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DoD Pinball Month Entries and Voting

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Posted 28 February 2017 - 09:03 PM

Banzai Run - King of the Hill

I really enjoyed the guitar tone and the harmonies in this tune.  Drums sound good, though I would like to hear a lot more difference in velocity across different hits to prevent it from sounding programmed.  The bass could come out a little bit more, would likely have to do some EQ / compression work to the bass / guitars / both to make it come out.  I think it would be beneficial to bring the melody out a little more.  Pretty solid overall.  I don't have much to say about the arrangement itself.


Black Knight 2000 - Black Knight 2049

This is fun.  I think the choir ahhs could blend a little bit more in the background.  The mix could use a lot more attention to the low end as I'm having a lot of trouble hearing the kick & bass.  The groove here is pretty rad, I dig it.  The storytelling is fun, and the vocal processing is spot on.


Devil's Crush - Pinned Beyond the Devil's Balls

I dig the organ intro.  This number of things going on simultaneously is cool, in particular with all the background synth-sounding type things going on.  It sounds like the lead guitar is way in front and the drums are way in the back.  Not sure if that's a reverb thing, or the lack of a gluing compression thing.  Either the drums could benefit from having less reverb, or the overall mix could benefit more from having some compression on the individual instruments, as well as a little bit on the master bus.  Regarding the composition, I think that it would have more impact if each section was a more concise, as it tends to linger a bit much for my taste.


Devil's Crush - Steel Balls So Hard

Intro is cool.  I think the guitars are a bit on the thin & treble-y side, would want to hear more low mids from them.  Having trouble heading the bass yet again.  It's interesting hearing a more electronic kick with all these guitars, digging that change of pace.  Balance suffers a little bit near the end with the synth overtaking the guitar, don't know if that was intentional.  Overall, the pacing in this arrangement is well thought out, and could benefit from a little bit of a production boost.


Mario Pinball Land - Italian Ice

This is chill.  Really enjoying the strings panned left.  Pacing is well thought out, with everything picking up just a little on the repeat via percussion & embellishments.  I enjoyed all the melodies referenced in the arrangement as well.  Very clever.


Pin Bot - A.S.S. (The Pinball Warrior)

The guitars came in a bit loud after that initial vocal line.  The guitars sound really upfront, while the drums sound way in the background.  I think some compression to bring them closer in volume, as well as some compression on the master bus could benefit the sound.  The arrangement could use more direction and focus to keep the listener's attention.


Pinball Fantasies - Chambers of Steel

The amount of tension in the beginning is very well crafted.  I think this arrangement could benefit from better drum samples, and a lot more compression overall to bring each track closer in volume.  The weakest aspect of this tune is most certainly the production value, and upping that would easily bump the score up a few points, as the arrangement is quite masterful.


Pokemon Pinball - The Paradise of Flowers, the Sea, and Pokemon

The lead synths make good use of pitch bend and the modwheel.  I think the biggest thing here is that the trumpet, violin / cello, and the drums could benefit the most from some live performances to bring some real, non-synth expression to the song.  Arrangement is solid, but I'm not a fan of the fade out.  At the same time, I don't know how I would end it myself because it sounds like the arranger was going for a "Hey Jude" sort of ending.


Swords of Fury - Lionman vs Balrog

The drums sound terrific.  Mix-wise, it sounds like the rhythm guitar is a little too overpowering.  The lead, as well as those "background lead" guitars could use a bit more attention as the listener might not know what to pay attention to.  I think the "background lead guitars" should be as prominent in the mix as a horn section in a big band arrangement and have the rhythm guitar come second to it.

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