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What happened to you at work today

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#4531 Arm Cannon

Arm Cannon

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Posted 21 May 2017 - 12:55 PM

I think it's rad you play your own tunes. A lot of Ubers give the rider the aux cable. One time I was on the way to a show and the driver made me play my own music lol
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#4532 LindaLindaLinda


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Posted 21 May 2017 - 03:04 PM

I'm super stoked. I finally worked up the nerve/balls to fire one of my clients this week. She's literally been bullying and subtly taking advantage of me for the past year and a half. I don't know why it took me so long but... she's just one of those people that would go berserk in front of you (like we might need to call the cops-physco) if you weren't careful with how you say and do things...in front of her but I fucking did it and I feel so freeeeee. 


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#4533 Daemon9623


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Posted 21 May 2017 - 04:54 PM

I think it's rad you play your own tunes. A lot of Ubers give the rider the aux cable. One time I was on the way to a show and the driver made me play my own music lol

I have more conversations sparked about the music I play in the car than just about anything else. I only give the aux cable when they ask, and I think most people are too... I dunno, intimidated I guess, to ask for it. I also refuse to drive around listening to Future and the like all night because that's what clubrats want on, it would drive me crazy.

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#4534 DiscountBabyJam Mike

DiscountBabyJam Mike

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Posted 22 May 2017 - 10:53 AM


 I remember pouring them into the toilet, 


did you drink the toilet water after cause otherwise youre wasting perfectly great pop rocks and fuck you for that



It was the 90s when everything was great, so we had unlimited pop rocks AND toilet water for the taking.

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#4535 joe.distort



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Posted 22 May 2017 - 11:22 AM

short version: got some shitty news late friday afternoon that hung over me all weekend, came in early to try to get to the bottom of it and i found an IRS mistake before our dumb ass accountant. when i informed my boss she literally hugged me and said 'thank god i have you here to fix this guys shit' and told me that he had blamed ME for it without even knowing what the full issue was. needless to say: fuck him, i rule, and my boss gave me an extra paid day off.


so in other words, a week that i thought was gonna be full of bullshit, long hours and tedious double checking probably got resolved before 10 am monday, i breathed a giant sigh of relief and will take a pinball day off at some point here because of it

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#4536 VikingGuitar


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Posted Today, 11:20 AM

Having a big time "fuck everyone and everything" day at work today.  I hate being the last link in the chain before work product leaves our office, especially when things are right up against a deadline.  It's now my job to try to fix weeks of fucking up that other people did.  Bullshit.

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