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modern Paul Hertzog could be a JRPG ost

Bloodsport kickboxer JRPG

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Posted 12 May 2017 - 03:49 AM

way to go, Paul Hertzog, what a person, making these radd tunes


Bloodsport, you know, took me to a whole different universe, but the music of Bloodsport would have to be the conduit that got me there.


geez wow


so i decided to see what he's been up too lately, apparently he made an album tilted "Waking The Dragon" in 2015.  I looked on youtube and could only find a three song suite, spotify has another album entitled "Freeing the Waters" (which i'm listening to right now, wow, this is mmm) but no 2015 album.  I've become spoiled thinking every release in the entirety of existence is available in its full form on some sort of streaming state.  As a person who understands the role of physical mediums, i get that i can go and find them buy them either in a shop or internet shop, but to those that are younger and may only intake music through streaming services, this album besides this suite doesn't exist in they're mind.  How can they get to something not available instantly?  The ability to go find music you've never heard may perhaps be shunted through a straw of streaming services and radio playlists that appear on said streaming service.  When something doesn't exist on a streaming service, does it exist for this present age of listeners?


anyway...here's that track from 2015 "Waking The Dragon"





seriously, Paul Hertzog should just do a JRPG soundtrack already, the proof is all over the place.


Even more so, like i said above, I'm currently listening to 2009 release "Freeing the Waters" and it's all but preaching to the choir of it's JRPGness.  I can hear it, i can see it, in my mind! wow, incredible.  I just can't pick a song out of this album but I'll pluck one anyway, even though the current song I'm listening to right now (Kyoto Forest) is just as JRPG in nature.



the song above is good, one feather plucked from a plethora of reasons for a Paul Hertzog JRPG ost


unreal, i'm listening to current track "Sue Across the Sea" and now i'm getting Chrono Cross vibes, reminds me of some of the piano tracks, but the vibes, the atmosphere being created here. wow, it's such a heavy JRPG vibe here.


I don't believe I had this with Bloodsport, it's soundtrack doesn't immediately strike JRPG to me (though it would still be fun in one) but Paul Hertzogs modern stuff should be in a JRPG.


modern Paul Hertzog could be a JRPG ost


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I'd take Snapple's satirical pestering over your tired ass trolling ANY DAY.


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