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Posted Yesterday, 05:05 AM

I'm generally less adventurous with my toppings, and I don't like a LOT of them on there, but I'll be damned if artichokes aren't great on pizza. Preferably not just chunks of hearts, but actual leaves or whatever.

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Posted Yesterday, 05:41 AM

Anchovies are wonderful in moderation.  I only got them on a pizza once, and they overdid it -- two whole anchovies in an X on each slice.  Every bite was either normal pizza or death by anchovy, no in between.


Dice up the anchovies and sprinkle them on like you would ground sausage for more even distribution!

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Posted Yesterday, 06:49 AM

Dice up the anchovies and sprinkle them on like you would ground sausage for more even distribution!

Exactly! The only problem inherent with moderation is now I’ve opened a tin of anchovies and I have all these little fishes left.
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Posted Yesterday, 09:26 AM

I had a work trip to Chicago.

When in the airport to fly back home, I saw that Chicago is the place of origin for deep dish pizza.

I missed out.

I feel very bad.

I never tried it.

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Posted Yesterday, 09:33 AM

Ok, this thread is making me crave some DiBari's. I will definitely have some today. It has been like 2 months since the last time. Will post pics.
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Kain, only you can mention your mother's death and your new awesome MMX NES rom hack in one post... so condolences :( and high five :o

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