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Dia de los Covers Muertos

03 November 2018 - 12:52 PM

One day late but I was busy yesterday attending a play at 11 pm IN THE MIDDLE OF A 300-YEAR-OLD CEMETERY... so yeah, fuck it. So, I was listening to music at work and had the idea to create a thread for us to share those vg covers of yore that we love and still listen to regularly but for some reason they are not very well known today (if at all) but you think deserve a second chance to be appreciated by both old and new generations. I would say that anything 10 years old or older is good for this thread. So without further ado, I'll kick things off with 5 of my all-time favorites:

Title: The Evil Trolls from the Dark Forest
Game: Trolls [C64]
Artist(s): Dimmignatt, Floaf
Year: 2004
http://vgmixarchive....st (Trolls).mp3

Title: Dark Madness Resurrection
Game: Castlevania 2 [NES]
Artist(s): goat
Year: 2003

Title: Let the Wind Flow
Game: Ninja Gaiden 2 [NES]
Artist(s): BrainCells
Year: 2004
http://vgmixarchive.... Gaiden II).mp3

Title: Nutbuster
Game: Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers [NES]
Artist(s): prozax, Midee
Year: 2003
http://vgmixarchive....ue Rangers).mp3

Title: Battle Rocks
Game: Super Mario Bros. 3 [NES]
Artist(s): AmIEviL
Year: 2003

Your turn!