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DoD Brevity Month Entries and Voting

DoD dwelling of duels brevity

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#1 Ivan Hakštok

Ivan Hakštok

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Posted 28 January 2017 - 05:04 PM

The entries for Brevity Month are up! 40 entries in total, 35 mains and 5 alts. You can listen to them on the duel page:
A listening party will happen soon, but we still haven't figured out the exact day and time. Stay tuned for more info.
Voting deadline is January 31st, 11:59 PM EST. Send your votes to dodsongs@gmail.com

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#2 Hat



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Posted 28 January 2017 - 06:57 PM

Mariovania <3
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#3 Ivan Hakštok

Ivan Hakštok

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Posted 29 January 2017 - 10:03 AM

Harmsing's reviews (translated using google translate)



Excellent skorostrelov month. Many covers very much. 

Glad to see that so many participants sends tracks. 
On a bad tradition here is my reviews in Russian. :doglaugh:
Excuse me again for this :matsu:
1- Banana Prince - Palm Tree of Happiness 
I love this game and music from there. Doubly pleased that played its quality. Shoulders involuntarily driven sound of the track when listening :)
Like all sounds easy, but well accentuated fine rhythmic nuances do its job and give a good musician :)
Plus harmonically properly built within minutes. Properly done, in my opinion, that in the middle of the track (after playing the main theme) began to make a harmonic code, and twice spent this turn to the final is already a feeling that really work sounded completely natural sense and completed 
2- Bastion - Setting Sail, Coming Home 
I am not familiar with the original, but invented bad. And sensually sung (on some vowels seemed excessively mannered) and Two- and harmony, I enjoyed it. Hardly even where that reminded radio head. 
Compositionally, there was a sense of completion, it seemed that the track is cut short and that it should be on. 
3- Castlevania 2: Simon's Quest - WrestleVania II: Cena's Quest 
Like all great and played and the sound track. But, I confess, I did not understand the concept of the track, originality of ideas. If the author himself explains, maybe I'll know what to look for. And there is another perception. What happens in the middle of when I hear a noise and there is a kind of electro-bit? As bud audio cut out of the video (which I have not seen) 
I also seemed doubtful last final note :)
4- Castlevania 3: Dracula's Curse - Answer Me (From The Beginning) 
It is a delight. For this type of work with the original theme, I think is really a manifestation of musicians. As shown, and harmonic and polyphonic skills, focusing on the theme itself, it is really interesting to listen to. And ears expect each successive beat of the music. 
And I feel sorry that many VGM musicians are not interested in such skills. Since it would have brought a lot of music in their thinking when creating arrangements even in simple guitar covers. 
5- Conquest of the Crystal Palace - Kim's Skate Shop 
Perky track pleasant mood. Few did not like the sound of guitar solo, they both were buried in the bill in some places and at the same time as that sounded rather tartly, acidly. 
6- Everquest - Trumpy Tonics Travel Time! 
The orderly coastal reggae. I can not say that strongly imbued, but played nice and soft. 
7- Fatal Frame - Do not Come Near Me 
Epic. Great sound. But the composition does not sound complete. It looks like a seed of something more global. 
8- Final Fantasy 13 - Radiance 
It sounds nice and beautiful. But ending still questionable in this context, as the composition and harmonically. This is just my opinion. 
9- Final Fantasy 6 - Final Fantasy 6 Abridged (Short Version) 
Pleasant concentrate different themes, fused with all the fun and yumorkom. Good sound of tools and execution. Exelent track. 
10- Gran Turismo 2 - Too Slow For Gold 
Wow. Any presence fyuzhenyatiny me brightens when listening :)
especially since there can be heard live game on instruments. BUT, a little bit why I lacked sharpness and precision in small rhythmic moments sinkopkah etc. which were apparent in the ensemble (not everywhere, but in some places) and due to this, it was not always a sense of groove. It was, but periodically lost. And when listening sometimes I nodded at the main meter and sometimes froze, squinting. 
11 - King's Bounty - Army of the Dawn 
Rubilovo pleasant. But the sound a bit unclear in the mix. And composite ended unclear. I have not heard a whole short story that is embedded in a minute. 
Another question, as to whether there was to be this story? :) It is in the rules and may not be specified. But the answer for me - yes, it should. 
12 - Kirby's Return to Dream Land - Sky Waltz 
Handsomely. transparent mix all the instruments and voices are heard, there is a space of sound. And a kind of fountain of splashes saxophones, waltzing :)
And integrity is present in a certain track. But it is not until the end. All the same, there was a sensation of incompleteness. I do not know why. Still a cool cover. 
13 - Laser Invasion - Invasion of the Laser Moogs! 
Good sintovy bodrenky track would be approached under different racing action. :)
14 - Little Big Planet Karting, Run Sackboy! Run - Tearing Up the Garden 
Not cozy music obsession. The track seems nice, but left feeling like a bud in the Kaveri nothing happened) and monotonous accompaniment could vary, in my opinion. Fortunately in the country are doing whether it is healthy. 
15 - Little Nemo: The Dream Master - Nemo's House 
Beautiful track with a strange sound choice for guitars. But why not. Still feeling the magic remains. 
But I do not know this feeling - this is the original music or cover songs which the ideas of the author? 
16 - Lord of the Rings - Frodo's Resolve 
Vocals in the game a cover is always walking on a razor's edge. But the voice here sounds very harmonious. The only thing the choir as a little too lost in the overall texture in some places. for example at 0:35. 
In general, conceived epichnenko. 
17 - Mecarobot Golf - Exciting Last Place Brevity Month Entry (Part 1) 
All perfectly. Although Mike's Place and messy. 
18 - Mega Man 10 - Into the Fire Pit 
I liked how sounded and tumble barrel volume. In general, the reduction of the track is heard unfinished. As bud author simply did not have time to bring it all. 
19 - Mega Man 3 - The Loneliness of the Long Distance Weapon Get 
Vocal duet and solo radio. Mikey wrote. 
20 - Mega Man 4 - Jazz Bomber 
Hello all. Of course, I love that. But as he listened, involuntarily I wanted to change the rhythm of the melody itself, that it had been just across the accompaniment. 
And of course at the end when a bud is a transition in the double and it seems that is about to begin kneading, everything breaks. This leaves an annoying feeling :)
21 - Mega Man, Mega Man 2, Mega Man 3, Mega Man 4, Mega Man 5, Mega Man 6 - Mega Man Legacy Selection 
Potpourri - it's fun. I love when a musician combines many topics, vzaimosvyazyvaya them with each other. But it is not like when a musician these topics simply lists one by one. It was more like a transfer. 
22 - Pokemon Red / Blue - Grandsons are not Colours 
23 - Radical Dreamers - Far Promise - Dream Shore 
Beautiful, atmospheric. 
The last chords, like a bud that was a little bit already played specifically, that would finish time), but maybe I only thought so. 
24 - Shinobi 3: Return of the Ninja Master - Shinobi the Third: Return of the Thief Master 
Shinobi violin sounds rather exotic :) But I liked it. And it caused a smile. Pleased with live instruments. Lovely track. 
25 - Sim City - Dr. Wrong Wreaks Your City 
Cool. As bud music to which the serial 90s sounds. 
but of course it ended all too unnatural. As bud were forced last chord even with fermata on each. 
26 - Smash TV - Enter The Arena 
Weird track. It is interesting that in this game. 
As it would be desirable that would be brighter and more natural it sounded all the tools. 
27 - Star Fox - Fortuna Matata 
Fankovanie good. But the integrity of the composition as a minute it seemed to me weak. 
28 - Sunset Riders - Dead or Dead 
From the first listen of course things are not learned, but it was interesting to listen to. 
subsequent auditions already more logical all perceived. 
The result of such a trailer or clip about music only audio option :)
29 - Super Mario Bros., Castlevania - Mariovania 
But for this shake your hand. Another track, the skills of musicians (compositions and arrangements) have been applied 
Cool cover, which pleased! 
30 - Super Mario Bros. - I Used To Be Your Biggest Fanfare 
:) That's funny. Too cool. Someone interesting and yumorkom did not give way to end fanfares. 
31 - Terra Cresta - Infinite Flight 
Track weirdo, but still left a positive impression. 
I wonder why this theme was chosen for the covers of minutes? 
32 - Tetris - to make America great again 
I wonder who did it? )) 
33 - Undertale - Fallen Down 
Nicely played, well done. What else do you say :)
34 - Wizards & Warriors - W & W - Immortal Classic 
All great. But the ending briskly chopped off. 
35 - Yoshi's Safari - Dream Alla Brevity 
Interesting idea. Simple and fun. I liked it, but for some reason like while listening to that music would appear that someone else might yet what that voice or instrument. 
- "I Want My DoD" 
A fun song. You can attach it to the title page of the site))

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#4 Ivan Hakštok

Ivan Hakštok

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Posted 29 January 2017 - 11:00 AM

Listening party is on Monday, 9PM EST:



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#5 bestrader


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Posted 29 January 2017 - 11:56 PM

Cant make the party due to training at my third (!!) job! But very happy with many of the entries I've listened to!

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#6 Ivan Hakštok

Ivan Hakštok

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Posted 30 January 2017 - 10:34 AM

One additional alt was submitted a bit later! Uploading it right now.

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#7 Ivan Hakštok

Ivan Hakštok

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Posted 30 January 2017 - 07:04 PM

Listening party any moment now on 8bitx.



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#8 Sam



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Posted 30 January 2017 - 08:07 PM

After listening to that, I think that we need to do a vocal month, and a brevity medley month.  But probably not at the same time.


Sam, the Neon Orange Knight

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you will die of sodium poisoning before you ever take me with enough grains of salt.

Perhaps the same can be said of all birth control. But enough posting- have at you!

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Posted 30 January 2017 - 08:45 PM


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Posted Image

#10 Ivan Hakštok

Ivan Hakštok

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Posted 31 January 2017 - 12:13 AM

Listening party chat log: http://dwellingofdue...-01-Brevity.log


This month was great.

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#11 Cursed Lemon

Cursed Lemon

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Posted 31 January 2017 - 12:48 AM

BANANA PHONE: Palm Tree of Happiness - Very catchy, very punchy, well-made song. I like the way that the guitars are expertly layered so that all the instrumentation is audible and clear. Everything is on-tempo and well played. My only reservation is that I feel like there's some room up top for some kind of whimsical, fluttery instrumentation of some kind (somewhat like the falling whistle); even if not present in the source material, I think it would've capped off a great track. 
BASTURBATION: Setting Sail, Coming Home - Firstly, I'm pretty sure this is a lost System of a Down track. Secondly, whomever this entrant is, someone buy them a new mic! Or perhaps a better recording environment. It doesn't sound like the track was treated in any significant way (EQ, compression, etc.) - if it was, I'd sure as hell be curious to know what the before-and-after sounds like. The harmonies actually sounded good, it seems like this might be the case of a person who can only harmonize with themselves. Which I know about. lol
STOLEMYPUNVANIA 2 SIMON'S QUEST: WrestleVania II Cena's Quest - I accept! Well, this is kind of a weird mashup. I'm not sure if, like, there's an underlying joke here that I'm not familiar with? I think I kind of get it, the brass-izing of the main theme with the crowd and the drum machine, but I think this might be an example of someone who had an idea in their head but didn't have the resources to pull it off. Like me, for example, when I want to write a string part but I look on my computer and LA Strings or Vienna is suspiciously absent. :B 


JOKE'SDEADNOWVANIA 3 DRACULA'S CURSE: Answer Me (From The Beginning) - I know where I'll be going if I need some brass action from here on out, I can tell you that much. The clarity of the playing is lovely here, as is the expert touch of reverb that is very evocative of a concert hall (or perhaps that's where it was recorded anyhow). Live orchestration is always a breath of fresh air in DoD, where most users are typically confined to virtual instruments + guitar and maybe some live drums. The only thing I would've preferred is a little dynamic ebb and crest, but hey, it's brevity month. 


CONQUEST OF THE KRYSTAL BURGER: Kim's Skate Shop - That hi-hat is literally killing me, send help. The drums are really holding this track back, not the sequencing but the samples. Other than that, the playing is a little loose, though it's not too bad. I think more care could've been taken to widen out the rhythm guitars to leave a nice place for the leads to sit in the middle, instead of having to just bump up the volume and making them louder by pure decibels. 


A TRIBE CALLED EVERQUEST: Trumpy Tonics Travel Time! - Ooh, that clean tone is smooth, I'm always a sucker for clean tones that are played with a pick but sound as though they could've been played with fingers. Mix is nice, laid back with plenty of room for the lead to shine, though the playing is a teensy bit sloppy. Those very last notes suggest that the player's guitar could possibly need a little intonating! The entrant will have to give some details on their rig after this is done. 


FRAMME FATALE: Don't Come Near Me - This track is from the first game, though the title comes from a quote in the second game. Interesting little knowledge nugget. The reverb on the guitars is nice and deep, though perhaps a little too present. The layering when the rest of the instruments comes in has a nice fullness to it, with all of the exotic instruments filling in the spaces of what would otherwise be at risk for being a boring arrangement. The dark choir pad works to make it nice and creepy. 


FINAL ANGSTASY 13: Radiance - Normally I wouldn't lay into details like this, but since this is a solo piano song, something about the piano seems a little too artificial. The timbre of the soft notes doesn't suggest a light touch and the panning is a little extreme. Ironically, the little flute flavoring has a better dynamic expression. The playing is still good, however, and it's all well and pretty enough. I think a light application of reverb would've helped to set the mood, or perhaps it's already there and just needs to be made more present. Otherwise, this is a lovely translation altogether. 


THE ONLY FINAL FANTASY THAT MATTERS: Final Fantasy 6 Abridged (Short Version) - The transitions, they come quick. I'd be curious to see the whole instrumentation/recording setup of this one, it sounds like most everything is live, which must've been super fun to coordinate /s. My only complaint is that some instruments are a tad out of tune, at least with each other. It's not too bad though, and doesn't keep me from enjoying it. Best listened to with volume up, as the dynamics are wide!


BRAKING SIMULATOR 2: Too Slow For Gold - There it is, the requisite "sick bass/J-fusion" entry for each month. Can't really tell if the lead parts are doubled up or if there is a slap-delay effect on them, but either way I think it sounds appropriate. The brass sounds good in the background, I wish it was turned up a little bit to really punch you in the face. The second half I think could've used a little arrangement juggle, as everything got a little passive (especially the drums) but it still sounds good.


QUEEN'S BOOTY: Army of the Dawn - The scoopage is real. Probably could've found a different guitar tone, or another way to mix it, it's just a bit difficult to really differentiate a lot of the sonic elements going on, and it would've helped to emphasize the difference between the parts with the lead and the parts without. Also, I echo the sentiment of someone else in the live chat...fading out in brevity month is a bold, bold move, Cotton. 


KIRBY PLAYS ME OFF TO DREAM LAND: Sky Waltz - Aw shit d00d, the smooth all over this one. I love the sax trills in the beginning. Fuck it, I love the sax all the way through. It was recorded in just the right way with the dark tone needed to put the right mood to this song, and that's what ties this whole track together, everything participating for the right atmosphere. The drums are also stealth-MVP there in the background. There is a good inclusion of dynamic in this track for a brevity month entry. Love it. 


LASION INVASER: Invasion of the Laser Moogs! - The thing that holds this track from being excellent, IMHOtep, is the mastering. I just wish those drums were up front and kicking me in the eyeballs, which would leave the synths to carry the melody along and make everything palatable. Without an aggressive master, the song is left kind of flat-lining dynamically but without the power to really knock you on your butt. But, hey, I wish I could flick keys like that! 


WORD SALAD: Tearing Up The Garden - Hooooo-eeeeee, boys! I'm loving all the happy tunes this month, when there are too many dark tracks everything gets super oppressive. The cleanness of the guitar playing is low-key terrific here, really helps lock everything in to the pocket of the song and keep the rhythm chugging along. I like that the snare drum is very active without interrupting the overall mix, and the bass is punchy too without sounding out of place. Good example of a track with a somewhat pedestrian arrangement (source material can be blamed), but where it doesn't matter because the production value shines. 


LIL' NEMO, MEME MASTER: Nemo's House - One of my favorite NES tracks. Is that lead being played on a bass guitar? I can't explain otherwise why it would sound so weird and muffled, especially since the acoustic guitar seems to sound just fine. It also sounds like it's clipping a bit, which is a bit distracting. One thing I like in this track is the cascading chords there in the middle, they sound very dreamy. The ending is a bit sudden, I'm sure Ivan wouldn't have mine if you went a few seconds over the minute mark! :P 


LORD OF THE SINGS: Frodo's Falsetto - The nylon guitar sounds lovely here (at least I think that's what it is), and reminds me that I need to go get mine fixed! What else can you say, how often does DoD get treated to the wonder that is power metal? I'm actually impressed that the vocal layering worked as well as it did, considering that none of the takes seemed to get up in range, so props for that little bit of magic. The transition is organic, and on the whole this is a juicy bit of DoD wonder that's making this Best Month. 


DAH DUH DUGH DUH: Da Nah Nuh Duhn - Bah dah duh duh, da na na, bep ba ba buhp! Doo doo doo, dah, da dun dun, duuuugghhh. Da doo dah dah duh dun, duh-duh-duh-daaaaah, do do bah bup banah. Dah duh, dah duh, duh nuh nah nah dugh dah do, deugh duh doo duhnuh, na na na na na na na na SNAPPLE MAAAAAAAAAAAAN, SNAPPLE MAAAAAAAAAANN


BRASH MAN 10: Into The Fire Pit - My hand is cramping just listening to this, I envy people with twitchier reflexes than me. One immediate thing that comes to mind is that the drum samples probably ought to have been humanized to prevent those artificial fills. The guitar was also a little fuzzy, to the point that the parts weren't terribly distinct and I couldn't properly appreciate the entrant's playing. Still, it was a nice wall of sound and those chuggah chuggahs did their job to full effect. 


MASH MAN 3: The Loneliness of the Long Distance Weapon Get - Is there someone literally doing this with them over Skype? 


STASH MAN 4: Jazz Bomber - Nice DX7, nice organ, nice clean tone, nice drums, everything falls into place here pretty darn well. My only quibble, and it's super minor, is that jazz tends to sound best if it's either given a super hi-fi smooth jazz sort of mixing job, or that really gross indie-sounding one-mic lounge setup kind of thing, so that's always my preferred mixing/mastering dichotomy. Otherwise, very cool entry. I feel like more people should try jazz entries, they're a lot less hassle to mix than full-shred wall-of-sound rock operas. lol


DASH MAN (VARIOUS): Mega Man Legacy Selection - Pretty standard rock fare on this one. Something about the closed hi-hat during the energetic sections is killing my inner child though, gotta open that baby up. The lead synth toward the end was much needed, glad it was thrown in there. The splashy snare was a bit weird, but I suspect was done for purposes of making it more VGM-like. 


HOKEYPOKEYMON RED/BLUE: Grandsons are not Colours - You know, I never really made the connection between this song and greaser rock, but now having heard this translation, it seems so painfully obvious. I love that care was taken in this track to really produce it like a 50s-era rock tune, complete with the surf guitar and old fonds organ, and while the timing is a little off on the lead playing in some places, it doesn't distract too much from the cool feel of the song. Nice work!


ROUNDABOUT DREAMERS: Far Promise, Dream Shore - More proof that you can still get a good sound with direct input acoustic guitar, this doesn't sound "rubber-bandy" at all, but rather nice and crystalline, the perfect tone for a nice somber, mellow track like this one with just the right amount of reverb. I'd like to know what model guitar this entrant used!


SHINOBI 3: RETURN OF THE FUNK MASTA: Shinobi the Third, Return of the Thief Master - Oh hoh, this little beauty right here. While I can't tell if the drums are sequenced or not, what I can tell is that they are delightfully busy and I love it. Lots of grooving on the ride, great syncopation. I don't know what that stringed instrument is in the beginning, it sounds like a shamisen or something crazy like that. The bass is on point too, would be curious to know if that's sequenced or not as well. Very high-energy track, one of the best of this month.


SHIM SHITTY: Dr. Wrong Wreaks Your City - I'm pretty sure everyone is going to be asking about those synths when this DoD is over, hah. They're so sparkling and...anti-aliased! plz share patches thx!! Otherwise, another delightfully happy entry that's well produced. The kick sample seems a little bit heavy, and obscures the bass guitar a little bit, but that's a minor issue. I like that the guitars are very Brian May-esque!


THE 11:00 NEWS, ON SMASH TV: Enter The Arena - As the pun suggests, this track reminds me of the kind of music they play during news intro segments. The pads are too loud on this one, I can barely hear some guitar scratchiness down under there, and just the same for the drums which are cowering down at the bottom of the mix. Gotta turn those strings down, boy!


STAR FUNX: Fortuna Matata - Ungh, those delicious synths! Kinda sounds like some of the default Logic Pro stuff if I had to take a guess. I love the little explosion sound effects thrown in there as well. Big, fat bass sits under some nice Moog-style rhythm work that keeps the track bouncing along, with an eerie icing of phased pads that help get the funk going. As mentioned previously, I love the organic entries this month. 


SUNSET STRIPPERS: Dead or Dead - I'm torn between how much I like the lead guitar tone on this song, and how thin everything else seems to sound around it. I can hear some clever things in here, like the chant in the beginning, and I like the eclectic guitar work as well, but the mix seems so tinny and weak that it's hard to get my toe tapping to it, as well as some of the transitions being a little weird. The tremolo guitar in the beginning, too, I think is sweet, but what's surrounding it comes off as a little odd. 


SUPER SAND LEGENDVANIA: Mariovania - As I said in the live chat, I think we ought to do some kind of "minor/major inversion month", where you take a song that's in a major key and turn it minor (or vice versa), because this shit rocks and is one of those creative avenues that I never get tired of listening to. One small thing is that it feels like this song WANTS to be a djenty type of tune, but doesn't seem to want to commit to it - there was even a hint of that typical DONG-DONG metalcore snare up in there for a moment. If you wanna be a djentleman, sir, be a djentleman! 


SUPER POOPER SCOOPER BROS: I Used To Be Your Biggest Fanfare - I keep listening to this song again and again, and it's making me laughing harder every single time I do it. Just the image of a band playing five seconds of music at a time in front of an audience, who start out enthusiastic but quickly grow tired of the act, while the band frantically tries to gain favor again by playing the exact same five seconds of music at a different tempo. Along the way you can hear various fuck-ups and fuck-it-alls by the band members, and you can almost see them sweating through the urgency of the music. Nice sweeps, though. Bwop


TERRA COTTA: Infinite Flight - This is one track I feel like would've benefited from a non-brevity month, as it would've been serve by a longer buildup period where the instruments could come in one at a time, giving the listener a real chance to appreciate them one by one. I like the phased guitar as well as the bright, sparkling acoustic, an the happy marching tempo. Not sure how it differentiates itself from the source material, but the product here sounds good. 


TRUMPTRIS: Make America Type-A Again - If that's live accordion, then frick yeah. If it's not...GET'EM OUTTA HERE! 


BLUNDERTALE: Fallen Down - Now here, I think, is a much more organic piano tone that would've behooved the Radiance entry earlier, sounding more like a person sitting in front of the instrument itself. Similarly, it is well-played and very magical and mysterious, I enjoy it very much. 


BLIZZARD & WARCRAFT EXPANSIONS: Immortal Cash-Cow - More of that nylon guitar that I've been missing for so long, played very tempo-savvy and with the right finger dynamics. I feel like this was shorter than one minute, over very soon, but what's there is nice. I think a little reverb would've fit in here to make it sound more deep and majestic. 


YOSHI'S JAFARI: Dream Alla ECH - I apologize for all the Game Grumps puns. It was said that these were live horns, which makes this an interesting little experimental piece if so. I don't know the source material and am a little confused even after trying to look it up. Either way, this is a nice little ethereal piece that is evocative of a church mass, which makes it very dreamy and pleasant to just close your eyes to. Hard to say how to vote for it, though!

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#12 Katajun


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Posted 31 January 2017 - 01:38 AM

As I said in the live chat, I think we ought to do some kind of "minor/major inversion month", where you take a song that's in a major key and turn it minor (or vice versa), because this shit rocks

I agree


This ansgaros medley from Blaster Master month has one of the sickest minor changes at about 4 minutes when it gets to the area 3 music


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<tibone> 120bpm in 4/4
<tibone> PROG AS FUCK

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PC Game Metal

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Posted 31 January 2017 - 07:18 PM

I'm not going to do reviews because I don't feel I'm qualified to criticize anybody else's work, but I just wanted to comment on a few songs.

First of all, Final Fantasy 6 Abridged (Short Version). I assume this means there's a version that's less short, yes? I want that version. Be sure to post it after results come in. This song was by far my favorite of the month. It was like a big nostalgia kick to the balls and I loved it. I voted this higher than anything else, so I hope other people feel similarly and you get a DoD trophy this month.


Far Promise - Dream Shore That sounded like it was all one guitar part. If you happened to have made a guitar tab, that would be really cool if you shared it. Anyway, I quite enjoyed your track.

I don't think I need to say much about Mariovania. It seems like everybody likes this one. It's funny mashing these two games up, but it's also really good. I'm sure this will rank up very high if not taking the number 1 spot.

I Used To Be Your Biggest Fanfare. Hah, this is another funny one that's also really good. Like, everything single different instrument in here sounds so good. I wish I could get my guitar tracks to sound that good. And I've only just started dabbling in playing keyboard again, so I can't come anywhere near those synth parts yet. This one definitely deserves to rank way up there.

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