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Posted 20 August 2019 - 07:16 AM

My 16-month-old watches anything which is songs (and gets unhappy the moment any exposition starts).  He won't watch anything else including cartoons.  However, I recently discovered that he loves nature shows.  I can't get him to watch normal cartoons, but I'm thinking he might like that Lion King remake since it looks mostly like real animals.

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Posted 20 August 2019 - 06:08 PM


i watched the 2013 Evil Dead reboot last night finally. that was an extremely well done remake and i was very entertained. good gore, good scares and tension, good cast. they were very smart about using important elements of the original while still telling a new version of that story.

wow, i totally forgot about this. in some ways that remake may be a good milemarker for when i started getting sick of gore after spending 2 decades voluntarily drowning myself in it.



we tried to watch AQUAMAN this weekend, i had heard from many people who usually are similar in tastes to myself that it was basically dumb but fun and really cool looking and....we turned it off like 35 minutes in. i cannot explain what bothered my precisely, but the movement and combination of CGI/ cinematography trying to be 'dynamic' or something just looked bad to me. i was honestly relieved when my lady was like 'you know, we dont have to keep this on if you dont want to, i am not into it' 



Saw it on a boat ride.  Can confirm it was really stupid.  I didn't turn it off because that's not an option left to the passengers.

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Posted Today, 10:27 AM

I just realized that the whole teacher/principal/some school authority in a violent inner city school is basically a whole sub-genre of action film. You have the Substitute series. There's Dangerous Minds. There's 187. And I just found out about this movie called the Principal which stars Jim Belushi!


I guess Stand and Deliver can kind of be in there but I don't think it's really action oriented? Dangerous Minds probably doesn't really fit in there either, although there are a couple of fight scenes.

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Posted Today, 10:29 AM

One of the seasons of The Wire deals with that as well. But the way it handles it is less white savior than some of those movies.

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