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Steve Martin did a lot of drugs

08 September 2020 - 09:49 PM

i just had to tell my brother that Steve Martin did drugs, like alot, during the 80's.  I think.  or am i Full of Shit, just trying to figure that one out.  


Mig's Strem's are made of 100 percent 


also, i need to play this really bad cooking sim on my phone to get this 25 dollar amazon card for playing internet phone games for the first time in my life.  I took the plung on phone games and i'm sort of feeling this weird addiction to it, what the heck.  Well i just want some money, was only in it for the money.  25 bucks and get out.  yeah thats about it.


but yeah Steve Martin, what's going on with that?

playing nsf/spc files in clone/guitar hero

29 April 2020 - 02:12 PM

tl;dr - you have the chance to play all the right notes in guitar hero


the past week or so I've been working on making guitar hero/clone hero customs of video game songs.  The vg songs I've played from the internet are alright but the quality is just a rip from youtube or something and it doesn't play like a single sqaure wave would which i guess really isn't the point for these kind of games but it's kinda grating.


Then i thought of NSF's and channel separation to get proper sounding music


and at that point, i could use Robby's 'BPM finder in Reaper' video to help me with securing the correct tempo


and since at that point i had the stems, i could potentially chart parts for both square waves, the triangle, and the noise/DPCM


Moonscraper is the program that i used to chart which has a little bit of a learning curve but if you're familiar with midi, time sigs, and an alright sense of rhythm and melodies, it can be doable to get into.


Here's Bombman's stage, missing and cutting some notes off to show that the square wave disappears if you don't play it



I also tried it with SPC files which took a bit more work since there were more channels, but i was able to render common tracks together to make it work as well


Here's a Dean Evans hit from that popular Waterworld game that wasn't released in the states



i want to see if there's a way to make the wammy bar function usable, then you can really start to feel this map song. 


but yeah, it sort of feels like you're playing the NSF/SPC files themselves in another game altogether.  I haven't really been focusing on the Guitar/Clone hero aspect of it with POINTS and STAR POWER in mind, but rather the accuracy of emulating these files in another format.  With this same process you probably could do any video game file with separate stems.  


Definitely want to do more, let me know if anyone else wants to jump in on these, we could have a flood of high quality accurate video game charts with all the right notes that clone/guitar hero could handle.  

Free Hat

24 April 2020 - 01:07 PM

Con Air works just like a Metal Gear Solid plot

21 March 2020 - 10:08 PM

Steve Busemi is Pyscho Mantis

Dannt Trejo is Vulcan Raven

Just imagine Con Air rendered as a PS1 game

That got the whole wide world in his hands is straight up Hideo Kojima

Iti biti babay

Taco Bell or Pizza Hut

11 January 2020 - 10:22 PM

Ok, watching Demolition Man.

I've always known that Taco Bell won the Franchise Wars, so why the heck am i watching a false profit version where Pizza Hut won the wars.



Pizza Hut slinging their rough shot attempt at propaganda 12 years before demolition man becomes cannon. Don't desuade me that in some countries, they dubbed Pizza Hut over Taco Bell because they wouldn't know what Taco Bell is, what a disgusting display of deep state thermal technocratic malarkey.

Screw you Pizza Hut, only Taco Bell.

Have glorious day.