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#1394859 2019 Notable Shizz Releases

Posted by Katamari on 02 February 2019 - 09:14 PM

Because there hasn't been one for three years.


Please post more albums in this thread so we can fill it up!!!!!!




Steel Samurai - Objection! (darmock, Katamari) - $5 - VGM. 3rd release by Baltimore band covering obscure tracks.

Myrone - Pathways (MYRONE) - $10 - myrone.




Inside Shell - W-Mono (travis) - $10 - Lo-fi, post-rock original tunes with some cameo VGM sprinkled in.


Andre Beller - Bach Five Short Preludes for Electric Guitar (pingosimon) - NYP - A follow up to his Christmas album featuring more tasty guitar renditions of classical pieces.

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#1394826 DoD Brevity Month Results, Snow Month next

Posted by Katamari on 01 February 2019 - 07:47 PM

#1 Hat - Super Mario 64 - Bob-omb Saddlefield - good -0.3
#2 Mega Beardo - Super Punch-Out!! - Cut Me, Doc - good -0.36
#3 Ivan Hakstok - Crash Team Racing - Sixty Seconds of Power Sliding - above average +0.36
#4 winzip84 - Werewolf: The Last Warrior - MainTheme - above average +0.28
#5 Midee, Maiko - Kirby Super Star - Seaside Slowdown - above average +0.21
#6 newip - Captain Commando - Kapitan Komando! - above average +0.14
#7 Katamari - Sparkster - That Ain't No Dog - above average +0.04
#8 Cory Johnson - Skate or Die 2: The Search for Double Trouble - Skate Free or Die Hard - above average -0.12
#9 Ben - Knight Arms: The Hyblid Framer - Stellar Smasher - above average -0.19
#10 Nasty Tree - Final Fantasy 7 - Interrupted by Fireworks - above average -0.3
#11 Czyszy - 1943 - Your Kids Are Gonna Love It - above average -0.41
#12 tibone - Dragon Crystal - Ending - average +0.48
#13 pingosimon - Final Fantasy 6 - Metamorphosis - average +0.37
#14 Rifftus - Battletoads - Where Are The Brakes - average +0.26
#15 General Grunt, Katamari - Super Mario 64 - King Boo Gets a Job as an Organist at Yankee Stadium - average +0.21
#16 darmock - Genocide 2 - Ba-boom: Tornado of Drum Solos - average +0.01
#17 rizzin - Analogue: A Hate Story - Family Values - average -0.15
#18 zykO - Final Fantasy 2 - goodbye cruel world - average -0.17
#19 valence - Double Dragon 3: The Sacred Stones - Wanna Fight? - average -0.34
#20 PoutineRocks - Goof Troop - Sea Robber - below average +0.37
Voters: 15




Congrats to Hat, Mega Beardo, and Ivan Hakštok for winning Brevity month 2019!

The theme for this month is Snow! Any theme or song from a stage or game related to ice/snow/cold is allowed! Fitting that this theme arrived just as the polar vortex was freezing up many of our contest regulars! While you're snowed in, you can get cracking on a new arrangement for this month.

Thanks to Impact Soundworks, the winner will be getting a prize - one of the following ISW libraries: Shreddage Drums, Shreddage Bass 2, Shreddage, Shreddage 2 or Super Audio Cart!

Also: Did you know that we now have a Discord server? As well as a whole new Music Player? Keep up with the times!

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Posted by Katamari on 01 February 2019 - 06:16 PM

Tesseract is the reason why this 10/10 video exists

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#1394761 11:60

Posted by Katamari on 31 January 2019 - 06:07 PM

i miss sad frog feelsbadman


now he nazi

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#1394684 DoD Brevity Month Entries and Voting

Posted by Katamari on 30 January 2019 - 04:37 PM

Songs are up! 20 main entries and 6 alts!




Those who post reviews here or on the DoD forums get a weight boost for their votes!


Send votes to dodsongs@gmail.com

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#1394632 DoD Pixels Vs Polygons Results, Brevity Month Next

Posted by Katamari on 29 January 2019 - 08:43 PM

Listening party will be January 30th at 8PM ET over at www.twitch.tv/dwellingofduels   

Facebook event for those interested! https://www.facebook...87342538183132/

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#1394361 11:60

Posted by Katamari on 23 January 2019 - 11:51 AM

brb, moving to baltimore

i have moved. wowie zowie. trohnics is my new roommate, he may accompany me during the DoD parties

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#1394108 11:60

Posted by Katamari on 19 January 2019 - 09:51 AM

brb, moving to baltimore

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#1394060 Movies

Posted by Katamari on 18 January 2019 - 12:58 AM

I watched A Few Good Men the other night on VHS, it was good! Didn't feel as long as it was, but then again I like legal dramas i guess.

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#1393719 Programmer shizzies

Posted by Katamari on 11 January 2019 - 02:46 PM

One of the big things I wanted to do after taking on Dwelling of Duels maintenance is write some scripts to help automate a lot of the boring and tedious work. The most tedious thing is definitely handling the youtube uploads, since you would need to drag and drop all the videos onto the youtube uploader and then manually correct all the song titles. So, on Tuesday night I decided to dig in really heavy into the Youtube API and try to figure out how to automate uploads, tagging, and playlist creation.


I already had a script written to use ffmpeg to create simple videos with banner artwork that have each of the songs playing, so that was easy to work into this.


The DoD site generator already runs on Python so I just decided to piggyback off of that and use their Python examples. Took a bit of head scratching and tinkering with the API settings, but I was finally able to upload a video to youtube using a single script! I must have uploaded and deleted thistibone song 20 times in getting it to work. It was a simple step from there to uploading an entire folder (all set to private, of course), then pretty easy to log the video IDs of each one I created. Next up was playlist creation, which actually involves two steps, creating the playlist and then adding video IDs to it. Since I logged all of the video IDs when they were uploaded, it was easy to read that file back and immediately add those videos to the playlist after creation. I did have to make one tiny config file that lets me set the playlist name, and also the content that goes in each video description above the boilerplate.


The final step is for me to go and double check that the titles of the private videos/playlist aren't wonky on youtube, then once thats done I have ANOTHER script that goes through and flips the visibility to public for all of the videos and the playlist, using that same log file from before.


All of these scripts can be called independently if needed, but I have a batch file that I'm running which takes care of each step in sequence: creating mp4s from mp3s, getting video title data from the filename, uploading the mp4s, creating a new playlist and adding the videos to it, then flipping the privacy on all of the above. It's been more fun than I would have thought :D


Only downside is that the youtube api limits you to creating 10 playlists per 24 hours, and throttles you once you upload 50 videos in a day. Not a dealbreaker for any normal month, but kinda sucks for me trying to catch up on the past year's worth of content.


You can view my github for this here : https://github.com/K...f-duels-scripts

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#1393676 What happened to you at work today

Posted by Katamari on 10 January 2019 - 11:00 PM

Shit, I should learn the computer.


P much have my generic labor job, pending drug/background checks. Then I get to mooch off of computer-man Katamari and his newly minted obama credit card.

Obama credit cArd 2


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#1393640 What happened to you at work today

Posted by Katamari on 10 January 2019 - 09:41 AM

I quit my job on the 31st because I'm probably moving to Baltimore. Have a job interview up in towson right after MAG, so we'll see how that goes.

So yeah, that interview. Felt good walking out, but then as the week went on I was overthinking it more and more and having a realization like vrnfmpq4dC_108762.jpg


oh no what have i done, im terrible at the computer


But then today I woke up to an email from the HR person asking to talk on the phone, they sent over docs and stuff about job things, then I just got off the phone with them after getting a spoken offer pending background and drug check :D


Jokes on them tho, I am terrible at the computer

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#1393408 DoD Pixels Vs Polygons Results, Brevity Month Next

Posted by Katamari on 06 January 2019 - 10:10 PM

Fun minimalistic banner. Cool to see Claude D and Ivan Hakstok again. The PuD entry is indeed ball-crushingly good. I sincerely thought it was gonna get an "incredible" average score.

Daemon made the banner during one of your alts! https://youtu.be/8eGtB71uUCE?t=7246

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#1393405 DoD Pixels Vs Polygons Results, Brevity Month Next

Posted by Katamari on 06 January 2019 - 09:30 PM



#1 Prince uf Darkness, Wild_Cat, Connor Engstrom, The Tiberian Sons - Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse - Rhyme of the Ancient mARRRRRiner (Team Pixels) - good +0.48
#2 Ivan Hakštok - Tekken Tag Tournament 2 - Takes Two To Tag (Team Polygons) - good +0.24
#3 newip - Quake 2 - Rage (Team Polygons) - good -0.26
#4 LONELYROLLINGSTARS (ft. Snappleman) - Katamari Damacy - Katamari of Love (Team Polygons) - good -0.35
#5 clansmaneddie - Horizon: Zero Dawn - Our Ancient Sunrise (Team Polygons) - above average +0.3
#6 Powellman - Tekken 2 - Oppa Ganryu Style (Team Polygons) - above average +0.29
#7 Claude D. - Prisoners Of War - Prisoners Of Disco: Getaway from 2010s (Team Pixels) - above average +0.17
#8 Epic Game Music - Final Fantasy 6 - 255 Battles with the Cursed Shield (Team Polygons) - above average -0.09
#9 pingosimon - Jackal - Jackal Stage 2 (Team Pixels) - above average -0.17
#10 zykO - Castlevania 3: Dracula's Curse - The Demonic Chronic (Team Pixels) - above average -0.26
#11 Katamari - Ape Escape, Crash Bandicoot, Spyro the Dragon - Animal Friends (Team Polygons) - above average -0.37
#12 mithius, Brandon Strader - Giftpia - Giftpia (Team Polygons) - average +0.48
#13 Cyril the Wolf - Deltarune - Jester Revolution (Team Pixels) - average +0.4
#14 Funbuns - Fate/Stay Night - Shirou of Justice (Team Pixels) - average +0.27
#15 Czyszy - Rikki & Vikki - Foxes and Boxes (Team Pixels) - average +0.22
#16 LethalMelody - Mighty Final Fight - Bay Area (Team Pixels) - average +0.12
#17 jmr - Mario Paint - Inchindown Oil Paint (I have Seen the yellow paint) (Team Pixels) - average -0.14
#18 tibone - Outrun - passing breeze (wip) (Team Pixels) - average -0.29
Voters: 25


Congrats to Prince uf Darkness, Wild_Cat, Connor Engstrom, The Tiberian Sons, Ivan Hakštok, and newip for winning Pixels Vs. Polygons month! While Team Pixels had more main entries in total, Team Polygons had a higher average placing in the rankings! Who really won this month? You, the listener, of course!


This month is a theme we all know and love for some Post-MAG fun: Brevity! Any track from any game is allowed, but your entry must be shorter than 60 seconds in length! Slap something together quick or work your butt off to make that 60 seconds really sparkle, it's up to you. Special thanks to Daemon9623 for creating this month's banner artwork in person at our last listening party.


Thanks to Impact Soundworks, the winner will be getting a prize - one of the following ISW libraries: Shreddage Drums, Shreddage Bass 2, Shreddage, Shreddage 2 or Super Audio Cart!


Also: Did you know that we now have a Discord server? As well as a whole new Music Player? Keep up with the times!

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#1393130 DoD Pixels Vs Polygons Month: Entries and Voting

Posted by Katamari on 02 January 2019 - 09:57 PM

Entries are up for Pixels Vs Polygons! 19 mains, 9 alts. Team Pixels has a substantial lead with nineteen entries against nine Polygon entries, but it really all boils down to whoever's songs are better!


Listen and vote! Deadline for votes is 2PM Saturday, January 5th, with the results being announced later that evening.


The listening party will be held live at MAGfest at 11:59PM EST on Friday. Hopefully the Gaylord Wifi will cooperate enough to allow us to stream it, but in the event that fails, a backup will be devised. Facebook event for nerds -> https://www.facebook...05552193020967/



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