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In Topic: Shizz Van Damme Movie Night - 4/29 800 PM EST

27 April 2020 - 09:51 AM

The obvious choice is street fighter...


I'm not sure if the movie JCVD was ever released on VHS since it came out in '08, so you can rule that one out.


My dark horse pick is going to be Knock Off.

In Topic: The home recording thread

21 April 2020 - 08:20 PM

I put all my clothes on hangers and hang them all over the walls for dampening.  From the ceiling too.


Once I got a bunch of carpet scraps from a local carpet place and did a pretty big room, floor to wall to ceiling, and it sounded great.  But it was a huge pain in the ass to get rid of when I left that studio.

In Topic: COVID-19

18 April 2020 - 07:54 PM

I predicted earlier in the pandemic that the world would adopt foot door openers rapidly.  I still haven't seen one.





In Topic: Great VG Intros of the 16-bit Era

16 April 2020 - 08:07 PM

In Topic: temp sound solutions and its called baby truck

12 April 2020 - 01:52 PM

hey now, sounds good man