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#1396067 Mega Man V Remade

Posted by RushJet1 on 06 March 2019 - 10:34 AM

Thanks for the kind words everyone!

The original spaaaaace stage song feels kinda weird to me. Like, the melodies are sorta awkward and not very fitting the Megaman in Space vibe. Your take on it made it really shine. That is impressive. You should do a remake of Starman theme from the NES Megaman 5.

As was linked above, I covered starman along with Uranus's theme a long time ago.

As for the spaaace stage, that was the second to last track that I finished, and I feel like I didn't do a whole lot with it; I couldn't really think of much to do with it. It's one of my least favorite tracks from the original game. Glad it turned out okay though.
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#1395933 Mega Man V Remade

Posted by RushJet1 on 03 March 2019 - 07:55 AM

After, like, all the years, it's finally done.

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#1392732 Rikki & Vikki (Atari 7800 / Steam)

Posted by RushJet1 on 26 December 2018 - 08:17 AM

I was the composer for an upcoming Atari 7800 / Windows game if you're interested.  Below is the original post from Atari Age.
***The game has been released on Steam!


An unexpected visit from the Misery Dragon has left Rikki & Vikki with two less children and significantly more inconvenience. Only by mastering a multitude of problematic puzzles can they reach the core of Misery's secret base and rescue the kinder.
Rikki & Vikki is a new puzzle action hybrid available for Microsoft Windows on December 26, 2018 and the Atari 7800 ProSystem on January 14, 2019. You can learn more on the Official Website and I'll keep this first post updated. Or, why not just watch the trailers here!
Enjoy the music? It's by RushJet1. All game footage above was captured live from a real Atari 7800 ProSystem. We'll have photos and more details on the complete package after the Microsoft Windows version's release.
Speaking of which, check it out on g_Steam.gif!
If you're interested, make sure to take advantage of our 8-BITS FOR 8-BUCKS launch discount!
If you want more info, check out the Atari Age thread.

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#1304668 Mega Man 4 Remade

Posted by RushJet1 on 20 February 2016 - 05:41 PM

Thanks. I just played my set a couple hours ago at magfest and it was fun. Shizz suite was crazy on Thursday night. Wish I hadn't been so tired.
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#1304333 Mega Man 4 Remade

Posted by RushJet1 on 17 February 2016 - 12:53 AM

Hey, just released this if anyone's interested.  Also I'm going to be playing a set at MAGFest at Chipspace at 3:30PM Saturday.






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#1294672 New Album: Adventures of the 2A03

Posted by RushJet1 on 09 November 2015 - 05:22 PM

Click the image for bandcamp link with hardware-recorded mp3s. You can get the nsf here if you want to listen to that instead.
Several of these were created for my Mario Maker level playthroughs, which you can find here.
New album with some older 2A03 music, some new, and the Mario Maker songs I've been working on. All of these are originals except Sea of Terror, which is a gloomy remake of the SMB1 underwater theme.  This album also has a few older songs like Invasion and Far Sight that have much cleaner DPCM triangle samples. Thanks to rainwarrior for helping with triangle-DPCM loops in track 14.

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#1282303 RushJet1 - Tadpole Tap

Posted by RushJet1 on 25 April 2015 - 03:08 PM

I'm going to bump this just to say that it's available on iOS now (and I'm ranked 10th now, try to beat me!)

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#1268114 Mega Man 2 Remade

Posted by RushJet1 on 01 December 2014 - 02:11 PM

After several months of work, I've completed my VRC6 chiptune cover trilogy of the first 3 Mega Man games with Mega Man 2, this time at 60FPS thanks to YouTube updating their site recently:

Mega Man 2 Cover Playthrough (60FPS)

Mega Man 2 Remade - Bandcamp

The album on Bandcamp is set to "Pay what you want," which means it's free unless you want to pay me.

This is a re-imagining of Mega Man 2's soundtrack using Famitracker, a NES music creation tool. With it, I can use expansion chips used in the Japanese Famicom. This album uses VRC6 and is in stereo- the Famicom (or a modded NES) could play these, minus the stereo.
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#1255078 Music from 1001 Spikes

Posted by RushJet1 on 03 July 2014 - 07:21 PM

Thanks for the replies - yeah a lot of people are surprised I wrote some of the music.  A little under half of the soundtrack wasn't written by me, and sounds really different, which is why people don't think that  ;)

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#1254545 Music from 1001 Spikes

Posted by RushJet1 on 29 June 2014 - 10:57 AM





This is my first commercial game soundtrack release! It contains all the music I wrote in 1001 spikes, plus a few remakes of some of Misoka's music for coherency.

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#1250825 Chiptune Appreciation Thread

Posted by RushJet1 on 12 May 2014 - 05:47 PM


I dig it.

Question - that organ/synth I'm hearing in the background can't possibly all be VRC6, can it??

For the first 3 in the album, it's VRC7+N163 and/or just N163 depending on which song.

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#1250746 Chiptune Appreciation Thread

Posted by RushJet1 on 11 May 2014 - 10:05 AM


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#1250213 Chiptune Appreciation Thread

Posted by RushJet1 on 05 May 2014 - 06:00 PM

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#1235528 Mega Man 1 Cover Playthrough

Posted by RushJet1 on 13 November 2013 - 12:16 PM

Yeah, the NSF is included in the download.

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#1235448 Mega Man 1 Cover Playthrough

Posted by RushJet1 on 12 November 2013 - 08:57 PM

Hello, after 3 months of work I've written the successor to the Mega Man 3 cover playthrough I made last year - this time it's a cover of Mega Man 1.  You can find the the bandcamp link for download here
Finally finished this, thanks for the support over the last few months!
[edited first post to mirror this one]

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