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Posting Rules:

There arenít many rules for posting on the shizz, but the rules we do have are important.

Donít be an asshole.

The Shizz moderators try to let things stay as open as possible and will rarely censor the board. However, being a dickhead is the surest way to get yourself censored, warned, or eventually banned. Yes, this is arbitrary and subject to interpretation. But the moderators will be the ones arbitrating and interpreting. We all know when someone is bringing the rest of the community down. You might not agree with the actions the moderators take. But they will always act in the interest of keeping the drama and flaming on the board to a minimum. The Shizz reserves the right to make any decisions deemed appropriate.

Hate? No thanks.

The Shizz does not advocate or endorse hate groups of any kind or their philosophical viewpoints. If you would like to promote racist, sexist, or homophobic views, there are probably message boards out there where you will find a receptive and supportive audience. The Shizz is not one of those boards. We donít care how much pigment there is in your skin or what you choose to worship as a higher power. We arenít worried about your particular genitalia or whom you choose to have sex with. Hate based on these things has no place on the board and will not be tolerated.

Donít post pornographic material on the board.

If you link to something that can be considered ďnot safe for workĒ, please label it as such. This is common courtesy and your fellow board members will appreciate the warning.

Follow links at your own risk.

Moderators canít and donít want to be everywhere at once. Blindly clicking on user-posted links is not recommended. This is especially true if, for example, youíre at work and your boss is standing behind you. Be careful and use common sense.