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Harden The Fuck Up February

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#871 tibone


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Posted 19 February 2019 - 04:11 AM

Ive been hitting the gym almost daily.

4 days in the first week.

5 days in the second week.

and 2 for 2 this week.


Made one vgm remix, and close to finishing another and my DoD track is at 30% of where i want it to be, so i should be able to finish this week/weekend.


I am eating well, although i did splipped on the weekend and me the wife made home-made burgers. But other than that, Feb is being good.

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Can you Jam with the Console Cowboys in the Cyberspace ?



#872 zyko


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Posted 19 February 2019 - 05:34 PM



- back in the gym with the two-a-day routine. – meh, i'm gymming... but only the evening sesh. really been enjoying my pullows in da morninz as of late


- i somehow put on 15 lbs – down five-ish…


- going back to intermittent fasting and keto* (ie... keto + wine)...-  I’ve been able to maintain this.


- bubye beer. barely knew ya, sucka!


- if i am drunk... no more using the phone. – check.


- one of my annual goals is to reduce "buzzed" driving – haven’t even once. CHECK.


- i've gotta start meditating daily again. –  ommmmm. CHECK.


- i've stagnated long enough professionally – updated resume, cover letter and have been sendin em out routinely.


- RIP zykO – so far so good… though I’ve been very seriously of late working out getting a job in and moving back down to san diego sometime this year so I’m kinda sad that, basically for the seemingly hundredth time in my life, RIP exciting new band. Ugh. I haven’t talked to them about this yet, neither


- i'm sick of my laissez-faire, passive approach to "dating" – yay, shy waleed is no more! Or at least less shy, at any rate. Dating scene sucks gourds out here though. Recent study literally ranked sac as 3rd worst in the NATION. Fuuuuucck that.


- sleep more. – check.


- read more. – check. my new obsession has been reading the new yorker. what. a. mag. <3 


- travel more. – more of a long term goal to be sure. Haven’t traveled anywhere not named LA or SD this month.


- detach from social media.- CHECK. even deleted the apps off the phone.


- no more f bombs – FUCK YEAH. (no really, I’ve actually been good.)


- curb my sushi spending – haven’t had sushi all month. Did give in to my ramen problem the other day though lolllll


- finish skyward sword. – hahahaha I hate that game.


- be a better shizzie – YOU TELL ME.

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Sad Man on a Rock - coming 20idunno!


#873 armor


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Posted 19 February 2019 - 07:00 PM

Before I realized that the electronic machines at the gym put coins in the pockets of the utility company destroying my homeland, and started just rowing instead.... I really liked the infinite stairs machine, I would always do at least 40 flights because that's the height of Nakatomi plaza.

Hopped back on the cardio bandwagon this month. There's a 5k next month I'd like to knock out.




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#874 Smeg



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Posted 28 February 2019 - 01:03 PM


Before I realized that the electronic machines at the gym put coins in the pockets of the utility company destroying my homeland, and started just rowing instead.... I really liked the infinite stairs machine, I would always do at least 40 flights because that's the height of Nakatomi plaza.

Hopped back on the cardio bandwagon this month. There's a 5k next month I'd like to knock out.






My treadmill motor burnt out :(

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#875 Jace


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Posted 28 February 2019 - 02:12 PM

I haven't been exercising much but I have made some serious changes since February 3rd:

-no alcohol (first time I've gone completely dry for more than 3-4 days since October-December 2017)
***I initially started doing this for a quasi-shallow reason: some time last summer, my face started breaking out in acne for the first time in about 15 years, and it got worse and worse throughout the year to the point where I felt embarrassed just like, looking friends and co-workers in the face. I figured it probably had something to do with drinking too much and I couldn't really think of anything else to change habit-wise vs. the previous decade-plus of no acne. However, so far the sober life has had zero impact on the quality of my skin. This is disheartening but I also know that the change is/must be good for me in many significant other ways. In 2017 (not a typo; '18 wasn't so bad) I thought alcohol was going to kill me any day now and I no longer feel that way.

-taking steps to try to sleep a consistent, mostly-nighttime schedule
***when I got back from MAGFest in January, I was sleeping like 8am-5-6pm. After a couple of weeks of this I started to feel like I was going insane, pretty literally. It is proven that it's bad for humans to never see the sun. The only thing I could think to do at first was stay up for like 40 hours and conk out around 8pm one night, which I did, but reverted to a nocturnal mode within only 3-4 days. The biggest change I have made that has helped a little so far was the purchase of a sleep mask that also contains flat bluetooth earphones within it, so I can envelope my head in a reverse-VR scenario consisting of total darkness and ambient drones. I have been sleeping from midnight/2am to 8-10am the past three nights which doesn't sound like much, but is a big change for me and it feels pretty good. Unfortunately, I actually feel less productive in a practical sense because I am used to working in the quietude of night. 10pm still feels like when it's "time to get to work" on new songwriting/guitar practice/Bit Brigade woodshedding, but now I'm dozing off soon after so that doesn't really pan out. However, I'm resolved to giving the whole thing time.

-pulling tips from various current fad diets
***a lot of the current fad diets seem some combination of hypocritical, overly-philosophical/speculative, and unscientific to me, but I have seen rapid benefits from: cutting out refined/unnatural sugars entirely (and limiting the intake of natural (i.e. fruit) sugars drastically overall); cutting out processed carbs and grains (this is hard because my favorite snack is chips and salsa and my favorite food is like any type of pasta); avoiding soy products; putting coconut oil in my coffee. I haven't weighed myself or anything but without upping my regular amount of daily walking/biking (nothing crazy there, only about one-two miles [which on the bike is nothing because it's half-coasting]) I have gone down two notches on my belt and fit comfortably into jeans that felt like a squeeze only one month ago. This is weird to say, because I haven't researched it a ton, but: the coconut-oil-in-coffee thing seems to be the real MVP/secret weapon.
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#876 Daemon9623


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Posted 28 February 2019 - 03:41 PM

I spent most of HTFUF being sick/slovenly, so I'm gonna roll this over into MTFUM (Make the Fuck Up March).

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The music I make.

Simpsons Shizzposting


#877 Arm Cannon

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Posted 28 February 2019 - 04:35 PM

Oops thought this was the grilled cheese thread
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#878 weener



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Posted 28 February 2019 - 10:20 PM

I lost 10 lbs because my doctor said losing weight would help the pressure in my brain go down. I stopped eating sweets almost entirely (and I loved sweets).

It has helped. My vision is like 80% back to normal. Nothing tastes as good as only seeing one of everything feels.
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 "This thing is vibrating like a $50 milkshake!"

#879 tibone


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Posted 01 March 2019 - 05:43 AM

Awesome news weener.

Hope you get to 100% soon.




HTFU results:


- 4 days in the first week.

- 5 days in the second week.

- 5 days in the third week.

- 4 days this week (i skipped gym today, because i'm going to travel back home, to visit my parents).



- entered dod.

- finished 2 songs for pixel mixers

- almost finished another vgm cover

- wrote a small piece of music (original? what?)

- recorded some backing tracks improvisation (third video is going up today).

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Can you Jam with the Console Cowboys in the Cyberspace ?



#880 darmock


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Posted 01 March 2019 - 07:21 AM

I spent most of HTFUF being sick/slovenly, so I'm gonna roll this over into MTFUM (Make the Fuck Up March).


Yeah I got sick again in Feb and in large part because my sleep schedule hasn't been great so that messed up all of my HTFUF plans. Maybe we should start a thread for March?

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#881 raubhimself



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Posted 01 March 2019 - 09:20 AM

I did not have a mental break down but the next two weeks could change that.

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#882 mig50


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Posted 01 March 2019 - 10:20 AM

- get back into regular routine at the gym, and get my strength back to where it was before i took an unexpected weeks-long break
this was mostly successful. routine isn't quite there but i was able to gain a lot of strength back.

- continue with intermittent fasting and do better about avoiding junk foods & sugar
this was unsuccessful. i kept up with fasting but fucked up over the past week or so, and i cannot seem to break my junk food eating

- get my weight to below 210 lbs (i was 214.2 this morning). this may be tough since i'm getting back on creatine so i'll potentially be dealing with increased water retention in my muscles.
i gained two lbs

- get my resumé polished up and start looking for a job in philly
success! got the resumé ready and it was handed off to some people in philly via contacts from my current job.

- do prep work for the move: pick up supplies, look into dates & routes, etc
got this done. i have a solid tentative plan and i picked up some things i need for the move.

- continue selling stuff & saving money for my tokyo trip next month (currently have $1350 saved toward a goal of $2000)
holy shit i now have $2500 saved for my tokyo trip.

- do taxes
yep. the state return helped with the savings mentioned above.

- get a vg cover recorded
everything is tracked but i need to rerecord a small part or two, then mix it.

- no drinking. already a couple weeks into this so bfd.
i stopped the sober streak a little early & drank a couple times this week. its fine.

- watch more anime.
i did this but not enough.

- stop idly scrolling through shit on my phone so much.
this still happens too much.

- put some time into learning japanese.
i didn't do this.
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you mean you forgot cranberries too?

#883 Sindra


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Posted 01 March 2019 - 10:50 AM

My HTFUF goals were mostly derailed by housesitting for another person that I'd forgotten to factor in, and the subsequent toll it took on my normal routine and sleep schedule.


- Get 1 video completed for proposed Castlevania Lore series I've been encouraged to start - Nope, but the groundwork has been laid at least.

- Start up another secret project - This did happen. =)

- Enroll in a Project Management Certification course - Didn't get to this by the end of the month like I'd hoped due to not having time to move money around in my accounts to pay off previous debt, but still plan on doing this soon.

- Minimum 20k points in Fitocracy - I came up short; when I have a week and a half of bad sleep it affected my ability to push myself.

BONUS GOAL - Beat a RE2 Remake campaign in 4 hours or less - HAHAHAHA, nope.



Goals not met are being deferred to March.

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I'm imagining Ellis writing the script to this at a computer, and every time he gets to the end of a line about religion being bad he smacks his fedora to tip it, making the sounds of a typewriter being reset.

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Posted 01 March 2019 - 10:51 AM

I decided to do another run of putting up a game song a day for a month at the very end of January. Wasn't prepared at all and found myself in situations where i had no time or no access to instruments, but fuck it harden the fuck up February.

I tend to procrastinate and hold off many things but I feel i did alright consistency wise only missing two days in Feb. I feel this system has worked for me and says to myself that i can commit to something that doesn't involve money to motivate me to do the task. Maybe its because its something i know and have a fun time doing, but still, consistency is key and i feel ill get better at it the more i commit to things like this.

I also like the time frame of commiting for a month, gives me a goal and a set amount of time and avoids burnout from perpetually doing the same thing over and over again.

I may branch out and do non vg stuff manily for Tanagra purposes (new album is coming out real soon, but i can't say the date yet for pr purposes) and try new things to keep it fresh.

But yeah, its fun, thanks shizz for the concept of hardening, its helped me level up in some areas i otherwise would never have worked on.

Here's a link of my pics or it didnt happen for all you none social medya users.

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I'd take Snapple's satirical pestering over your tired ass trolling ANY DAY.


#885 John MFer

John MFer

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Posted 01 March 2019 - 11:56 AM

I kept meaning to make a list and start on it, but I blinked and now it's March. Oh well. 

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