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temp sound solutions - the spookberry haus ep

31 October 2019 - 09:29 PM





bubble bubble, toil and scrubble and trubble! tss comes out of the midst to grace you with a 13 song ep that is absolutely omniscient. you can enjoy a mix of tunes from both your favorite chiptune artists as well as spooky video game remixes. ever obscure, always seminal, temp sound solutions pulls out the jams and tricks your ears while treating your soul to a killer grip of sick cuts.


13 tracks, 6.66 to pick up the album and if you do, you get 2 bonus tunes if its even not enough for ya. thanks to everyone for keeping the faith in tss over 2 plus decades. you will be loving this shit right here in the beyond for 2020. check it out.

check out takeaki kunimoto's history vol1. challenger album, avail

23 May 2019 - 09:39 PM



so back in feb, my sensei kinoko aka takeaki kunimoto, one of the most esteemed of all video game composers of all time, with soundtracks such as milons secret castle, adventure island, jj&jeff, and many, many more, asked me to be a part of his incredible challenger remix project. nes band, game musica jake just to name a few. its really quite amazing to see how the music from this game, which if you ask me, was the FIRST PLATFORMER, FIRST RPG, first point in a game where you're actually havin somethign beyond run & gun in a game, ahhahha...for real tho. i think you should be able to click on that but if not: here's a lil clip from what i was able to do here, hahahaha! if you wanna hear my track for it..cheeret is:


that bigass link is the amazon order link its a sick album. check it out!!!!!!