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DoD Treasure Month Next

31 May 2019 - 05:48 PM

It's Treasure Month!19-06-Treasure.gif


We had an enormous turnout for Daemon9623's (Sean Babbitt) tribute month. Of particular note is the mega-collab , " Never Say Die (A Pretty Good Enough Tribute to Daemon9623)" that was organized by Marshall Art featuring ~40 artists from Dwelling of Duels and TheShizz. Other submissions were covers of Sean's original chiptune compositions, songs written specifically in his memory, or game tunes that will always remind us of him. Thank you so much to all who submitted. This past month has been a tough one for all of us who knew and loved him, but we know for a fact that he has left a legacy that has immortalized him in our hearts forever. <3

This month we return to our normal process, with the theme being Treasure! Treasure is best known for developing Ikaruga, Gunstar Heroes, and Wario World. Any song from any game developed by Treasure is fair game, so get listening!


This month's banner (our first ever animated banner!) was created by janeunderscore.


Thanks to Impact Soundworks, the winner will be getting a prize - one of the following ISW libraries: Shreddage Drums, Shreddage Bass 2, Shreddage, Shreddage 2 or Super Audio Cart!


Also: Did you know that we now have a Discord server? As well as a whole new Music Player? Keep up with the times!

DoD Daemon9623 Submissions

29 May 2019 - 08:55 PM

Submissions are up for Daemon9623 month!




31 songs for 1 hell of a friend.


Eric Dude also just sent in a hella late submission that I will have to add to the site tomorrow when I'm not dead tired.

DoD Free Results, Daemon9623 Month Next

01 May 2019 - 09:35 PM

#1 Leandro Abreu - The Legend of Zelda - Dungeon Map - good -0.31
#2 Czyszy, BakiTheFox, EmpireAnts98 - Zybex - Zipbacks - good -0.49
#3 Hat - Mythgard - Bat of Persuasion - above average +0.44
#4 Ivan Hakštok - Resident Evil 3: Nemesis - Goodbye Nemesis - above average +0.28
#5 newip - Alien 3 - The Beast Within - above average +0.11
#6 Angry Polar Bear - The Wonderful 101 - The Won-stoppable Wonderful 101 - above average +0.05
#7 Garpocalypse - Star Gladiator 2 - Eclipse of the Fourth Empire - above average -0.02
#8 SJ Van Damme - Ferrari Grand Prix Challenge - Grand Prix of Generation - above average -0.14
#9 Cory Johnson - Kirby Super Star - Marxism - above average -0.17
#10 Harjawaldar - Shadowgate - From the Circle of Twelve to the Ninth Circle of Hell - above average -0.17
#11 valence - Bahamut Lagoon - Blue Byuu - above average -0.24
#12 Rifftus - Mega Man X2, The Karate Kid - Charge - above average -0.47
#13 tibone - F-Zero - Silence - average +0.37
#14 Daniel Caton - Castlevania II: Simon's Quest - Cursed Night - average +0.28
#15 Jer Roque - Guilty Gear X - Blue Water, Blue Sky - average +0.16
Voters: 15


Congrats to Leandro Abreu, Czyszy, BakiTheFox, EmpireAnts98, and Hat on the win! Thanks to all who entered for an absolutely amazing month with a great turn out.




This next month is a tribute to our fallen friend and fellow competitor, Daemon9623, who tragically lost his life in a senseless act of violence last week. Daemon was a huge fan of video game music, and all sorts of game remixes, regularly listening to entries from the site as well as from other VGM bands/projects from around the world. This month will not be a competition: Like Kain month in 2017, this will be a tribute month with no winners, no losers, just friends showing love and respect for a fallen comrade.

Special Rules for this month:
Artwork is allowed to be submitted! Songs are not the only required medium for this month!
Songs do not need to be submitted anonymously. They still can be, but it is not a requirement. Feel free to share your progress with others throughout the month.
There will be no official voting.
Any song that reminds you of Daemon is acceptable; whether it was a game he enjoyed, a song that he would have enjoyed, or anything else like that. Make Good Music for a Good Man. Covers of his original chiptune works are also acceptable.
If you did not know Daemon, do not feel like you cannot enter! Consider looking at his previous entries or one of the multiple facebook posts where people have been contributing songs.

Songs are due May 29th at 5PM ET. Send songs to dodsongs@gmail.com !

DoD Free Month entries and voting

29 April 2019 - 05:58 PM

Entries are up! 15 mains, 4 alts. Go check them out over at http://dwellingofdue...els/19-04-free/


Votes are due on Wednesday, May 1st at 3PM ET. Send votes over to dodsongs@gmail.com .


And write some reviews if you can!

DoD Uematsu Results, Free Month Next

01 April 2019 - 08:05 PM

#1 Cory Johnson - Final Fantasy 7 - Dear to the Heart - above average +0.45
#2 Ivan Hakštok - Final Fantasy 8, Final Fantasy 9 - Hunter's Landing - above average +0.18
#3 Justin Taylor - Final Fantasy 7 - Shinra Company - above average +0.12
#4 Hat - Chrono Trigger - Tango in the Sewer - above average +0
#5 Sly - Final Fantasy 7 - The Desert IS the Prison - above average -0.07
#6 Czyszy, BakiTheFox - Final Fantasy - Town - average +0.19
#7 tibone - Final Fantasy 4 - Samba de Chocobo - average +0.07
#8 raubhimself, mig50 - Final Fantasy 6 - DoDeez Nuts - average -0.23
#9 Skytale - Final Fantasy 8 - Laguna - below average -0.46
Voters: 10


Congrats to Cory Johnson, Ivan Hakštok, and Justin Taylor for winning Al Fantasy... err... Nobuo Uematsu month!




This month is a free month! Any track from any video game that fits our typical rules is eligible. Best of luck to all competitors, and have fun! This month's banner was created by Darmock!


Entries are due by 11:59 PM ET on Sunday, April 28th. Send songs to dodsongs@gmail.com