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Fatigo Mini tour!

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so you know SHIZZFEST is tonight and tomorrow right?!?!?!? Gonna be radicals!!


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Single Review: Deep Dark Robot - “I'm Coming For You”

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Like the cockroach after a great nuclear fallout, blues-driven rock will prevail and thrive long after other genres have been nuked from the collective minds of pop music fans. Deep Dark Robot's “I'm Coming For You” continues the tried-and-true “real" rock sound that so many cling to. This is a 3 minute, fuzzed-out 2-chord blues...


"i promised myself i wouldn't let age make me feel bitter and hard around the edges" thx for that one e.saylor but i find myself in that very fucking predicament. i used to scream those very lines at the top of my lungs anytime bullyrag played it or whenever i could find myself alone with a very loud fucking stereo. it meant...

Speaking with Kimber Lanning...

About a month or so ago, I started on this blog questioning Kimber Lanning on her thoughts about 1070. I never finished it (until now), my kids came down for the summer, and I got caught up with soo much stuff that this dropped on my priority list of things to do. It is still very relevant and am now sharing with you the discussion we had.


SHIZZ COMP 2010AM or PM... I Dont Know. My take on it.

Well other than this song being about a year and a half old I still like it. That’s all!

Art For Starters:
I like this song. It starts off like I might not but then once it gets going its awesome and almost to me has a Sonic Youth type feel to it. I really enjoy it and its recorded really well.

Feel Free:
This song makes me...

cagematch short tour (aka vacation)

thursday get out of work run home double check everything is ready, the other dudes took the day off to rent the van and load, they pick me up and we are off into rush hour traffic leaving phoenix, good thing our set isn't till 9pm i mean how long does it really take to get to greater LA area, after a somewhat uninteresting drive we arrive to...
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