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Pole. Has handheld technology changed how we use the forum?

05 March 2019 - 07:12 PM

Call me an olde fashioned curmudgeon but I don't like the watered down mobile version of pretty much anything.

I also believe that playing any FPS on a console with thumbsticks, is the equivalent of using WASD and mouse, with oven mitts on.

edit: all votes are public, welcome to the future of voting, now you know we haven't rigged it.


Fascism and reconciliation in Canada.

09 January 2019 - 05:14 PM

Are many of you south of the 49th familiar with native affairs in Canada? Does anyone remember the Oka crisis?

Right now different branches of government have been officially apologizing for abducting children in the 60's and putting them boarding schools that have fatality rates like concentration camps.

At the same time stuff like this is going down.




Given that they're actually not part of Canada but another nation that has held continuous occupation since the ice age, if a cop fires the first shot and they return fire and start killing cops and when all the dust settles the U.N. is going to have to side withe the indigenous peoples, it sure is a good thing that people are more interested in peace!


This is riotworthy!, good thing we handle shit like Canadians...

Edit: and for those who don't know me so well, I'm grew up in a backwoods corporate sacrifice zone at the 56th parrallel, that was barely more than a fur trade post prior to WW2.