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Remixes of all kinds

09 August 2018 - 10:41 AM

Post your favorite remixes, whether official or bootleg. I've collected several hundreds over the years I'm djing, some of which take a track and simply make it sound better on modern sound systems, others completely rework a track into a different style.


Riders on the Storm (Deep Disco Remix)



Radiohead - Reckoner


The Reflex Revisions (tons of stuff, from rock to disco and in between)



Tomorrow Never Knows (Leftside Wobble Psychedelic Festival Banger version)


DJ mixes

03 August 2018 - 08:55 AM

Get your fixes. Here's a 3 hr mix of soul funk boogie and afro beat that I recorded at one of my restaurant gigs recently. Good to get your weekend started.



Sup dawgs

26 July 2018 - 11:40 AM

Hey all, been an age and a half. Was just reliving this amazing moment from way the hell back in 2011. (Crap I can't upload an image bigger than 45kb? well here's a link): https://www.dropbox....izzies.jpg?dl=0


Thanks to the good influence you guys, I've been a full time musician for 3 yrs now. I work as a full time DJ in Chicago playing all manner of cocktail bars, restaurants, hotels, and clubs. If any of you are ever out in Chicago hmu!


if it weren't for Mig50 giving me my first Kano record, I never would have discovered my love for Italo, which set me on the path to DJing (I was pretty much about to throw in the towel at the time because I thought all dance music was crap). Still play Kano on the reg, and getting paid to do so kind of rocks my world. 


Hopefully one day I can find a cool party to play out in Phoenix or some other shizzie hub and reconnect with some of you.


If you want to jam to a recent recording of one of my sets, here's a sweet 5 hr mix of jazz, funk, balearic, soul, disco, house, techno, and other spirit music from a set in Detroit with my good homie Peter. I'm playing hr 2, 4, and back 2 back for the 5th hr. https://www.mixcloud...ars-2018-07-22/


I don't know if I'll ever make it back to a Mag, seems like it's grown too big for my tastes, but are there any semi-regular Shizz hangouts happening these days?? Shizzfest wayyyyy back in 2011 remains one of my all time favorite party memories.


Anyways, much love and Shizzies Nevar Say Die.



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