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Why Aren't We On Mars Yet?

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Posted 28 February 2018 - 05:18 AM

I just wanna eat some space whale.

haha, word. you know what I learned yesterday that was pretty neat?

the main theme from Star Trek 4 Voyage Home was inspired by Liszt's Faust Symphony.. the noises they used for the Humpbacks' cry in space, and in the main OST, were string/violin glisses that  were used in that symphony - and of course the theme of Faust being that death/plague/destruction are behind us tapping us on the shoulder, was also a very prominent theme in that film. what a classic!
Though, they still "Disney'd/Nazi'd" up the ending - no real tragedy at the end of Voyage Home, erryone was ok like Lil Mermaid, Notre Dame, Beauty and Beast etc.. changing the plots and ending for "Kids" (read: prospective Hitler youth) - as it was an American film in the late 1980s..

that's a pretty neat phenomenology to see I thought..

also, the 'whale' part of that in case anyone doesn't know, did NOT originate with Douglas Adams "thanks for all the fish",,,,,

but, rather with Kurt Vonnegut's "The Sirens of Titan" - there was a ship in that sci-novel called "Whale" - and also it is apparently obvious to anyone who enjoys both Vonnegut and Final Fantasy... there are a lot of Vonnegut references in most FF games..

also that novel and Kurt's work in general inspired a lot of the themes in Chrono Trigger. Vonnegut's seminal work, Slaughterhouse Five is probably the main inspiration for Chrono Trigger, in that CT basically borrowed the script from Sla. Five. this makes a lot of sense sociologically, as in Japan its very difficult to write humanist post-WWII era novels about the war period, and many academic topics in Japan are still either under Imperial Taboo, or just plain illegal to write about. So, smart Japanese people read Kurt and other western novelists that lived in/thru the European war theater if they themselves ever wanted to heal from their country's war past rather than just make more atomic bomb porn (godzilla).

The results of this in Japanese and world society aren't terribly great though, at least so far. I'd bet the end results of these efforts end up being worth it though. But, as these themes hidden inside video games especially end up getting mostly subsumed by capital and not seen currently its not looking good -- I mean, most people on theshizz just want to plug their ears and not see that Japan is still the same fascist empire it was last century...and.. not listen to the VG developers' we love and their hearts very much.. sadly.

It's cool, Japanese cultural steganography is quite advanced.. especially from VG developers.. however.. I mean, basically Video Games and Anime are CRY for help from a segment of Japanese society - one which very few are heeding, and now the country is yet again on the brink of disaster and war. arigatou obama san!


So yeah, it REALLY is true that Anime and Video Games, going back to Astro Boy, Ghibli, with YMO/T Square - is slightly masked intentional smuggling of cultural forms in Japanese society - because, actually writing about many of those topics in Japan, even right now to this day, can get ya killed by Yakuza or put in jail

the part starts around 54:00 in 3rd movement. anyone who's seen ST4 should instantly recognize it.. I just had youtube on autoplay yesterday, and I was like "whaa" I know those sounds....wat is that?


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