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Bandai Golf Challenge - Albatross

Nice guitar tone, bass feels like it could use a bit more mids. The B section is a nice change of pace, I kinda wish it didnt come in so late in the arrangement. Overall, feels a little bit repetitive.

Black Bass Lure Fishing - Black Bass

Yay more non-rock stuff! The choice of panning is interesting, not sure if in a good way or not. When the harmonies come in around 40 seconds, that could definitely benefit from some more centered panning. I'm no violinist, so I cant criticize the violin much besides just saying that it sounds a little strange to me, like extra warbley for some reason. Arrangement wise, this medley kinda just jumps from track to track, and I think it could benefit from some nice transitions that ease them into each other.

Fishing Vacation - Vacation Blues

This is a fun little jaunt, very 'indie commercial' like the chat described. The guitar is a little buried in the mix, feels maybe like it could actually use a bit more gain, as well as some compression to bring up the levels. around 40 seconds, the plucky guitar is definitely buried in the mix. The guitar tone could also use a bit more low end i think. The piano is definitely very in your face int eh mix, not leaving much room for the instruments.

Fuzzys World - Now Thats What I Call Space Golf!

Bring back the [whatever decade this is]! Feels like the guitar at 37 seconds is being stepped on by the piano sound. Sections like the Dancing Queen block have a damn near perfect balance. Also, I do quite dig the ABBA reference, which is hilarious because I swear someone just discussed ABBA VGM. I like the choice of synth tones in this, although maybe some of them should have more 'air' to them? also more accordion plz

Hal's Hole in One Golf - Metal Play is My Name

Yes big chuggs. Very good playing in this. Nice balance with the rhythms/bass/drums, though i feel the kick could come up a bit more maybe? Snare gets buried a bit in a few spots, but its not a dealbreaker. Great tones during the guitar solos, reminds me of my favorite Armcannon solos! The breakdown at 2:55 is groooooooovyyyyyy. Very solid entry


A very subdued mix here, nothing I can really complain about here because I can hear everything pretty well, except that the whole mix feels like it has a low-pass on it. A classic Pingosimon-approved two-loops straight cover. Bass could maybe use some more mids so it POPS? Either way, lets go light up now

Kirbys Dream Course - Iceberg Ocean

Intro is neat, could maybe use some additional low end after the first loop through. Well, actually now im two minutes in and theres still very little low end. The bass has a decent amount of sub-bass but could use more regular bass and maybe mids. Hard to unmderstand the vocals, the reverb might be masking it a bit, but that feels intentional. A little long, but keeps the arrangement interesting enough that I dont notice.

Legend of the River King - Kawaii my Sushi Dinner

Melody guitar gets kinda burried in a few spots, maybe more compression? I think the lead guitars could come up overall. Nice varied arrangement here. Also LOOOOOVE the fun you have with the tempo maps, it really adds to the push and pull of the song's energy

Mario Golf- Great Moments in Golf Glory

Drums are pretty quiet here, definitely can stand to come up overall quite a bit. I like how the arrangement kinda ducks oiuyt of the way for the voiceover! and regarding the voicover, I needed to listen to it twice just to make sure I caught all the jokes. The square lead that comes in at 1:54 feels a little out of place because it doesnt have any reverb on it, weirdly enough. I like the sequenced bass but wish it was a little more present.

Mark Davis - Guitar Licks For Fish Sticks

I like this a lot, very chill. feels kinda dense around the low-mids though, a little muddy. This bass has some good mids on it though.

Mark Davis - Oh No Bass Pun

I can tell the bass is doing quite a bit of slappin/groovin but i'm missing them SLAP high-end freqs. The clean  guitar works pretty decently, but imo could use a bit more crunch on it when its doing the melodies. I like the faint background counter melody during the A section, wish it was a little bit louder. OH YEAH GIMME THAT CRAZY FROG.

NES Open Tournament Golf - Golfing in Overalls

I think ErichWK described this as a secret nes cover from 2003 and I agree. And damn, that drummer fucking slaps. Wish I could meet someone in real life who plays cookie tins for toms

Putt and Putter - Butt and Butter

I like the snare reverb here, though the drums feel a littel overzealous for the genre, both performance-wise and mix wise (also seems to be playing straight when the other instruments are swinging). I also wish the acoustic was a little more present in the mix.

Shimono Masakai no Fishing - FIGHTING TO BASSING

Guitars sound a little out of tune with each other. Nice e-piano sound, always dig that. The hi-hat is getting some real work, but could come up some more so I can appreciate it. Bass has some nice slapping, but seems to get quite a buildup of sub freqs in a few spots. Ending is a little weird, just a bit too long with nothing interesting

Blue Marlin - Gnarlin Marlin

I love whatever this percussion is. The sparse brass is a nice touch as well. Seems like the accompanying guitars are always there but dont seem to have their own spot in the mix, so throughout the song its a bit easier to hear it depending on what else is going on at the time

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29 May 2020 - 06:09 AM

This is awesome, borders on comical though when he starts discussing the multitude of adapters he has to use for video output


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29 May 2020 - 04:39 AM

I just read this entire thread, I've heard all the VGMix jokes over the years but i joined the community after it all happened/went offline, and to me DoD has always been at dwellingofduels.net, so this was a very interesting read.


It was intriguing to hear all the requests people had for DoD features back TEN YEARS AGO


DoD is in the current process of getting a backend makeover, of which the end goal is simply to remove the e-mail aspect from the process and have it all hosted on-site, where you login to submit songs, vote, and leave reviews. Those who are in the 'Duelist' DoD Patreon tier can get alpha access to it through our discord.


Just trying to get DoD into the 2010s as far as functionality goes :D

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