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why is it when i make a topic like this, i really wanna hear what demonstray thinks? sometimes i think of demonstray as my child Updated 24 Sep · 0 comments

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If the world were filled with Ken Ohs, the dudes from The Fucking Champs would be showered with cash and pussy.

pIENESS said:
My opinion of them still stands as they can lick my vag... during my menstrual cycle!



I mean shit I was fucked in the ass by a grown man for over half a year when I was 6 and I'm perfectly fine with being hugged.

Jacki O said:
my sharp knees bring all the boys to the yard



I personally believe that awkwardness is an art.

proud member of the nario fan club SINCE 1999 nariobabyo.gif



he commented. he risked it, and he achieved mental infection as well as risked infecting others with his retort. thats not safe. i didnt get sick from it, and i pushed the bacongrease back under the door and said i dont like beefbice. lets all do our part and pre-emptively squash beef like a good vegetarian would.


nebu nebu 3497834204_614cca2a39.jpg



someone should now record that in 4 part harmony

is 3 parts enough?

I wanna sing Meatloaf duets with Skip.
I wanna slurp em' up Texas style with DH.
I wanna play Kenny G with Mig.
I wanna sell boats with Wozz.
I wanna rub crotches with David Gumby and Akumu.
I wanna make comics with Creeper.
I wanna double dunk with Raub.
I wanna launch over anything with House.
I wanna make a conept album about a concept album with Shawn.
I wanna BARBERSHOP with Pingo George and a player to be named later.
I wanna play Eric in Street Fighter IV.
I wanna reach the Pleasure Doom with Mooninite.
I wanna hug every Canadian (too many to list sorry) for eternity.
I wanna play Battletoads with EmptyEye.
I wanna play Battletoads with MEGAMATT.
I wanna Rockaway Beach with Shervin.
I wanna meet Norrin.
I wanna challenge Metalhead Mike to a smile-off.
I wanna find Spamtron in the mountains somewhere and just hug him.
I wanna order a sub from Nario, regardless of his job situation.
I wanna LOL with Zio.
I wanna watch Power Rangers with Tri, just for kicks.
I wanna sing with Hale whilst beating Pong in Mario Kart, convincingly.
I wanna bass/drum jam with Millsy, later installing Chunk for double bass.
I wanna scream with JVince in a song.
I wanna annoy people with obnoxious.
I wanna disgust people with Snappleman.
I wanna just LISTEN to a political discussion involving NicktheNewbie and Ashane IRL.
I wanna try skating with Caco. I bet I fall every time.
I wanna locate Evilsonic and talk to him.
I wanna see Chromelodeon again.
I wanna jam with ZOAST!
I wanna high five anavrin.
I wanna go back to NY so I can hang with Arm Cannon at the Paragon Hotel.
I wanna headbang with Tim of Year 20XX, preferably with the band playing!
I wanna record the Pieness/Merc sextape and sell it for profit on the internet.
I wanna record the WizWar/Toadette sextape if the previous sextape fails. Or just do it anyway.
I wanna go to Michigan and hug everyone there. I also wanna bring Jesse back closer to there so I can see him too.
I wanna go to Japan to hug DragonBurk. Then play a show there.
I wanna make 10 albums with Xoc. No more, no less.
I wanna pick up chicks with Axl.
I wanna rock with Buckysprinter.
I wanna play through Super C 5 times with Ranger-X. No more, no less.
I wanna record serial dramas with XMark. Like, once every two weeks.
I wanna meet Weener and Mr. Lad and I dunno we'll figure it out when I get there.
I wanna eat an Atomic-Taco.
I wanna beat Ryan's Tetris scores. Or just hug him.
I wanna do everything with everyone else on Shizz Island, where our worries and drama are nonexistent.


- My own "fuck it" list


I still haven't performed fellatio, but I think I would be great at it and that I'd enjoy it too


One of my housemates has started leaving her cooch plugs a-bobbin' in the toilet. I'm hardly squeamish when it comes to bodily fuctions and hygeine requirements, but this is a fairly unboss sight to behold when you're massively hung over and have decided to stay close to the toilet 'just in case'.


Of course, I'm far too polite to fish one out and barge into her bedroom, demanding an explanation as I dangle it 2cm from her face.

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