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Things you just discovered about games...

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#541 Sam



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Posted 11 December 2018 - 10:20 PM

So here's a weird glitch that we recently discovered.  We got the SNES mini system, and Percy was playing through Mega Man X.  In the intro stage, he got to the end of it, to the point where the robot cars drop out of the airship right before the boss fight, but he was on very low health.  He and the final car enemy both shot at about the same time.  His shot hit the enemy, defeating it, but then he got hit by the enemy projectile and died, too. So, he beat all of the enemies, which triggers Vile to come down and start the encounter.  But X is dead already.  Nevertheless, Vile came down, jumped around and attacked for a little bit, then went and grabbed the empty space where X should have been.  A dialog box opened, but the text never appeared.  The game was essentially frozen at this point, with the music continuing to play over an empty dialog box that would never advance.


We had to reset the game, and I though, "This is a Shizz-worthy discovery."


Sam, the Neon Orange Knight

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#542 mooniniteG



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Posted 08 April 2019 - 01:20 AM

You can shoot lemmings in Lemmings 2 (SNES) if you plug the Super Scope into the 2nd controller port.

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#543 Smeg



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Posted 08 April 2019 - 05:11 AM

That sounds like the best reason to own a Super Scope
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#544 urvile



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Posted 08 April 2019 - 05:47 PM

Lol wut
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#545 slu973


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Posted 09 April 2019 - 09:04 AM

No, Mario is not punching Yoshi in the back of the head.




"Mario’s not actually punching Yoshi. He’s just commanding Yoshi to extend his tongue with an assertively pointed finger. "




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#546 nEwT


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Posted 09 April 2019 - 09:07 AM

Of course he is not punching Yoshi, that would make him an asshole.

Never mind.
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Kain, only you can mention your mother's death and your new awesome MMX NES rom hack in one post... so condolences :( and high five :o

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#547 Jace


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Posted 15 April 2019 - 12:26 AM

This one feels huge and is probably covered elsewhere in this thread, but:  while watching some video on YouTube just now, I noticed, for the first time ever, that the shadow of the *3* in the title screen for Super Mario Bros. 3 is a silhouette of Mario in his Tanooki suit.


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