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Replacing the Star Wars: A New Hope OST, with VGM

04 September 2017 - 04:07 PM

Ive read before that Nobuo Uematsu has been called the "John Williams" of video games.  The parallels between the star wars and final fantasy soundtracks are definitely there.  Started playing a few FF4 and FF6 tracks over A New Hope, and got some chills over how well some of them fit.  I would certainly enjoy watching a VGM version of A New Hope, which I thought might exist already, but I didnt find anything.


The fanfares and prologue "rolling text" themes replace each other perfectly.  All the action scenes go great with all the boss battle tracks.  The mischievous sounding stuff like porom and paloms theme from ff4, or the "??" track from ff6 go perfect with any C3-PO and R2-D2 comic relief scenes.  Golbez theme for vader, Gesthals theme for the emperor... everything seems to have an equivalent.


Although the original score for Star Wars is probably the best movie soundtrack of all time, I was thinking of overdubbing most of the original score with VGM, just for fun.  Sans a few spots like the binary sunset scene.  Can't touch that part.


I figured this would be fun for the shizz machine.  Anybody have some Star Wars: A New Hope OST/VGM equivalent ideas they would like to share?  It doesn't necessarily have to be SNES FF's.  Would be cool to find a version of A New Hope that had sound FX and voices, but no music.  Probably exists somewhere in one form or another.