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20 August 2013 - 09:28 PM

Zoast, Garrison and Ivan (2 other good SM runners) are about to race Super Metroid for the Happy Tails Marathon



In Topic: Zoast has like every Super Metroid WR now

30 April 2013 - 09:45 AM

The shinespark up towards botwoon? or you mean the wrecked ship? Didn't you go up red brinstar to get to wrecked ship anyway?

There are certain tricks that are pretty crucial to getting a decent time for any%.... getting grapple is a big time sink, you should learn the sparks! They aren't too bad. glitching past the zebetites in MB's room saves you from having to get a million missile packs that you don't have to have otherwise. Sequence breaking to early supers is big too.

The only shinespark I completely suck at is the one where you jump in the air and then launch horizontally from the air. You need to do that to get into the wrecked ship from upper brinstar without the grapple beam afaik. I think I could otherwise do without the grapple (of course, you need it in RBO to do suitless Maridia). I'll have to try to master the horizontal air spark under less stressful conditions!


Just started playing this game again last week.  I play very casually at the moment, but I do utilize some of the speed run tricks to get early items.   


How I do my midair horizontal sparks is like this:


Charge shinespark,  jump diagonally and hold d-pad in direction you want to go.  While still holding d-pad,  Tap aim up and then quickly tap jump.


However, I've only managed to do the one you're talking about like 5% of the time.  Having to fire a shot (to open door) then do the spark adds a new level of complexity.  I usually just do two horizontal shinesparks from ground;  One across missile room and one across ocean.  It's slower, but it's faster than getting grapple.


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30 March 2013 - 02:49 PM

here, i guess.


ive been using virtuanes, is there a way to make it so it doesnt pause when it's not the active window?  or have suggestions of an emulator that won't do that.


Most emulators should have that in the options menu


In VirtuaNES:    Options -> Emulator -> Background movement [Check]


In Jnes: Options -> Settings -> Sleep while emulator is in background [Uncheck]


In NestopiaL Options -> Preferences -> Run in background [Check]

In Topic: The Super Castlevania IV Thread

02 February 2013 - 05:54 PM

Yeah.  With all the instant death opportunities on stage 8, it's one of those levels that you have to kind of take your time on.  Fairly consistent at it now with the exception of the disappearing platform part at the end. 


Anyway, been playing this for like a week and half after Ashane got me into it with his runs;  roughly a run a day.  First run took like 5 hours and many continues.  The music definitely kept me playing.  My last run was 1:07:01 (my best time and also my second no continue run).  


Not really a speedrusher, but I imagine that I'll hit sub 1 hr at some point.  More-so shooting for a 0 death run.  My closest in that regard was no deaths before Stage A (unfortunately this was before I got the hang of stage A and B, so i failed miserably from that point on).


Anyway, much thanks to Ashane for getting me into this game after not really playing it for like ~18 years


edit:  PB 59:40

In Topic: Magfest XI

07 January 2013 - 09:36 PM

Awake from my postmag coma.  Overall, I had an excellent and inspiring time. I am probably missing a lot of stuff but,

Posted Image
+Travis and Sarah making me feel extremely welcome when I got to the hotel room.
+Excellent roommates: Travis, Sarah, Wildcat, Crimson, clansmaneddie, MagicalYardGnome, Ali, Sam, FoxxDragon
+Dirty south neighbors, though I did not visit as much as I should have.
+Being pleasantly surprised by Random, Those Who Fight, and VGO.
+Solid performances by OneUps, Bit Brigade, Arm Cannon, Metroid Metal, and Cheap Dinosaurs.
+Hanging out with Zio and cacomistle again.
+Concerts with MooniniteG.
+Soberfest hangout outside the suite and later in ryan8bits room.
+Feeling like I was able to talk a little more than usual.
+Seeing Norg jam in Shedspace with prozaxx (I think?) and Ailsean.
+Travis and Adam Henry in Shedspace.   Only caught the last 3 or so songs but they were extremely tight.
+Super Guitar Bros/Altered Beasts Combo made for a very chill Saturday afternoon.  These shows were two of my favorites.
+Quality time with Ashane, Kain, and vivi at patio party.
+DoD Live.  
+Lunch with Crimson
+Sports bar hangout with Spook, 8bit, FoxxDragon, Crimson, and Wildcat after the Elevation Burger disaster
+Fireplace housethegrate party
+Koshiro dance party.  
+Elevators were a lot less crowded than m9.  Granted I almost exclusively used the set of elevators across from the panels 1&2 which were less known about than the main ones.
+Jace's energy never ceases to amaze me.

- Getting to Mag 3 hours later than expected and missing out on some dinner hangout time.
- Friday morning alarm and my inability to go back to sleep after that alarm.
- Being forced to go on a toilet paper acquisition sidequest friday morning.
- Not seeing as many concerts as I wanted.
- Apparently missing house jam with oneups in shedspace.
- Elevation Burger running out of burgers saturday night.
- Colossus roars (except Koshiro)
- Cross-armed smugbots at Koshiro dance party
- JonTron dude while watching Josh play Mario 2 at 3 AM.
- Lack of jvincion and anyone else who couldn't make it to Magfest this year.