dramatic and heavy arrangements featuring 8-bit sounds that make them more interesting. They're fairly heavy and feature 8-bit sounds but I don't know the songs. Ninja Gaiden 2, Mega Man.

The Power-Ups (America)
Very skillfully performed band arrangements which deviate slightly, yet remain fairly faithful to the original compositions. Super Mario, Dig Dug, Zelda, and other 8-bit tunes.

Nemesis Enforcer (Zoast)
Fairly good rock and acoustic arrangements. The Dragon Warrior 1 acoustic medley is very awesome. FF series, Zelda series, Contra and others. DOOM and other western games too. Participates in DoD as Zoast.

NESkimos (America)
Metal arrangements. Powerful music performance. Mega Man, F-Zero, Kirby, Contra, and many others.

OneUp Mushrooms (America)
Brass covers you can relax to. Super Mario World, Mario RPG, Yoshi's Island, Mother 2, Zelda. Songs are at the bottom of their page. Their originating site, OneUpStudio, focuses on remixes. Band member Ailsean participates in DoD and announces musical compositions on VGMix.

FCB (Japan)
A wind instrument Famicom cover band. There seems to be other people like this as well. Ninja Kun series medley, Route-16 Turbo (somehow, vocals were integrated), Chrono Trigger, and others.

Saitama Saisyuu Heiki (Japan)
Guitar arrangements with a sort of metal style. All guitar-driven songs. Though some original songs are featured, there's some pleasant stuff like a Judas Priest-esque arrangement of Dragon Slayer 4. Although it seems like the riffs are just synthesized melodies, there's all kinds of stuff, so enjoy.

Select Start (America)
Piano and string arrangements by sort of a classical style band. The songs on their website are Zelda 64, Metroid, Wizards & Warriors (western game), FFX. I don't know the original songs, but the performance isn't bad. One of the members is an overseas student in Japan?

Chris Stewart (EnderX)
Metal arrangements of Mega Man, though they tend to be reproductions of themselves. One person on guitar with the other instruments done digitally. It seems to be the result of a hobby, but the performance is stable and the arrangement is fairly good. I think it would be better if it had more of a band-like sound.

Spelunker (Japan)
Varying between rock, acoustic, and jazz arrangements. Even though this is the first time I've heard of Spelunker, their musical selection is massive: Starforce, Bokosuka Wars, and others that Japanese people should particularly enjoy. Basically of 8-bit genre. In any case, there are a lot of titles so I want to listen to them from the beginning.

Game Overs (Sweden)
German metal arrangements with vocals! You can only listen to Rock Man and Punch Out. (Click [Complete Game Over version])

Inverted Silence
Home-made death metal? For some reason the Zelda arrangement and FF theme song were unexpected. The Zelda one is a little introverted and has an interesting arrangement.

Fairly metal sound with stiff (?) arrangements. Performance is by one person on guitar and machines (digital). Since the songs are zipped, they're a pain in the ass to listen to. Legend of Zelda, Double Dragon, Castlevania, and other 8-bit tunes. The songs are available at the top of the official site. Also a DoD participant, his songs on there are probably better. Others, such as [OCREMIX], [VGMix]'s FF4, and so on.

Eric's Little Shack
A somewhat metal band arrangement that you can listen to at ease. FF2/3, Street Fighter 2, Donkey Kong, and others. Songs are at the top of the official site.

Ice Climbers (Sweden)
They specialize in "reviving" old music. Mega Man, Legend of Zelda, Contra, and other 8-bit tunes.

Band arrangement. A relatively new band? It seems like 2 high school students. They aren't bad, so perhaps we can expect something from here after. Mario Kart 64, Kirby, Bubble Bobble, Mega Man X. The songs aren't on the official site so to the -> [songs page]

CarboHydroM (France)
Metal covers by a 23 year old French engineer on guitar with drums done digitally. Pop'n Twinbee, Mario Kart, the Zelda series, FF7, and other 16-bit tunes are focused on. Space Harrier, Sonic, and other Sega titles are also available.

R.j. Dwyer
One person on guitar? Metal rearrangements. Metroid, Mother 2, FF, and others.

Quarter-circle Jab
Also a Zelda arrangement with a prog rock tone.

MegaDriver (Brazil)
A metal cover band specializing in Genesis tunes. Altered Beast, Golden Axe (Battle Axe), and others that I wouldn't recognize anyway so I don't know. There's quite a lot of non-Genesis stuff on guitarist Nino's personal page, such as Gradius and Castlevania. They're not bad, but they seem a little old.

Evil Adam
Alternative rock band. There's a secret Chocobo theme cover. On the music page: 3rd column, 5th song from the top.

C24C (America)
Funk and ska core band C24C. I don't know why, but they covered Super Mario. On the bottom of the music page, there's an MP3 and live photos.

Surely, a pro brass band. Super Mario medley is one song.

The Rabbit Joint
This Zelda cover with vocals is widely mistaken as a cover by the popular American band, System of a Down.

Under construction

The Parasprinter
Under construction

Mach Rider, Marble Madness. Metal arrangements.

Original arrangements.

One person on guitar.
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Posted 13 December 2004 - 10:29 AM

Thanks Grimm, i love you
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Posted 13 December 2004 - 11:06 AM

Thanks grimm. And hello, 778.

I still think I like google's "considerable shout" better than the actual translation haha
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Posted 13 December 2004 - 11:14 AM

Very good. Thanks a bunch Grimm!
And good to see you here 778! That is quite an impressive portal you have put up there!
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Posted 13 December 2004 - 11:32 AM

Verbatim to what Sppok said! I love this comprehensive listing!

Welcome 778!

And thanks for including Quarter-Circle Jab! I really hope we reunite soon because I miss that project, and we were supposed to be given $100+ to re-record the songs in an actual studio! GEAR!
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Posted 13 December 2004 - 11:42 AM

:( I didnt make the cut

That's cool to see how many different artists are known outside our little circle.

edit: wow thank you Grimm! and 778
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Posted 13 December 2004 - 11:45 AM

Yeah, thanks for the translation Grimm! We'd be lost without you...
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Take your time old man, these vultures are happy to wait... 

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Posted 13 December 2004 - 11:54 AM

Man, I need to hang out with Grimm. I had some of what was written there down, but only things like "One of the most famous game cover bands"...maybe I just need to go back to Japan for a few years...Nice work Grimm.
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Posted 13 December 2004 - 01:34 PM

looks like that rock out site needs a bit of updating to do :)
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Posted 13 December 2004 - 02:09 PM

definately thanks for the heads up. gives me somethign to think about.
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Posted 13 December 2004 - 02:29 PM

this is it.... all us video game related bands, we need to charter a plane... and play a massive 3 day event in japan! we'll all crash at that guys house (or tiny studio flat)
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Posted 13 December 2004 - 03:26 PM

Cool, but not that surprising. I've come across a couple Japanese sites that have mentions of a lot of people here and VGMix.
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Posted 14 December 2004 - 01:17 AM

whack ass shit, yo.
it's the fuckin' japanese rock-out.net/backup

Fuck those japs, they got nothin' on R-O.

It's a joke... haha, get it?
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Photobucket sucks but you can still listen to and download my stupid album!


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Posted 14 December 2004 - 04:00 AM

A photoshop worthy joke!
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