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#1297025 Hey Nerds, two Shizzies got married

Posted by JRC on 21 December 2015 - 08:48 PM

A couple months ago Weener & trunkspace got married, and since we met on theshizz I wanted to share with ya in a post here in the ol' club where we met, The General Forum.


Weener & I had first talked here/in the mini's forum ages ago before meeting in person at The Trunk Space and Phoenix library. 
I even saw her ol' band Meetwhistle play before I knew who she was!



^Me threatening to kill two of her old bandmates.


It was a small thing, mostly family and a long timers. 

If you want to see a little more, the dorky blog we run FLIMSpringfield has a post about all the Simpsons jokes we put in.


thanks for being part of our lives, and making a difference in the town and people I love.

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#1281121 Guess who saw Barry Manilow live last night?!

Posted by JRC on 09 April 2015 - 10:25 AM


I did. 
Why else do you think I'd ask this question.

Anyway... If you were born in the 70s and had a dull suburban parent, you probably heard fair amounts of Manilow in your house.

My mom LOVED this guy: women were so hot for him back in the day.

So I can more-or-less sing his hits from the 70s up to about 82.

I promised myself I'd see him play live before the chase was lost, for nostalgia and a sort of mental promise I made to my ma after she passed away.

Manilow is 71 years old (born before WW2!) and is really showing his age, promoting this as the "One Last Time" tour so I figured it was now or never!


As the tour title implies, he really has slowed down and in rough shape--plastic surgery and wigs just don't cover it.  

Never had a great voice, it was creaky and not too on key most of the night, but when he got 'in the pocket' he still managed to pull off his better numbers.

There were also times he was obviously lip-syncing.


He moves around a lot on stage, like way more than necessary esp for someone who obviously has trouble walking.

After performing live for over 40 years you can tell he just is not comfortable being looked at (there's lots of stories about how it is in his contract that venue staff aren't allowed to look him in the face) and he keeps moving around because he doesn't know why people are there to see him perform.


Couple high points:

~He takes a lady out of the audience and serenades her.  This is a bit he's always done, and I remember my mom telling me about it when she saw him in the early 80s.

~He dueted with an old tv show video of himself from 1975 singing Mandy which was really good actually.

~I think the crowd fav of the night was Weekend In New England.

~He jokingly called himself a "Mega Superstar Sex God".

~The crowd was about 2/3 full maybe?  But really into it, and that made the show feel fun and special.


He was also promoting a cd of duets he did with dead people.  REALLY f*cking creepy, esp since a few of them haven't been gone long or are really just legendary giants.


It was at the Coyotes stadium which is really f*cking nice.  I don't like big show rooms, but at least this place felt like it earned it's size.


The ending was a like, 30 minute medley of hits, a at least 5 of which really should have gotten the full song treatment.


I spent the whole concert 'live-blogging' it with Ed Masley on a thread on his FB page, which was a lot of fun.  

Look it up if you're interested.



I think the only "must see" act left on my list of bands is probably The Clash, and I guess I'll never get that chance.

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#1251912 Simpsons Trivia Nerds: June 14 @ Bragg's in PHX

Posted by JRC on 28 May 2014 - 08:23 AM

Weener and I are hosting a team trivia night at the best diner hangout on Grand:




We've got 1 prize already, and we'll be helping cook up a special menu item or two.


It's free!

So grab yer friends and make it a date--teams can also be constructed out of individual attendees too, so don't be afraid to show up alone....

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#1220331 Random Images You Like

Posted by JRC on 06 July 2013 - 04:37 PM




totally going to cross post this in the comics thread

and maybe also the boys thread.


I wouldn't.







I am using the world-wide inter-net.

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#1214832 Summer is here, lets go see some shows! Trunk Space in June!

Posted by JRC on 01 June 2013 - 10:20 PM

The Trunk Space
ALL June 2013 Events
1506 NW Grand Ave, Phoenix AZ  85007
Most shows $6 unless otherwise noted
All events All Ages
Doors at 7:30pm unless otherwise noted



Sat. 1st: A night of fun and adventure as Scrupulous release their new CD, CONTRABAND! This is also their farewell show. Special guests Horizion I, and The Haymarket Squares!

Sun 2nd: "Cult of Noodle the Cat" hosted by CJ Melton.  Mean Reed Featherston on guitar, Joe Specsz, Lucas "Finger Walking" Aguirre doing who knows what, and Neville reading, plus a Special Mysterious Guest!

Mon. 3rd: Fathers' Day Hosts The Dad (New England), and Weekender (from S.Cal). Plus special awesome guests French Girls!! A night of proper punkers.

Tues. 4th: Diners hosts Pitschourse (WA) comprised of some much loved ex-Phoenicians, and The Blank Tapes (LA). Plus the upbeat pep of Rough Tough Dynamite, and the anti-comedy stylings of Sinbad!

Wed. 5th: Tucson's Logan Greene plays Electric! On tour w/ Jersey's Brick Mower--rock punx via Don Giovanni Records!  with locals, Echo Bombs, Girl Boner, and Numb Bats!

Thurs. 6th: Courtney Marie Andrew returns to the valley, playing songs from her new LP and old favorites. Bissbee's Nowhere Man & a Whisky Girl are also on the bill. Others tbd. A night of great singer-songwriter music, soulful and sincere.
*homegoming show of the month!*

Fri. 7th: the Metro Arts Advanced Class Photo Showcase. Featuring great works from students, in many formats.

Sat. 8th: Run-On Sunshine tour kickoff! Playing with Mind Slums (Soul-Clash), Feline Trouble (First Show), The Doyenne (club diva), and Amadou's Krew (new sensations). A night of casio-core dance and break/jams.

Mon. 10th: Across Tundras, bluesy western rock from TN. A gritty mash or rock and backwoods crawling dead legend!

Tues. 11th: Kepi & Dog Party, a night of pure punk enjoyment!  w/ French Girls, Empire of the Bear!  So many great things have been said about Kepi and Dog Party, and they're all true! You'll dance and sing along and have the best night of your life!
$8--Punx Pick of June!

Wed. 12th: Acoustic folk-punkers from Tucson, Hip Don't Dance! Hosted by Tristan w/ Green Line Operator! More tba. These fellows have a bit of the 'Billy Bragg' about them.

Thurs. 13th: Snail Quail, Deep Uncle (Andy from Los Vendidos), possibly others tbd.

Sat. 15th: Ex-Cult presented by SELECT Concerts, with She*Riffs (JJCnV/Alice Bag/FrenchGirls), City Mouse, and Mangled Men.  Taking cues from the psychedelic noise of the 1960’s, the art-damaged post-punk of the late 1970’s. Produced by Ty Segall, based in SF.

Mon. 17th: BOYS, hosted by Tristan. "Moody fuzzed-out guitars and deceptively simple arrangements sound as if they were pulled from an AM radio during a late night try at coitus." -Missoula Independent.  Details tbd.

Tues. 18th: Joey Milinaro plays grindcore violin. Its pretty awesome. For fans of grind, punk, noise, classical. Special Guest P*nis H*ckey from San Diego CA.  with multiimedia mutant ADVENTUREFACE, Cable Car Crash, and maybe others....

Wed. 19th: Cobalt Cranes, "A dirty slap of garage punk...Taking in the basic, primitive thud of all those obscure one-hit wonders on the Teenage Shutdown series, and adding a Stooges/Velvet Underground sonic wail." - MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL.  w/ Paryah, Dreamy Draw, and Black Rose Mansion. This is a night dedicated to shoegaze, psych, and dark rock & indie music.

Thurs. 20th: Green Line Operator presents The THR33 Show! 3 bands, 3 sets of 3 songs each round-robin style, celebrating the 3 month anniversary of their "16 Ounce World" lp!

Fri. 21st: Transmute! New art from James B. Hunt, Dain Quentin Gore and Daniel Funkhouser! 3 of AZ's most eclectic fantastic artists playing with each other, and your mind! Plus, a special night of music from the team at TSA! Details pending.

Mon. 24th: Andrew is Tired (Andrew Kendal) and CJ Melton (Mr. Atomm's Bomnbs) are doing something. Details unknown!

Tues. 25th: The Resignators, ripping 7 piece ska from Australia! with The Rebel Set, Manual Sex Drive, and The Coffinrockers!

Wed. 26th: Romantic low-fi death rock creepers Russian Tsarlag (FL), plus Id M Theft Able (Scot Spear from ME), Humanbeast (RI), Brooke Herr (Dance from NY), Glochids (AZ). 2 tours come together, and make amazing noise!

Thurs. 27th: St. Ranger hosts and night of San Diego based punk and indie rock!:
Kids: summerfrights.tumblr.com
The Frights : http://www.facebook.com/frightsband
Bogsey and the Argonauts:  bogseyandtheargonauts.bandcamp.com
*A Fest in the making!*

Fri. 28th: Fishboy & New Science Projects stage a Texas invasion! Indie rock with a peppy pop! This show is also the tour kickoff for our amazing friends Dogbreth and Diners. Serious fun all night long!
$7--Pick of the Month!


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#1204743 Random Images You Like

Posted by JRC on 04 April 2013 - 09:59 AM


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#1194899 Currently Watching

Posted by JRC on 05 February 2013 - 11:12 AM

Weener downloaded season 2 of Bob's Burgers.

It is executed better than season 1, which was already great.

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#1194817 Hello, Shizzies

Posted by JRC on 04 February 2013 - 09:08 PM

Oh my, like what I've done! Well, soon enough I'll know what I'm doing and where to post, so everyone can go back to forgetting this schism exists... Hahaha.


Nevar Forget

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#1194134 Hello, Shizzies

Posted by JRC on 01 February 2013 - 01:51 PM

I'm in favor of keeping general forum.
I really used to like it here, before the contributors dried up.

I think, maybe it could use a rebranding tho?
Maybe swap the title to "local shizzies" or "PHX shizz"?

so folks could talk about things specific to their town/state/country?
There are some population hubs that hit here more than not, no?

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#1192867 Random Images You Like

Posted by JRC on 25 January 2013 - 10:42 PM


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#1188583 light rail photo jamz

Posted by JRC on 04 January 2013 - 08:59 AM

early vote for best revived thread of 2013...
very early!
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#1187693 Oh Tumblr

Posted by JRC on 29 December 2012 - 10:01 PM

plug mine: droidrish.tumblr.com

that's rad!


Posted Image

The camera described in this report represents a first attempt demonstrating a photographic system which may,
with improvements in technology, substantially impact the way pictures will be taken in the future.

(not a tumblr)

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#1183687 Did you know the shizz was born on (for) NYE?

Posted by JRC on 11 December 2012 - 08:47 PM


So a few weeks back I was at Trader Joes (PHX AZ Camelback Rd) proudly rockin' my shizz army T and I got a couple odd looks which (after checking a mirror) I could only attribute to the shirt.
It made me feel proud--so much so, I took a pict and posted it onto my FB, and into the shizz community page too, just to be like "hey, shizz in your community bro, represent!"

And it got me thinking, Donald has told the story many o' time how this whole board started as an invite to a New Year's Night party--I think it was 11 years ago this year?
[Eleven Years! Just think of that!]

Well, I know there aren't any formal plans to commemorate the anniversary this time around, but I think pretty regularly about how long I've been on this board, ups and downs, business and fun, friends and strangers.
I mean, think about it, people have moved to PHX because they found this thing! Gotten jobs, joined bands, married each other. Sure, all that happens everywhere, but what a nexus!

Where will you be this NYNight?

What I'm suggesting, offering, asking, that in lieu of a full blown rager party, since we're all going to be spread out among the Four Corners of Earth on Dec. 31, how about we rep the shizz in another way, the T-shirt and camera-phone way, or sticker and picture way....

While you're out fulfilling your NY2013 party goal in your town (or before heading out, or after you sober up), toss on your shizz t, and snap a pic, post it up here. Post in on the FB page.

Don't have a shizz t? How about a minibosses one? Don't have one of those, how about a sticker? Or just print out a logo and tape it to your bathroom mirror ... or at least how about slouch down with your computer over your shoulder, your favorite shizz thread lit up, and snap a shot.

Point is, do that, or something like it, and post it here in this thread.
I'd like to see how many family, faces, freaks, army, bandmates, mods, promoters, community members and long lost friends we can get to pop in, like a team photo or yearbook, or "shizz family newsletter 2013" ... what have you.

Let me know what you think, join in, spread it around.
thanks for listening, and for dropping by here to muse about life and connect a little bit, be it over home buying, random pictures, vg music, comic books, politics, or just post about local shows.
Its a nice place to have.
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#1177325 Random Images You Like

Posted by JRC on 10 November 2012 - 08:59 PM

Posted Image

Well, I don't like his "take all of Earths resources" platform, but he has promised to eliminate all taxes...
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#1176611 News from the mini's forum

Posted by JRC on 07 November 2012 - 04:26 PM

you can see why I posted in the mini forum first :)

Yeaaa, I know D'...I just want to drum up some more visits in the forum here, see if we can't bring back the epic Mikey/Jackie dispatches of loe 2009!
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