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In Topic: VGM Band Origin Stories - how did you meet?

19 September 2019 - 03:41 PM

its not like it once was where if you wanted to be in a band and record that you had to go to a studio, home recording is at an all time level of ease to get ideas together and see if you can mesh with other people's styles.


If you can find some band members who can telecommunicate, that's awesome.  There are probably a lot more musicians out there who can these days too.  It's a whole new set of logistical problems, but even if the real life meetups don't workout for whatever reason, you still at least have some tangible groundwork ready for when it can workout.


It's probably a little less exciting, not having that in person/in studio magic, and not being able to gig or practice without a lot of organization, but probably a hell of a lot more productive and focused.  Maybe a little less instant gratification, but a lot more long term satisfaction.  And imagine how cool it would feel to finally get together after such a long time.


Online banding is something I've always wanted to do.  Maybe we should just start one with everyone in this thread?  It would make a great origin story later.

In Topic: VGM Band Origin Stories - how did you meet?

19 September 2019 - 03:12 PM

Basically Tetsuoooo and I were huge VGM and Minibosses fans back in 2002.  Mostly we were just close friends from high school who were in the right place at the right time.


We had a group of mutual friends who were just starting to get into playing instruments, and were experimenting with various originals, mostly covers, in each others garages.  We lived in a tiny mountain community, and all of us were still in high school.  We threw a lot of shit at the wall to see what would stick, had a few different bands, members, and styles.  Tetsuoo and I had enough VGM influence in us to start learning some VGM covers, and it seemed to stick.  We eventually learned enough VGM tracks and gave the project a name, Quarter Circle Jab.  We all dabbled in our free time until we had enough practice to start small time gigging at parties, and eventually recording (7 years later).  


It was off and on for QCJ throughout the years, lots of moving parts, lots of logistical problems, all your typical band problems.  I'd say the biggest issue with sticking together was just location of the members.  Everybody wanted to do it if they were around, it just wasn't paying the bills, and there was opportunity to be had elsewhere.  Typical band problems.


I'd suggest if you were thinking about getting a VGM cover band going, the #1 thing working in your favor would be to live in a big city with a big talent pool with lots of musicians with similar tastes.

In Topic: VGM Butt Rock/Butthole Rock/Hair Metal/Post Grunge

13 September 2019 - 04:04 PM

I vaguely remember using the term butt rock, back in 06 or 07 maybe, to describe these kind of tracks.  N64 sports games rocks the butt pretty good.




In Topic: Castlevania Thread

20 August 2019 - 02:41 PM

Just finished The Lecarde Chronicles 2, anybody else tried this fan-made game yet?


It's everything I want from a Castlevania, I'd say it's somewhere between SotN and CV2.  Pretty difficult platforming, but the physics are tight and I never feel cheated.  Everything about it is legit, definitely worth checking out if you haven't yet.



In Topic: KDB Tour 2019

24 July 2019 - 07:58 PM


DUDE!!! WHY DIDN'T YOU SAY HI!!! Redding was my favorite show so far. Super fucking packed and the sound was great and we shredded major riff. Where did all these people come from?!





Probably would have run into you all if I had stuck around, but I was lucky to be able to get there at all.  Got a 2 month old at home, and I live an hour away from Redding, so time was tight.  Next time!