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Posted 23 May 2020 - 07:38 PM


Raub and I discovered a good new drinking game tonight. Listen to some obscure metal albums on YouTube through any upload that has cool looking art and says "full album" in the title.

If you find a comment where someone knows a member of the band or an actual member of the band comments, drink. Or just listen, I guess. Bonus drinks for anyone who comments that they were at a show.

Example - https://www.youtube....h?v=rxTSqPgl_FI  Danton- Way Of Destiny (FULL ALBUM) 1988


Thomas on guitar
Thomas Rattunde3 months ago

Thx my Friemd!!!!!


Another example:



Vinny Ambrose 2 years ago
Oh yeah! All the memories partying with these guys back in the 80's, used to go to their practice building every weekend, purchased one of these 500 albums to raise money for band costs. \m/

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'the smuggest amongst us will always be the quickest to point out the most minor transgressions of others around them'- a quote i just made up and put quotes around to make it seem slightly fancier

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Posted 23 May 2020 - 10:23 PM


"These guys rock, they practice in the same building we do. Solid dudes, great music."

Ha, I made it a two-fer one, drink twice.

Edited by armor, 23 May 2020 - 10:24 PM.

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Posted Yesterday, 08:53 AM

Jesus, boys, don't give yourselves alcohol poisoning
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BANDCAMP - Featuring my newest release, Maiden Voyage a tribute to the Star Ocean games
Operation British - My Gundam chiptune album @ Anime Remix

"You know BornInCrimson, guys, right? The guy who hosts, like, Dwelling of Duels? I was in there with him, and Master Hatchet, that guy kicks ass. He has like these metal arrangements. But anyways. I'm trying to say...uh...I was there with these guys, and uh..."

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Posted Yesterday, 10:28 AM

I would like to attend listening to obscure old metal albums while searching for "i saw them in 86, real shame what happened to Terry, they would have been bigger then Metallica!" comments. DBJ MIKE AND RAUB have done it again.
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I'd take Snapple's satirical pestering over your tired ass trolling ANY DAY.


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Posted Yesterday, 10:51 PM

Why is it such a low priority for 3rd party controllers to have a decent D pad? I thought it might be an important production matter to point straight without going diagonal EVERY FKN TIME but I literally can't trust anything but a first-party Nintendo D pad, from NES and onwards through the generations. F everything else.
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Reading: "Don Quixote" by Cervantes

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Posted Today, 12:17 AM

I like my 8bitdo brand controller quite a bit, d-pad and all. I wonder if this wireless receiver is worth a crap lag-wise.

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Posted Today, 12:34 AM

I'm using this one https://www.8bitdo.c...ss-usb-adapter/

I've tried it with Fallout 76 and Space Engine... Thought I don't know if I'd even notice lag on either of those games. They're no Mega Men.
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