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#1396623 Hot Sauce.

Posted by urvile on Yesterday, 02:06 PM

Shit, well let me try this again fucking phone. I came up with a great dipping sauce using your favorite ranch and this Black label reserve Chile habanero sauce from El Yucateco. Pretty hot but not completely overpowering, has a nice flavor profile


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#1396552 Gif Dump

Posted by urvile on 19 March 2019 - 02:57 PM


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#1396475 11:60

Posted by urvile on 16 March 2019 - 11:21 PM

i isolated the vocal from this violent storm track just because, seems to be the only track in the ost that allows for it



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#1396244 Dunk thread?

Posted by urvile on 10 March 2019 - 01:37 PM

The Engrish is top notch lol

One of the ladies did vocals on the dd2 arrangement lp and that was her only other credit according to discogs. The music doesn’t appear to be online though :sad face:
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#1396242 Dunk thread?

Posted by urvile on 10 March 2019 - 12:40 PM

i need this EP



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#1395939 Movies

Posted by urvile on 03 March 2019 - 10:54 AM

Is it a requirement of the rock that his movies have the worst CGI effects ?
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#1395938 11:60

Posted by urvile on 03 March 2019 - 10:49 AM

Regarding Turtles in time, Who knows if I’ll ever do it but I was thinking about stripping all the individual tracks from the SNES and arcade ( and perhaps madhatten project on the Genesis ) I am making some sort of. And making some sort of mega mix compilation . Maybe after I finish king of hearts three. Page 3. Kingdom hearts three and this prince project I need to finish up
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#1395692 Movies

Posted by urvile on 26 February 2019 - 09:30 PM

Tomorrowland was way better than I was expecting. It’s like a good Jupiter Ascending
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#1395686 11:60

Posted by urvile on 26 February 2019 - 07:18 PM


they have some cool streams. Sometimes I broadcast @ https://vaughn.live/hiletroy - they seem pretty lax but their "rules" omg lol


  • Must be at least 18 years of age to have an account and/or stream
  • Streams (example: photos, films, videos, events, live broadcasts) cannot contain content of persons under the age of 18, except professionally pre-produced content.
  • No nudity / No sexually explicit material
  • No consumption and/or depiction of illegal drugs and/or substances (based on United States federal laws) on stream
  • No hate speech / No illegal activity
  • No mooning. Due to past "unfortunate" mooning events, mooning is no longer allowed.
  • Cannot focus stream on chest, butt or genitals.
  • No sex toys or promotion of sex related items.
  • Banned streamers can be on your stream or MvnCams, but you are responsible for their actions and content.
  • People category is not for all content. If you change the content of your broadcast, please update your channel category accordingly. Streams with no one on cam, no one on mic and no Streamer in chat do not belong in the People tab. Also streams that show pre produced content for the majority of their stream should not be in the People category.
  • Gaming is allowed here on Vaughn Live. And if you're either on cam or on mic, you can stream gaming in the People tab.
  • By using Vaughn Live, you agree you have full permission for any content you may use on your stream and/or on your channel 

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#1395371 11:60

Posted by urvile on 17 February 2019 - 07:10 PM

Hello random 1160 page, personal mobile bump activate
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#1395370 Movies

Posted by urvile on 17 February 2019 - 07:08 PM

Alita was pretty good I thought. Sure it chugs along at a frantic pace but it's a fun ride.

Also, I didn't get hit by a car. But I did piss myself. Can't win em all
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#1395112 Doom

Posted by urvile on 09 February 2019 - 10:25 PM

A long but deep dive into Doom 3D0


Edit: from an interview:

"There was a company called Art Data Interactive. The CEO was a guy who was just a member of a church somewhere in Southern California. Somehow he was able to convince his friends at the church and other friends that 3DO is the wave of the future and that he needs their money to go ahead and form a game company. "Get in on this."

He raises $100,000. He then starts making this game. A Battle Chess ripoff.

And he feels the way he wants to do it is he wants to film all the people dressed up as chess pieces and that's what he's going to put on the game board.

The guy has no clue at all of game development. Nothing.

So he films all these scenes with money and then runs out of money and then he finds a programmer who makes a really crappy game because he just slaps everything together. And then he puts it out in the stores and thinks he's going to make all this money.

Well, the sales weren't really much and he got notified from all the vendors, all the stores saying, "Who the hell are you? Who is Art Data Interactive? I don't know. This chess game? Interplay's got Battle Chess. Why would we want your chess game?"


Well, at the time id was doing Doom and it was the big thing, and he thought, "Hey, if I license Doom and put it on the 3DO, it will put my company on the map."

So he went over to id, and at this point and time, id really wasn't sold on doing anything on consoles. At that time. And so they said, "You know what? If you want Doom? $250,000 and you'll get the rights."


Which at that time, everybody who saw this said, "Nope! Too expensive. Too expensive."

And really, id was just telling everybody to get lost. Randy, on the other hand, the CEO, said, "It's $250,000?"

And he raised it.


And he went to id and said, "Here's a check for $250,000. Give me the rights to Doom."

And id's like, "Okay? Here's the source code to Doom and thank you for the check, have a nice day."

And of course, you know, the royalties. Standard contract.

Well, Randy, because he did not know anything about game development, said, "Okay, we're gonna make the best game of Doom ever! We're gonna have new levels, new weapons, new everything."

As soon as he signed the contract -- the ink wasn't even dry yet. And he went onto a press tour telling everybody he has the rights to Doom, Art Data Interactive is gonna kick ass, they're gonna have new levels, new weapons, and everything.

He even had a friend of his draw mock-up weapons. Just draw them on Photoshop and so forth and give him these screenshots. And he was saying, "These is actual game screenshots."

Of course the press is going, "Oh my God! This looks great! This is awesome!"

Well, he then went to a developer and said, "Hey, can you just do a version for me?"

And they said, "Sure. What you want is gonna take two years and a budget of, like, $3 million."

He said, "Oh no, no, no. You're lying to me."

He went to another developer who, in turn, somehow he finagled them to start on the project but he actually was intending not to pay them.

Well, after a few weeks of working on the project, this company then said, "Hey, we need our milestone payment."

And Randy after a while hemmed and hawed and hemmed and hawed and then this company stopped working on the game.

Well, now this is around July of 1996 I believe. And because of all the press tour, the 3DO company was actually hearing all the positive press that Doom was coming out for the 3DO and people were getting excited about it.

And then they come to find that after they went over and actually inspected Art Data Interactive and realized that this guy has no clue about what he's doing, they're like, "Oh my God. We are screwed."


At this particular time, I had just shipped Wolfenstein3D for Interplay. I took the Mac code, which I did -- because I did the Mac port of Wolf 3D, ported it over to the 3DO, enhanced everything, and the game was running 60 frames a second. It was a phenomenal version of the game.

I was already known to 3DO, so they contact me. 3DO said, "Hey, we've got this project. Doom. We really want this game out by Christmas. Is there any way you can go ahead and do it because you know id?" I said, "Sure. Put me in touch with Art Data."

Well, of course, I talk to Art Data and they say, "Sure." We negotiate a price. They said, "Sure." And then I said, "Great."

Then what Art Data told me was the game was 90 percent complete. All I needed to do was finish up some bugs and get the game ready for shipping and get it out in about a month or two. And for me it's like, "Oh yeah. I've been doing projects where I just fix bugs and get games out the door. Nothing new to me." So I say, "Sure."

So then, of course, I ask them, "Give me the source code and the assets for Doom that you've got."

Two weeks go by and I keep getting excuses after excuses.

Randy says, "Well, why can't you just start it right now?"

I said, "Because I need this."

So I then called id and they sent me all the assets and everything for the Jaguar version of Doom as well as all the PC version stuff, too. I look at the code and I say, "Yeah, the Jaguar version, I can just do a straight port."

I said, "Well, I'll start working on it because I'm running out of time."

Well, then, I had a friend of mine who was working at Art Data come and privately take me aside and say, "Uh, we don't have anything. The developer that was working on it? They only got to it, like, the code to compile and nothing -- everything Randy was saying was lies."

I'm like, "Oh."

And that point, I was gonna say, "Okay. I'm canceling this project. We're done."

But then I had my friend at 3DO begging me, "Please. We really need this game out by Christmas. People are expecting it."

So I then told 3DO, "Sure. I will do it for you as a favor to you at 3DO. To help you with your platform."

Because they've helped me and helped build my company at the time. So, I did it more as a favor to them. And at that point, I then realized that because of all these delays and everything, it is now August. They need to ship this for Christmas, which means the drop-dead date for the disc would be November.

So that gives me October -- let's see. I started around August and I released the final disc on November 1st. That was 10 weeks.

I just said, "This is just going to be a straight Jaguar port."

I spent 10 weeks producing the source code that you saw up on Github and of course, when I was submitting builds to Randy over at Art Data, the frame rate wasn't that great because I just got the game prototype.

I didn't have time to optimize it.

And he was saying, "Why isn't this game running at 60 frames a second? Where is my new weapons? Where is my new stuff?"

And I'm like, "Do you have any idea how game development is done?"

Because he truly believed all you had to do to put a weapon in a game is to draw it.

He did believe that if you drew a weapon -- you just gave me the art file -- I would put it in the game and it would magically fire bullets. It would do all the effects animations and switch and -- he thought that was just me putting the art in there, hit "compile," and I'm done.

And so he was really pissed off at me during the development of the game because he was saying, "Where's new levels? I promised people new levels."

And then of course I turned around and said, "Well, you promised me a source-code drop and you said this game was 90 percent done and here it is I have to start from scratch."

And there were several times where I wanted to quit that project.

But every time, I was talked out of it by my friend at 3DO.

And so eventually I got the game basically shippable. I don't call it "finished." I call it shippable.

At that point, I sent the discs off to 3DO. 3DO fast-tracked it and had it approved, like, within a few days.

And then Randy at Art Data did the stupidest thing -- even more stupider than everything up to this point. He pressed 250,000 copies, as I understand it, of Doom for the 3DO.

To put it in perspective, there were only 250,000 3DOs in existence. It was a blunder of the same proportions of ET, where Atari printed out as much cartridges as there were consoles. Which is -- mathematically, you're never gonna sell them all.

Randy was so hard up for money because his investors were saying, "Hey, we invested all this money. Where are your profits?"

He thought, "All I have to press is 250,000 copies of the game, ship it to the stores, and then I will get the money for 250,000 copies."

Not understanding that you have to advertise it. There has to be a market base. It really shows how little he knew of the industry.

So, of course, Doom 3DO comes out. They sell, I think, 10,000 copies, which is what they should have sold.

Then it was, of course, universally panned. The music was great, but, you know, I myself knew the game was gonna get rated poorly because of the frame-rate issues.

But it was like -- 3DO had been promising people either indirectly through Randy that Doom was coming out that they had to fulfill their promise. So, in that particular sense, 3DO as well as Logicware, did fulfill the promise that was given to the public that 3DO Doom was available in stores.


Now, we didn't fulfill the promise Randy was saying, which was new levels, new weapons, "the best Doom ever."



And of course after that, within a few months later, Art Data Interactive went out of business.

Now trust me. That's the Reader's Digest version.

No, I believe you.

To give you an idea, the whole thing from start to finish was about 14 weeks. I got the phone call in July. Then negotiated the contract around the end of July. About two weeks later we got the contract. Then it was two weeks of them stalling of giving us what we were being told was available: a semi-finished version of Doom.

And so once it became obvious to us in the middle of August that they were not going to deliver us anything, that's when I took it upon myself to actually get the assets from id.

And that is when I began the port from the Jaguar port base.

And so I had from two weeks in August, all of September, and all of October.

Near the end of October was when I delivered the final discs of what I would consider a shippable version of Doom for the 3DO. And it went straight to 3DO. I remember we sent it to them in a FedEx overnight.

They then had their testers play it and I had to do one rev in which we made the screen smaller to get the frame-rate up. And then, at that point, they approved the golden masters, sent it off to Art Data Interactive. As far as I know, they never played the game. They just simply said, "All right! Press a whole bunch of them."

Even 3DO said, "Wait a minute. You really shouldn't be pressing this many." But he said, "No, no, no. It's going to sell gangbusters." They said, "Well, if you want to write us a check for that amount of money, we're not gonna stop you."

The rest is history. [Laughs.]

What did Randy think of the final product?

I'm certain Randy was pissed off about the final product because he was expecting it to be the best Doom ever. A game that was supposed to make him famous and his company famous and sell so many copies that it would effectively make him a millionaire.


That game wasn't going to make anyone a millionaire. Not that version of the game, anyways.

And of course, within time, his company imploded around him.

What's he doing now?

I have no idea."

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#1394757 All things Kingdom Hearts here!

Posted by urvile on 31 January 2019 - 05:06 PM

My crazy kh3 setup

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#1394146 11:60

Posted by urvile on 20 January 2019 - 04:52 PM

Wishing you the best Weener. I had a spinal way back in the day for my first hernia surgery, that sucked.

So good news on kh3, Nario hooked me up with a CronusMax and after tracking down one of those Kiky adapters, now Windows 10 recognizes the right stick and the hat um whatever. With the Xaim plugin, I got a shot at this!

Unfortunately my health is still been pretty shity since the accident. All I feel like doing most the time is just sitting outside in my jacket listening to podcasts. I don't know what's going on, at least I have been eating a little bit more. Still, I've lost over 30 lb since the accident. Which I kind of wanted to anyways but not like this.

I hope you're all well I just haven't felt like being on the internet much since all this happened. Hopefully this gets figured out soon. Peace and love
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#1392914 Movies

Posted by urvile on 30 December 2018 - 12:11 PM

Correct me if I'm wrong but how have Nick Cage and Keanu Reeves never been in the same movie?
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