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Yesterday, 05:37 PM

Maybe it's reversed footage. A "Trick of the lens".

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Yesterday, 03:21 PM


Ya rly


In Topic: The home recording thread

Yesterday, 03:20 PM

I was just looking for unreleased Hentai X68000 rips, I didn't mean to find 20-year-old unfinished vgmix tracks!

In Topic: The home recording thread

11 August 2020 - 10:38 PM



Do the Vulfpeck haters also hate Bill Wurtz? Seems like a really similar aesthetic to me.

Vulfpeck is as similar to Bill Wurtz as Bill Wurtz is to George & Jonathan. In the case of the latter pairing, there's some overlap in chord progressions sometimes, and some similarities in the synth patches, but the overall energy and aesthetic aren't very comparable.

G&J > Bill Wurtz > Vulfpeck

Bill Wurtz has some super fun and catchy stuff though, so he's not a HUGE step below G&J for me.



Bill Wurtz sounds like nelward except if nelward sucked.


After skimming 5-6 Nelward songs, I can confidently say: Nelward is just a "pretty good" Bill Wurtz


George & Jonathan is siiiiiiiiiiick though.  I dunno if I'd bother comparing them to Bill Wurtz, it's a pretty different style.




At least we can all agree that iLok sucks.  I really hope we can agree on that.

In Topic: ZAKU - self titled EP out

10 August 2020 - 09:33 PM

I was halfway through track 1 (awesome so far btw), then had to pause to give full attention to Brodan's fart.  Resuming now.