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If I listen to vgm more than rock doesn't that mean that members of this community are like rock stars to me?

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Today, 06:54 PM

There's actually lists in magazines of the richest people... I looked at the richest 100 in BC, pretty much all resource extraction on stolen land or sweat shop owners, price gouging telecom execs.
Externalizing the cost of massive pollution is another exploit.

Paul McCartney, Andrew Lloyd Webber and Jay Z is the list of billionaire musicians. That's it. No others.

If you're underpaid you can't take sick days, you can't pay vet bills, you can't fix a flat tire... etc. The born rich have never experienced a financial shortfall that could disrupt their comfort yet build their empires on the backs of people that are barely scraping by...

In BC half of the population is a paycheck away from not making rent. Half the population doesn't know if they could end up homeless before the end of the season... That's so fucked.

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Yesterday, 08:26 PM

My current amp that I play out of for most gigs has the Black Mesa logo from Half-Life painted on the front of it



However I am thinking of getting a new amp, and want to put a design on that as well.


Any ideas? Another PC game reference would be cool, but I also might just do the same design again if I cant think of anything better.

It's not a Mesa Boogie is it?

TriOptimum logo?

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Yesterday, 08:09 PM

Income tax rates throughout Murkan history. 

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Yesterday, 08:06 PM

Congrats, thanks for inviting us to witness, I checked the board yesterday, how tf did I miss that?