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#721 joe.distort



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Posted 05 January 2018 - 01:03 PM


ooooooh boy just got real good new$ and am now debating whether to buy one of these next week. i mean obviously i want one, but i dont even have time for games i already have at the moment. however, i will have enough money that i wont feel bad about buying one now just for future use. hmmmmmmmm

if you are not planning to play it soon, i would say it is better to wait until you do, maybe they will announce a redesign or some hot deal in the near future. It's not like they are hard to find ;)


i decided to hold off, even though i keep seeing them in stores now. instead i'm going to the biggest pinball tournament in the western united states next week. i'll get you one day, lil Switch

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#722 cacomistle



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Posted 07 January 2018 - 03:26 AM

7366 9979 5764

i got the mario odyssey bundle back in october.  

so fun!

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#723 M-H


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Posted 14 January 2018 - 08:24 PM

The Dragon Quest Builders demo is pretty fun. Perhaps because I haven't played Minecraft itself since the first six month of that game's existence that I wasn't able to really burn out on it, but also it's hard for me not to fall in love with all those familiar DQ trappings (music, design, sound effects, monsters, etc.). So, cool combo. Def gonna get this when it comes out. I've been curious about it since its PS4 release, so I'm taking it as a good sign that this--and the already-in-development sequel--coming to multiple platforms in the US means there are decent enough sales to keep DQ XI on its journey westward. 

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#724 OverCoat


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Posted 14 January 2018 - 10:31 PM

I'm planning on getting it even though I've never played a DQ game [crazy, I know!] but Builders looks really cute... Might be my next thing after I finish Xenoblade :P

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#725 matsunami


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Posted Yesterday, 07:39 AM

So I modded my Switch on Saturday.  It took about 3 hours and was pretty intense and even butthole clenching at certain points but I love how it looks and the d-pad makes things so much better.



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#726 VikingGuitar


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Posted Yesterday, 07:54 AM

Dude, that looks so damn good.  

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Good lord, the fucking


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#727 mooniniteG


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Posted Yesterday, 02:26 PM

In significantly less cool Switch news, I've been rocking what I call "bubble gum" JoyCon colors:



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#728 Katamari


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Posted Yesterday, 02:37 PM

Been looking at switches on facebook marketplace after playing exactly 4 minutes of Odyssey at Walmart

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#729 chronolever


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Posted Yesterday, 02:59 PM

I got them "fire n ice" joycons.


I wish I was savvy enough to make some cool GOTCHA gear joycons.

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#730 mrtame


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Posted Yesterday, 03:10 PM

I drank the kool aid. Mario Odyssey is fucking great! (Coming from someone who hasn’t given much of a shit about any Mario games since 64(except Mario maker))
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#731 mig50


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Posted Yesterday, 03:37 PM

i will be very surprised if i make it through the week without buying a switch.
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