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Shizz Erotic FanFic Thread

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#1 Akumu


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Posted 27 September 2011 - 03:54 PM

SUBJECT: Snappleman
TITLE: On Time

”He’s late again”. I find myself waiting at the subway station on 90th street. It’s not the first time. “He always makes me wait, why can’t he just be on time?” The streets are busy today, filled with the faint cheer of young children in the midst of the mechanical noise of construction work and the intruding alarm of a car horn blaring by above me. It’s a typical Saturday as I am waiting for my friend for many years, Andreas. Today like every Saturday we attend the local book club to discuss in a circle of likeminded how we interpret the various works we trade. But he’s late again. He always makes me wait.

Minutes trickle by, like a tease of my patience to always remind me we might not catch the train. Today we are going to discuss “In the Darkness of the Sun” by Art Vandelay, a recent favorite of mine. I have been looking forward to telling Jonah at the club about what I think of it, since he suggested it to me. I found it to reflect my own life a lot, telling the story of a young man who opts for adventure beyond the norms of his generation, and seeks out a life of constant travel and mystique. Normally I feel a bit shy to express myself at the club, I don’t always feel I have the words to fully elaborate on my feelings on the subject matter, however I feel I am ready now, today. But he’s late again.

I look at the time. I been walking and talking to myself for about 40 minutes now “Damn, almost 12:45. I think I’m gonna walk up here and see what’s going on by this entrance” I say in a deep internal baritone. The minutes clinch in towards the departure of our train, visually representing my good spirits leaving my emotional station. Finally I hear voice filled with breath and hurry. “Audi! I’m here! Audi!” I turn around to see him, running at a moderate pace towards me. He’s got that smile on him as he reaches me and regains his normal respiration, that same smile he used to get out of trouble in school when we got in trouble for peeking at girls through a peeking hole in the shed next to their wardrobe, before we were busted by the high school captain of the athletics team. I think that was what drew me towards him, he made me step out of my own boundaries, and when we were to face the consequences, he always knew how to soften the blow with me being too shy to make myself noticed in the whole situation. I owe him a lot of good memories, but today he owes me an explanation. He won’t give it to me though. “Hey buddy, let’s get on this train, what are you waiting for?” Under my breath, I said to myself “I was waiting for you…”

The train is full today, men and women of all sizes and backgrounds making the train cars into a melting pot of cultural allure and filling it with sophisticated aroma. There are not many places to be seated, but Andreas is tired from his sprint so we scout our surroundings. 2 seats in the distance, those are ours. We make our way down through the many gazeful eyes, looking on not because we stick out of a crowd, but rather because our faces fill them with general curiosity. The 2 empty seats are next to a large put individual, so it’s a tight fit. We sit down, squeezing close as to not having to be close to the heavy set stranger, curiously playing an old school handheld device while seemingly being oblivious to his surroundings. I haven’t said a word yet, I still feel rather irritated that he couldn’t be on time even though we do this every Saturday. “What’s up man, cheer up, no need to look so bleak!” There’s that smile again, I almost forget about it an instant like everyone else, but I still hold onto my newfound bitterness. “I’m fine man, just thinking about what to say today about the book” I say in my usual monotone voice while looking at my empty hands, studying the lines running along the palms. “Just say what you feel like man, most those guys are just waiting for their turn to speak anyway HAHA!” Andy cheerfully barks. Yeah maybe they do, though of course, Andy doesn’t wait, and he just speaks when he wants to, takes control of the scene. Is it a positive trait? I guess it is… As the train turns and tumbles, we are pressed closer unintentionally. The warmth of his side grabbing me. What is this feeling? He’s my friend…

The book club is over and we walk down Bayonne to reach the light rail back to the subway. I felt I had finally been able to express myself, I’m feeling better now. “Maybe now I can finally start to truly express what I feel and think with more clarity?” I think out loud. “Hey man, you worry too much about that stuff, just start talking from the gut” Andy barks back. My eyebrows curve towards the top of my nose, forming a frown, today I guess I didn’t have the patience anymore. “Maybe I should, and maybe I should start by telling you how fed up I am about waiting for you every Saturday afternoon?” Andy looks back at me, puzzled, taken off guard. In a turn against his character, there was suddenly no comeback; there was no quick wit, just silence. He turns his head towards the asphalt as we take our longwinded steps towards the subway. I must say I am a little surprised. Was I too hard on him?

No words, not even a small exchange, just complete silence. We are as 2 completely different people in different places. Our station nears stop by stop, and its time to walk to the door and await its imminent opening. “Hey, I was just in a state of fatigue back there, with all the talking and outpour we did at the club” I told him on a lighter note, the first time today that I made an effort to sound more positive. “Yeah…” Andy quietly let out, “It’s OK man, let’s just talk later and hang out...” I’m still surprised; I had never seen him like this before.

We made our ways up the stairs. It seems the rain had reached our stop before we did, and it was now pouring heavily, as if the angels above were relieving themselves onto Earth. Andy’s place is further distance away than my little apartment above the Emphasis restaurant, where I work part time, and the weather was intensifying quickly. “Come back with me to my place, Andy, you’re gonna get soaked and sick if you walk home in this rainstorm.” He was unsure, if not a bit intimidated by the offer seeing how we had just moments earlier had an unfortunate moment of frustration come upon us. “Andy, you’re coming with me, this is silly. We’ll talk about it at my place, alright?” He reluctantly agreed, and so we walk through the shower from above trying to avoid the unavoidable drops. Little did we know that this wouldn’t be the only shower we would be having this night….

I lock up the door and open it. A swift smell of Indian curry comes at us. I had ordered from Gashna Imoot the day before, and the trash bags were still tied up on my kitchen counter. Our clothes are already soaked and weighing us down. We chuckle carefully as we close the door behind us, looking like wet cats. Dripping from head to toe, there is now way either of us can wear these clothes any longer, we would get sick in an instant. “Come over to the bathroom, I got some towels and clean t-shirts there, let’s get out of these clothes”. I turn on the lights. Some clothes are hanging to dry. My TMNT t-shirt, a pair of blue jeans from McGordon. These will do well for me. “Here, take this towel and just grab that shirt on the line there with the red exclamation point on it, that will fit you. I’ll see about some slack pants in my dresser.” I go to find a pair of gray slack jogging pants; I’ve had this since I was 22 when I got it from an H&M before departure on one of my trips overseas. Since then I had lost some weight, so these would do Andy perfectly. I venture back to the bathroom, only to see Andy from behind taking his t-shirt off. Lightning struck me; his physique was that of an ancient Olympian, Herculean if I may, blend with a dash of John Candy and George Steel. The feeling struck me again, this sudden rush of excitement… what is this feeling? Andy turns to see me in the doorway, as I snap back and come to my senses. “Here you go, will these pants do?”
“Yeah man, they’ll do fine.” Andy said, still lacking the general upbeat spirit he had lost in our little fallout.

“Look” I said, “I know what I said was sort of out of the blue, but it was just that these book meets mean a lot to me, and you being there with me means a lot too. You always been a good support to me and allowed me to get outside my own boundaries, I’m just nervous you suddenly won’t be able to be there with me when you’re late”
“Yeah, I know man…” Andy said with a sad mask,”I guess I should let you know of why I am late. I always worry about how you feel about it, but I was scared to tell you.”
“…What is it?” I inquired, not knowing what to expect.
“My sister….she is mentally handicapped and on Saturdays I take her to the zoo”
“Oh my, I had no idea Andy… Why didn’t you tell me?”
“I never want you to worry about me Audi, because we been friends for so long, and I always see you trying to be strong, I just want to be there for you and not take anything away from you”

We gaze upon each other, both realizing so much about each other only through our eyes meeting. A new sense of understanding, an uncovered secret revealing compassion and care. My heart was beating at a faster rate; my blood was raising the temperature. Andy was still without his shirt, we had forgotten why we were in the bathroom to begin with.

No words, not even a small exchange, just complete silence, we are as 2 long lost brothers finally reunited. Our gaze slowly turned softer, warmer, and more romantic. That excitement, that rush, it had now turned into dictation, guidance. It was leading me 2 steps forward, into an embrace and meeting of our lips. Soft pats, carefully exploring our intentions, like dogs carefully rubbing noses to get a sense of who they are. With each initiation, our lips were pressed harder together, creating small noises from suction, orchestrating romance in the echoes of the tiled white bathroom. Our hands were filled with slight shiver, yet they were firmly feeling the curves and bends of our bodies, using the finger tips to send small rays of chills to our nerve centrals. We stopped for 2 seconds to let our eyes meet, to ask each other through pure emotion if we should continue pursuing this forbidden game we were about to play, the game of love, where lust rules over the pieces.

Our tongues were meeting, rolling around like eels in a barrel. Using the muscles to bend, to hook, to catch each other’s warm taste buds to get the taste of one another’s saliva. Slight throbs with our midsections led our thighs to rub, and underneath the wet jeans we felt our increasing manhood’s pulsating, sending signals to each other. We undressed further, kissing each exposed body part as they were revealed in the light from the ceiling bulb.

The bathroom’s unforgiving hard surface wouldn’t do our intentions justice today, so we made our way to the bedroom, where our lips continued to explore every part of our sensitive bodies. Each kiss followed by a bolt, each touch resulting in a twitch. We were primed now, we wanted more. Andy’s sad demeanor had long since left, and he was again full of charm, back in control. I didn’t contest his more commanding touch, I knew he would lead me right where I wanted; he had always done so before. At the edge of the bed, we continued to kiss, before Andy’s gaze turned to seduction. He pushed me, not with force, but with enough firmness that it made me float onto the sheets whether I wanted to or not. He went to his knees and kissed my thighs from outside to inside, making me let out my first sound of intensity. He smiled with approval, having fully expected this to be the results of the tip of his tongue teasing my skin. By now my member was filled to the brim with hot red life stream, and throbbing underneath the thin fabric of my Simpsons boxer shorts, twitching in rhythmic as if it was Morse code, sending a message begging to be noticed. My boxers were rolled down slowly, and I was now to feel an all new sensation, one only Andy could give me.

His thick hand tenderly wrapped around my large throbbing manhood, carefully rubbing my intact foreskin over the head, triggering more moans. Andy knew not to say any words; his actions spoke louder than any words could already. Despite the soft slow touch, I was already feeling the pressure to explode; I was more excited than I ever had been before, but now was not the time yet. My eyes were forced shut, all my energy went down to my center of pleasure, not a finger lifted, I was completely at the mercy of my friend. Suddenly his lips wrapped around my ever growing rod, rolling the tip of his tongue around the very top of the head, slightly opening the urethra with each roll over. With short intervals, he would lower his mouth while widening his tongue and laying it around the back of my probing stick, sending the most intense pleasure I had ever felt up my spine. My eyes still shut, I could feel him looking straight at me, keeping note of my every movement, being in complete control of my body and soul. Andy took it deeper, but with ease, and slowly retracted to expose my intimate parts covered in his thick saliva, hanging from the head with a string still attached on his lips. With erotic rhythms, he continued to rub my pride as he shifted his concentrations onto my testicles, which had now shriveled a little bit from the intensity and become extra sensitive, as if they were bagged nipples. It was all near too much, I felt pressure rising, and so did Andy. He suddenly stopped just as I was about to go beyond the line.
“I want you, all of you, Audi…”
With that, I knew what to do. Turning slowly around, with my tush raised slightly and invitingly, I was prepared to be entered. No additional lubrication was going to be needed; our excitement had produced natural juices oozing out of all pores and holes. Even at the slightest accidental stroke of his penis on my entrance, all my muscles clenched, and I let out dirty sounds.

Slowly, he finally entered me. Strung together, united, together. A mix of pain and pleasure came over me. “Don’t stop, no matter what happens don’t stop!” I loudly commanded, unsure if the pain would ever subside, and pleasure would completely take over. “God” Andy let out for the first time with heavy breath behind his every word, “It feels like I’m sticking my filthy Kitkat into a sock of Skittles”. His slow thrusts were pressing air out of my rectum, further intensifying the sensations of his internal probing. By now we had let it all go, we were moaning in unison, our bodily noises orchestrating a natural symphony of melody and pure lust, our sweat covering each other completely. If this is all there is, my life would still be amazing, from this very experience. The pain was gone, and so was my mind. I was completely blank, only able to feel the intensity of his member widening me, making me feel like I flying into purgatory. His speed intensified, and so I reached back to spread my cheeks to take him further in, nothing was gonna stop us, nothing was gonna limit us. His red hooded robin was covered in my natural juices, lubricating him sufficiently for the last stretch, going at 200 miles per hour into my body, creating a loud slap with our skin meeting. It was so near; both of us could feel it. As he raised one foot for leverage, I reached underneath and started pleasuring myself, milking it ready, I wanted us both to climax, share the thrill and escape our bodies together. With one last hard thrust, he turned me around, and with just 2 strokes, his warm, thick minerals covered me from chest to forehead, rich in volume and consistency. While he covered my now relaxed face, I finally shot my beanmass, covering the root of his member and his sagging sack, dripping as it slowly trickled down from his pelvis. All his energy was now painted across my face, as he fell down and laid his head next to mine, regaining his breath like after his short sprint.

No words, not even a small exchange, just complete silence. We are as 2 completely connected; the feeling when 2 becomes 1.

We relax tangled in each other’s arms. “I hope I didn’t reach my climax too early Audi, I was getting too excited.

“No”, I told him with a wholehearted smile. “You were just on time.”
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Posted 27 September 2011 - 03:57 PM

SUBJECT: Snappleman
TITLE: On Time

”He’s late again”. I find myself waiting at the subway station on 90th street. It’s not the first time. “He always makes me wait, why can’t he just be on time?” The streets are busy today, filled with the faint cheer of young children in the midst of the mechanical noise of construction work and the intruding alarm of a car horn blaring by above me. It’s a typical Saturday as I am waiting for my friend for many years, Andreas. Today like every Saturday we attend the local book club to discuss in a circle of likeminded how we interpret the various works we trade. But he’s late again. He always makes me wait.

Minutes trickle by, like a tease of my patience to always remind me we might not catch the train. Today we are going to discuss “In the Darkness of the Sun” by Art Vandelay

And I +1'd right there.
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Posted 27 September 2011 - 04:05 PM

Oh Audi, how I have missed your posts so much.
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Posted 27 September 2011 - 04:07 PM

Oh god, can somebody get me a tissue?
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Posted 27 September 2011 - 04:13 PM

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Posted 27 September 2011 - 04:14 PM

Aw man... too bad I'm at work so I can't read this and jerk off
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Posted 27 September 2011 - 04:19 PM

Title: Gravlaks and Dolmades
subject: akumu

He was more stunning than I could dream him to be, though, when the beams of light
came blazing in from between the cracks of the blinds, I found myself disappointed that it was
indeed a dream. A narrow opening in the window sent in a chill that wrapped me up in the brisk
Norwegian winter. Conventional blankets seemed futile; only his touch could bring me warmth
this late January afternoon.

Afternoon... already? I had slept in far longer than I had planned; the conference call was long
over, but I didn't care. Work, life, and the outside world were all trivial things that had little
meaning here, where the air didn't move and whatever lay beneath the snow might as well have
not existed. I removed the crust from my eyes and started to get up, dreading the cold sting that
would assault me as I removed the layers of blankets. Where was Audi?

His bed was empty and already made, and I started to notice a faint smell of something delicious
cooking for lunch. After putting on my socks and a robe to cover my cold feet and freshly woken
nude body, I made my way down the hallway to the bathroom. Letting him see me like this
wasn't yet something I was prepared to do. "Hey, you're finally up, sleepy bear." said a voice
coming from the other end of the hall. Audi was staring at me from the kitchen; he was wearing
a Bubsy apron and looked gorgeous. The light was shimmering off of the golden blades of
godlike Nordic hair which framed the top half of his beautiful face. I was speechless and
completely lost in his gaze, a slave to his powers of sexual magnetism.

"What are you cooking? It smells delicious." I managed to slur out when his hold over me was
not as complete. "I thought I'd make us a nice lunch to celebrate your first month here with me.
I'm making dolmades served with gravlaks to symbolize our great friendship and us becoming
roomates." said Audi with a warm smile. "That sounds great," I said "but right now I have to go
to the bathroom and clean myself up. I'll be a while." putting my foot inside the bathroom door.
"Could you hold on just a minute and come here please?" he said "I have the gravlaks ready, but
I need you to help me get this seasoning right before I stuff the grape leaves with the rice." I
couldn't say no; my mind was already made up; today was the day.

I walked up behind him and reached for the mint. "You'll want to use a good bit of this; it'll add a
very authentic flavour." I said as I imperceptibly pressed my manhood up against him. "I thought
the Greeks preferred to use dry mint in their cooking." he said, unaware of the advance I had just
made on him. "Yes, but that's only when we have dried Greek mint" I said as I once again
pressed myself against his backside, this time more boldly. "We grow special varieties of mint
that are..." his eyes began to turn towards me as I spoke, "...more concentra..." before I could
finish my sentence, his lips were over mine, and we were locked in a kiss that I would remember
for the rest of my life.

After what seemed to be an eternity in paradise, our kiss broke, and a clear, dissolving trail of
our mixed love sauce was the only thing connecting us. We quickly backed away from one
another, uncertain about what had just happened. But I was sure of what I had done, and by
finally expressing my true feelings for him, I felt a strange mix of boldness and fear. Had I gone
too far? What if he didn't feel this way towards me? What if I ruined a once in a lifetime
friendship? Before I could bring another frenzied thought into my mind, I found Audi thrust into
my arms, his eyes fixed into mine, his body trembling with the desire and passion of a delicate
yet mischievous squirrel about to thrust its rigid teeth into a bulbous acorn, siphoning out its
decadent meat and nutrients in a maddening battle of lust and hunger. It was now clear to me
that Audi and I had been sharing our feelings for one another; we were in love.

I lifted him up into my arms; still quivering with anticipation, he looked up at me and smiled. I
lifted him up to the counter and sat him down on the cutting board. "I've waited so long for this,
Audi." I said looking into his eyes. "Say no more, Andreas... and take me now..." he breathed
back at me, his cheeks flushed like pink roses in bloom. I unbuckled his belt, and slowly removed
his jeans. There was clearly something of irresistible mass waiting for me under those Simpsons
boxer shorts; I was in for a treat. Running my hand gently up his thigh, I heard a sheepish yet
passionate sigh; the prize under Homer's head was growing for me, but it was too soon. I had to
make myself wait for it, to enjoy the full splendor of my dream being realized.

I moved onto his Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles t-shirt, carefully removing it, exposing the milky
white flesh underneath. He was as delicate as pudding skin; his small pink nipples ached for
attention. I worked my fingers around them, teasing them nearly to the point of bursting from
the swollen stiffness, as I slowly caressed his navel with my tongue. Licking my way up his chest, I
took a nipple into my mouth, carefully feeding from it like a baby latching onto his mother's teet
for the first time. His sheepish sighs gave way to passionate whimpers as I moved my hand back
down to the splendor in his shorts. I grasped his throbbing love baton and began to stoke it
softly, pulling downwardly just enough to pull the foreskin a little bit over the anxious purple

As I worked Audi closer and closer to a rushing waterfall of pleasure, I could see him slipping
around on the counter. I picked him up and started moving him to the living room when he
begged me "Please, don't! I had a surprise waiting for you there. I planned on having you see it
when we ate our meal..." but I was feeling too bold to oblige. I took him into the living room
where I noticed the television was on, and the Super NES was running Bubsy... Audi's favourite
game. Overcome with emotion and lust over the fact that he was willing to share this
controversial and badly programmed experience with me, I thrust him onto the sofa and ripped
off his boxers. As I dove my head down to inhale his throbbing member into my salivating
mouth, he stopped me.

"No.... Andreas... let me..." he said while looking away. He was embarrassed, I could tell, but I sat
down and undid my robe. My body was still glowing with the lost remnants of a well-received
night of sultry dreams. My musk overtook the room as he pulled back the foreskin of my overly
erect penis. His eyes were wide with a look of wonder and happiness as he gently moved his
head down and began taking it into his warm and moist mouth. What began as a very slow and
staggered bobbing of the head eventually crescendoed into a maddening fury of plunges and
downward thrusts. His throat had consumed my entire girthy length as his juices funneled out
my pre-come and coated my hard manspear. We could both tell that it was time. He stood up
and turned around, showing me his perfect girlish backside. "It's my first time, so be careful..."
he said to me. "Don't worry my love, I'll treat you right." I told him while caressing his soft,
round cheeks with my firm hands.

I took him and gently moved him over the tip of my penis. Very carefully spreading his cheeks
open, I gestured to lower him down. He gave a teary moan as I filled his rectum with my cyclops.
It took him a few moments to let it all sink in, and when it did, he found it almost more than he
could bear. "If you want to stop, let me know... I don't want to hurt you, Audi." I said to him, but
he turned and looked back at me with an assuring and loving glance of approval. Our eyes
locked again, and a gentle moan began to fill the room as Audi began moving himself up and
down onto my bald moose. Before long, he was riding me like a bucking bronco, and I was losing
myself in the endless waves of pleasure and love, unaware that my foot had stepped on the
Super NES controller, triggering the start of the game.

"What could possibly go wrong?" blared repeatedly into my ears, as Bubsy waited patiently to
be moved from the path of incoming enemies, but I was in no position to help him avoid doom.
Audi was screaming my name and moaning with ecstasy, and I was answered his passionate
pleas with monstrous roars of delectation. We danced the tango of love together with our cries
creating the music, until finally the rushing wave of pleasure began to overtake us. Our orgasms
were tremendous. Together, we crossed the forbidden gates of heaven and reached a level that
we each thought was unattainable. I filled Audi with my seed as he openly sprayed into the
room, coating Bubsy's full screen animation with a Norwegian love paste that finally answered
the sly cat's question.

The rest of our evening was filled with gravlaks and dolmades, and that winter solidified our
never ending love for one another. I will have my sweet and lovely Audi by my side forever, and
while the love we continue to share is a tale of wonder and delight in its own right... nothing will
surpass the experience of experiencing true love for the very first time.


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You sir, are a sociopath who gets off of insulting other people. People such as you, regardless of talent or merrit are a blight upon this world and aren't worth a single milligram of oxygen. Do the world a favor and go hang yourself you miserable, insecure, magalomaniacal bottom feeder.

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Posted 27 September 2011 - 04:21 PM

Oh god, can somebody get me a tissue?

I cried too.
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i told creeper yesterday i want to go on a bender and play this all fucked up while covered in vibrating 360 controllers.

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Posted 27 September 2011 - 04:33 PM

Relevant crosspost as this seems very fitting background music while reading these.

Thought I'd share this with you guys. Did a faithful reboot of the Zora's domain theme from OoT. It's pretty much right on with the original, so no surprises, but I still think it's a great chill-out track. :)

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#10 Akumu


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Posted 27 September 2011 - 04:36 PM

This song goes well along to my fanfic

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Posted 27 September 2011 - 05:18 PM

yeah they did fanfic

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Posted 27 September 2011 - 05:27 PM

No words can describe. This needs to be published.
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Posted 27 September 2011 - 05:59 PM

But he's not moving.
He lays limp, despite all the activity around him. His face is frozen in a state of panic and desperation. A pool of blood flows outward from beneath his head; a small hole above his right eye says everything I need to know about what happened.
He took Spookmeister C from us. This asshole, this unbelievable psychopath, this disgusting violent freak of nature, has taken Spookmeister C from all of us. I can't believe this. Lukethexjesse's death was horrible, but this...I don't know what I can say about this. There's no word strong enough to describe this crime.
I stomp over to Demonstray and push Ryan8bit off of him, taking his place. I lash out in rage. I have no words. Only fists.
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Posted 27 September 2011 - 06:00 PM

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You sir, are a sociopath who gets off of insulting other people. People such as you, regardless of talent or merrit are a blight upon this world and aren't worth a single milligram of oxygen. Do the world a favor and go hang yourself you miserable, insecure, magalomaniacal bottom feeder.

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Posted 27 September 2011 - 06:01 PM

yeah they did fanfic


Man. I love you Shawn.
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