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June 20, 2003

20 June 2018 - 08:11 AM

15 years ago today, The minibosses forum moved to the shizz dot org, slash forum. While theshizz existed before that, and so did the minibosses booger board, all those subforums are dead, so I consider today to be theshizz's anniversary.


here are some of the scintillating topics from 15 years ago. it was a simpler time.


while i joined in August of that year, i had browsed since the booger board days, so the fact that it has been 15(+) years is still a little crazy to me. i was a bored college kid with too much time on his hands in 2003, and now i'm an old dad man with no time to spare. it's also just dawning on me that i have a minibosses show to go to this week. that's some good symmetry. 


the people on this forum have been responsible for some of the best experiences and weekends i've had over that time, and i just want to thank anyone who let me crash on their floor, welcomed me into their house, drove me to shows, took me to new places, and shared their games, food, and drink with me. this community persists because of the kindness and generosity and creativity and general radness of all involved.


thank you, shizz