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#1397352 Sekiro: Shadows Die Constantly

Posted by KarlGerm on 08 April 2019 - 12:43 PM

I've been having a tough time adjusting to the learning curve. I enjoy the hell out of the game when I'm playing it until I get to a miniboss. so far the bosses I've gotten to haven't been that difficult and I've taken them down relatively easily. but some of the minibosses are just so frustrating. I know it's not great to compare it to a Soulsborne game but there was always a sense of accomplishment I'd get when playing those. If I hit a wall, I could farm up some shit and go in better equipped...a lot of the fights I've been having trouble with don't even really leave me with the sense of accomplishment after I beat them. I just beat them and think "god fucking dammit, it's about time." 


I feel like From Software is moving away from what I really liked about their games and moving more towards what the discourse around their games is. In other words, I loved From games for the sense of exploration, which Sekiro has and some of my favorite parts have been seeing something, taking a leap of faith, making it to a hard to reach area and seeing some really weird and cool shit. I loved their games for big changes in area, which so far I haven't found too much of. I loved them for their wide variety of enemies, which so far several areas in, I haven't seen a good ratio of. From what I've heard in a podcast I listen to without getting too spoilery, it seems like Sekiro is just a technical execution heavy game that comes close to being a rhythm/fighting game with some From DNA in it rather than a new spin on the things that I liked most about From Software games. It feels like if Bloodborne just stayed a werewolf game throughout with spices of weirder enemies strewn about rather than having a moment of "oh fuck this is totally different than what I thought it was going into it." And I feel like the thing that's driving me through the game might not end up landing in as satisfying of a way that makes the huge learning curve worth it. Like I can stand around and grind a miniboss or boss for hours and learn their moves and get flawless with them....but at the end of that it would just feel like the end of a long study session in a textbook and not like I actually accomplished anything other than learning the answers through memorization. My favorite parts of older From games were thinking of new angles to take on a given situation...Sekiro seems very much like "run up to a wall...hit the wall for several hours. finally beat it, back to more of the good stuff until you hit the next wall." To me, every difficult fight I've had hasn't given me the sense of "fuck yeah!!" that previous games have and it's kind of a bummer. This pretty much sums up my entire experience so far with it. I really want to love it the way I loved previous From Software games. But it just feels like they've moved towards the things I liked less about their old games and moved further away from the things I thought made those games the best in the first place.


Basically, Sekiro's upgrade system feels to me like a mandatory Soul Level 1 run in Dark Souls. My first run through of Dark Souls, I didn't necessarily learn every single move each boss had and I didn't achieve mastery over the fights by constantly fighting them. I kept going at them in different ways or leveling up weapons or stats until I beat them. In Sekiro it feels like you'll run up to a wall in every area available to you and just have to "get good" to get back to the parts of the game I enjoy the most. The more I play, the less I feel like beating it will change my opinion.

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#1396330 Harden The Fuck Up February

Posted by KarlGerm on 12 March 2019 - 12:39 PM

So after skipping the gym for almost a month and not deloading my squats, I had a fun 3 days worth of sore, old man walking legs. they were sore on Sunday when I went to the gym again and I did the same weight for the squats. Weirdly, I haven't been sore since but I'll take it. Time to start building back up the weight tonight. Also, I scheduled my first intro to Muay Thai class for next week!! getting pretty chuffed.


I'm also going to see about investing in a good weight lifting belt sometime next month. the one company I've had my eye on (pioneer fit) does custom ones, so I might get a black one with the Dark Souls bonfire on the front of it and YOU DIED on the inside. So when I put it on, it's like being at the bonfire and leveling up Str. And after heavy lifts, when I take off the belt, I'll see the YOU DIED we all know and love.


Feeling good again with all these goals and plans. Ready to March the fuck on bay bee 

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#1396313 Depression And Other Social Issues

Posted by KarlGerm on 12 March 2019 - 08:15 AM

oh my god, I'm so sorry to hear that. that is so heart breaking. I agree that letting the family know what their relationship has meant to you is a good idea. My Dad lived a life of thinking everyone in the world outside of our family hated him. his funeral was packed and ran all night. we had so many people who we hadn't even met from his days as a postman who came up to us to tell us how much he meant to them and how great of a person he was. that gave us a lot of comfort and I think letting people know how their life has been influenced by someone else, even after their gone, can do a lot of good and bring some much needed positivity in the darkest times imaginable.


I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. I wish there was something I could do or say beyond that, but there are no words for this sort of thing.

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#1396262 Official Nintendo switch thread

Posted by KarlGerm on 11 March 2019 - 06:32 AM

Mario Odyssey is such a good time. Definitely worth it at full price so totally worth it on sale

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#1396261 I miss this weirdly specific style of 90s art

Posted by KarlGerm on 11 March 2019 - 06:29 AM

that post of the 90s Taco Bell made me realize how much Saved By The Bell used this aesthetic. And anyone who watched that show back in the day wanted a place like The Max to go and hang out




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#1396204 11:60

Posted by KarlGerm on 09 March 2019 - 12:04 PM


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#1396097 Harden The Fuck Up February

Posted by KarlGerm on 07 March 2019 - 11:11 AM

February was insanely busy for me at work, I've had a bunch of headaches and feeling shitty which prevented me from making the trip to the gym ever, and I've pretty much just moved into my girlfriend's place since I'm never home and barely have been in 2019



I'm gonna pick up some gear and schedule some Muay Thai shit finally

I got all the gear I need to start, and went to visit the gym I'm gonna start training at to check it out. Spoke to the guy who runs it and he said he recommends I go to an intro class first and then start scheduling regular sessions. The intro class is Thursday nights at 7 and so far I haven't had those free so I'm hoping to start that up next week.


I've also been swamped with shit the past few weeks so I haven't been to the gym. gonna start that up again and my HTFUF goal is to actually stay consistent so I can stop plateauing 

Last time I was at the gym was February 4th. My gym is like a 40 minute drive now (at least...there's always traffic) and I've been there so infrequently they sent me an email to check to make sure everything was okay lol. But earlier this week, I got fed up with not going and bit the bullet and got a membership to LA Fitness. Now I can go to any LA Fitness so there isn't an excuse of me being too far from the gym in most cases. I went for the first time last night and it has everything I need. I'm baffled by the fact they are such a big gym and only have two benches and two squat racks (which was my biggest qualm with my other gym.) I kept trying to talk myself out of going to the gym because I didn't have great workout pants with me and didn't have a padlock for the locker room but my LA Fitness is right next to a target so I forced myself to just go and get it out of the way and not put it off anymore. I went and was able to successfully and easily squat 185lbs, overhead press 85lbs (though I could only get 4 reps on my last set of 5) and had no problem deadlifting 225lbs, even with my index finger recently getting bit real bad by my special needs cat during a seizure. So now that my excuse to not go is gone and I'm paying more I'm determined to be consistent. I will be going at least 3 times a week for all of March. 


I also just got a MicroKORG in the hopes I can use it as a MIDI keyboard to make it easier for me to arrange songs in Reaper. I will start working on the tracks I've been putting off for years. Harden the Fuck Up March starts here. Wish me luck, homies.


I want to get back to a working set of 225lbs for Squats and I want to be able to move past that without plateauing. I'd like to deadlift 300lbs soon. Even if it's just a 1 rep max. these are my goals for this month.

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#1395639 guitarra

Posted by KarlGerm on 25 February 2019 - 07:52 AM

You know how to work that wang bar.


"You know I keep that MF wang on me"

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#1395550 11:60

Posted by KarlGerm on 22 February 2019 - 11:01 AM


It's a Paganini piece 


Which one?



the mystery was finally solved...the guy who gave my teacher the Paganini piece years ago just wrote it as "Paganini Variation" with no other info. It's a variation of a main riff of Caprice #19 (which is hilarious because we were trying to find it for weeks and since I'm a Dark Tower fan, I have 19 tattooed on my wrist and add meaningless significance to any time I see 19 anywhere hahaa)



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#1395192 Gif Dump

Posted by KarlGerm on 12 February 2019 - 02:43 PM

blessed deviant art gif find



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#1394980 Video Game Songs That Sound Like Video Game Songs

Posted by KarlGerm on 06 February 2019 - 07:52 AM

Started Hollow Knight for the first time last night and the theme of the one area just got Chrono Trigger stuck in my head. I feel like it has to be intentional/an homage




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#1394913 Dark Souls

Posted by KarlGerm on 04 February 2019 - 09:18 AM

Duuuuude! Welcome to the Onebro club! If you can take down Kalameet and Manus Gwynn is no problem. Solid strat on Kalameet, too! I did it the very long, very annoying route of a +15 light crossbow and as many bolts as it could possibly take. That took me a week and the fight itself was probably a solid 15-20 minutes.


lol I forgot I never did Centipede Demon so I had to go all the way to him and beat him but it wasn't too difficult. Now all I need to do is Gwyn which will be no problem. I upgraded the Occult Club to the highest level for lore significance to take down Gwyn but it sucks shit and does no damage so I'm abandoning that strat lol. I thought it was supposed to be super effective against him and it's really not. I can't believe you had the patience for that shit, man.... my Kalameet fight was tough because it was 1 hit kill (which is more or less any boss like that in OneBro) but I was able to beat him in less time than the duration of Power Within. I highly recommend that strat with Power Within stacked on top of RTSR


And yeah, KenOh, I've seen for the one move that's in my video, it just takes 3 quick taps of that to deflect it all and give you time to cool down and dodge a follow up attack. I highly recommend the glass canon danger strat of RTSR and Power Within if you have the Sanctus. It made Manus and Kalameet pretty fucking easy and seeing 1018 HP damage to Manus with one Great Fireball made that fight way more empowering and seemingly possible than just slowly ticking away his health little by little. The only annoying part is figuring out a way to get to a good HP count to activate Power Within and Sanctus...important to note that walking through a fog gate stops the HP drain of Power Within but not Sanctus regen and could lead to you fighting Manus with Sanctus on and bringing your HP up to a spot where it de-activates RTSR buff.

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#1394885 Dark Souls

Posted by KarlGerm on 03 February 2019 - 04:35 PM

Annnnnnd I finally beat Manus at Soul Level 1. Time to wrap up this run once and for all. Hell yeah

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#1394814 Gif Dump

Posted by KarlGerm on 01 February 2019 - 12:40 PM

ooooo I was sent this just in time for the .gifv format to work


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#1394806 Dark Souls

Posted by KarlGerm on 01 February 2019 - 10:51 AM

Had to get desperate for more damage against Kalameet but I was able to beat him at SL1. All it took was Curse + Dusk Crown Ring to get my HP halved twice to an amount that I could activate RTSR while using Power Within and using the Sanctus regen to balance out the HP Drain of Power Within. Just had to hit him with 6 Great Fireballs and then one two handed right trigger attack with my +5 Lightning Reinforced Club. Now onward to Manus with the same strat... I'm able to do 1000 damage to him in this stage with a Fireball so it's just a matter of dodging and avoiding getting hit. Then I'm all set to round out the run. I'm really glad I watched the Lobos 1HP 1STA run where he mentioned this strategy in passing at the end of it lol. I would not have had the patience to do the amount of damage I was doing without it to beat Kalameet



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