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#1005953 cOMics Thread

Posted by Troy Hickman on 03 February 2011 - 08:28 PM

Heh, it's just a weird thing with this forum where somehow people notice when they are being talked about and start posting here either in defense of themselves or thanking us for the support. Richard Page's (from Mr. Mister) brother posted here because there is a thread about Page's band Pages.

My brother is a professional ticket scalper, so I probably won't be defending him here. However, my girlfriend's sister used to date Mike Reno of Loverboy if you'd like to run with that... ;)
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#1005942 cOMics Thread

Posted by Troy Hickman on 03 February 2011 - 08:09 PM

Did Troy Hickman just post in our thread? What. The. Fuck. The Shizz badmouthing curse strikes back. Thanks for the advice! I'm actually curious where TG will go, and now that I know the original was from 93, I'm more curious since you are much more established now.

Oh, it's cool; stating personal opinions is hardly badmouthing. And yeah, I created TG in '93 in a mini-comic called Tales of the Pathetic Club (about folks with OCD) and then soon after gave her a one-shot mini of her own. Then in 2003 Top Cow contacted me about taking one of my other mini-comics, Holey Crullers, and having the stories redrawn by famous artists, and that became my Eisner-nominated (you have to say that!) series Common Grounds. When they did, they also inquired about Twilight Guardian. And now Common Grounds has been optioned by Starz Media for a TV show, and TG may become a theatrical movie (knock on wood). So I would encourage you to get together with your artist and CREATE something. You never know when it might pan out, and even if it doesn't, hopefully you're doing something you really love doing (I realize that sounds corny and trite, but it's damned true). And if I can give you any help, just let me know.
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#1005938 cOMics Thread

Posted by Troy Hickman on 03 February 2011 - 07:53 PM

Man, I couldn't find this book at my LCS, and I only want it because I've heard it's bad. I even read the Pilot Season issue (downloaded) and was like ugh ok this is weird. So why do I want to read it? Well, for the past few months I've lazily been working on a comic script that is pretty similar. Just for fun, and a friend of mine is working on drawings, and if we ever finish it, hell, we will publish it. The "real world" thing has been done so like anything that is in that realm I have been trying to be really careful about. I came up with my idea before I even read Kick Ass, and I've been coming across so many things like that. It's making me crazy trying to reconcile that my idea is not that original, but at the same time a lot of my idea hasn't really been done. Oof. I need to work on that script some more.

Raub, the thing to keep in mind is that it's not whether an IDEA has been done before; almost all of them have. It's what you personally bring to that idea that makes it your work, and hopefully resonates with the readers. I first published Twilight Guardian in 1993, so when Top Cow asked about redoing it for Pilot Season in 2008, shortly AFTER Kick-Ass had been done, I could have just said "nah, folks may not know how long it's been around and think it's unoriginal." But I was confident that I could bring something different to the table, not because it's a unique idea (I'm sure SOMEBODY did it before 1993), but because I've got a different mindset. Good luck with your script.

And trunkspace, sorry you didn't care for it, man. Maybe you'll like the subsequent issues, and if not, maybe you'll like something else I do in the future. Anyway, thanks very much for the feedback.
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