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In Topic: Official Nintendo switch thread

15 October 2019 - 10:08 PM

Not checking back through the thread to see if anyone mentioned it, but the Link’s Awakening remake kinda feels sluggish to me. Movement felt much faster and more responsive in the GB original. I’m enjoying the remake, but I’m kinda wishing that it felt more like the original.


Yeah. The jumping in particular feels sluggish.

In Topic: norg, I'm calling you out

02 October 2019 - 12:27 AM

Are we there yet?

In Topic: Official Nintendo switch thread

29 September 2019 - 05:15 PM


I've been going back and forth if I want to get Link's Awakening, it's one of the first video games I ever played, but I don't know if I feel the need to revisit it, even with all the new changes. Maybe I will anyways.


If you're on the fence about spending $60 on it, I would say just go back and play the original. Coming from somebody who holds the GBC version in high regard, the remake won't replace the original for you.

In Topic: Official Nintendo switch thread

24 September 2019 - 07:42 PM



Did mrtame get an answer about Tal Tal Heights?  It's relevant to my interests.

I confirmed this in an earlier post, the jam is alive and well. 


Thanks.  Sorry; got distracted by all of Matsu's FWP whining.  ;-)



OK, I gotta stick up for matsu here. I noticed the frame drop right away, and I was in disbelief,because how can a major Nintendo release in 2019 have something that almost amounts to a glitch? I got used to it, but I'm with him; it's somewhat inexcusable in a full retail release that costs $60.

In Topic: Quotes without even thinking

22 September 2019 - 09:51 PM


"Awww hell naaaw, wassup dawg?"


from the Fensler Films GI Joe


^ This one. Except I say it to literal dogs when I'm out in public.



I love saying this to dogs with their heads sticking out the car window. It makes more sense here, because it's like "surprise, dog! wassup dog?"