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#1425810 Telemelt v0.6

Posted by batslyadams on 30 June 2020 - 10:21 AM

generic booing / sounds of disapproval - prefer if there are no actual words since it'll read better in voice chat!

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#1425270 Telemelt v0.6

Posted by batslyadams on 22 June 2020 - 03:14 PM

appreciate all the kind words - looking forward to catching up!


testing in discord / #community-gaming at around 8:30 EST if you want to stress test / walk through how it works


mig50 sent this photo of his legit reset sfx recording setup (yellowed snes for authenticity)




first game down! my machine gun waifu:


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#1425185 Telemelt v0.6

Posted by batslyadams on 21 June 2020 - 07:09 PM

Passing the controller around while shooting the shit with the homies has been a consistent joy throughout my entire life, and some of my greatest memories are with some of you here doing just that (shizzmas, mag hotel, nyc) - I miss everyone. I wanted a way to play single player/hotseat games with friends remotely but netplay has always been unsatisfying for this, since only the host had low enough latency for games that require tight timing. This project intentionally omits things like social features, logins, achievements and instead aims to provide a free way to reconnect and celebrate games with those you care about, even if they are not tech savvy, with the lowest hassle possible. I started this project with my buddy (Evan Harper) around the time covid started here, and basically we’ve been pouring our hearts into it every day possible since March.




Telemelt is designed to recreate the experience of playing single-player games in a room full of friends: watching someone run through a level or entire game, passing off the controller when it gets too difficult, taking turns, and laughing and chatting the entire time. The system allows the current player to assume host responsibility and experience zero network latency for games with demanding response times, with the viewers never more than 1 second behind! Chrome only at the moment and loading ROMs is currently only supported by Dropbox, which generates a URL for the content you select and sends it to all players.



The technology behind this project is pretty awesome and we've developed some cool systems along the way, we’ll be writing up some of how it works throughout the week before release. Telemelt really describes the combination of server logic/frontend with a modified retroarch + hand picked libretro core backend built using emscripten.


- NES, SNES, Genesis/SMS/GG, GB/GBC, GBA cores built in

- Nothing to install, no IPs or port forwarding just share the link / room code

- Most major gamepads supported via USB/BT (PS3, PS4, X360, Switch Pro etc..)

- Real time viewer reactions, built out of a clap feature specifically made for the shizz

- Guaranteed <1sec of latency for viewer (will fast forward if there are network issues)

- Only one user needs to load from Dropbox, and everyone will receive the content

- Low bandwidth for international friends / those with bad wifi (only sync/controller/event data sent - no AV)

- Full uncompressed audio/video rendered locally on the client

- Save/load states work great

- No logins, no social features, no ads, free!

- Splash screen is an actual NES ROM ;)

- Haven’t tested beyond 10 players, but no theoretical limit for this at the moment (targeting 16)

- Chrome only for now, but Firefox not far off


Open up a discord/meet/zoom whatever and try:


- Minigame collections (player transfer system is fast enough to keep up with wario ware for each game!)

- Practice for a week then hold a live olympic games (world/winter/summer/california games etc)
- Live sound test or NSF/VGM listening party
- Golf / bowling / fishing games to chill
- Create music collaboratively in LSDJ/NTRQ (danimal??)
- Gameshow games (family feud, anticipation, etc)
- Grind through an rpg over a few weeks (savestates work great for this!)
- Copilot an unplayed game on gamefaqs
- Teach techniques for speedruns (can demonstrate then hand off)
- Homebrew, hacks, and live demoscene parties
- Mario Paint collab (once peripheral support is implemented)

I’d like to release this to the public next week (6/26), but before then I’d love to blast through some hidden gems and celebrate our arcane knowledge/memories of these games.

There’s one shared user/pass for the shizz and I’ll post it on the shizzcord #community-gaming channel if that’s alright (maybe pin a message?) - one small ask is to keep it private to that discord. Please don’t post the link on social media yet it’ll be ready in a few days and then we can all party on it! I'll post the details in there around 11:00EST, and down to play a few games if people are around! Will probably be playing every evening until release date to iron out the last work!


The server may restart throughout the week but I’ll post updates here for when those will happen / changelogs. I have a bit of money saved from a job to cover server costs for this for a while, they have been designed to be low but we’ll see how many people end up using it!.


Infinite thanks to brodan, ken oh, mig, robby v and discord crew for gfx/sfx/testing so far!! <3



Loading a from dropbox to sync with all players



Real time audience reaction (with sfx!)


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#1425174 Shizzblock? - Games/date TBD

Posted by batslyadams on 21 June 2020 - 02:03 PM

yeah! fixed the feedback from last night re: volume stuff / readme going off the page - info thread coming soon and will post once the server is rebuilt tonight


thanks so much for testing / shizzblock, i had a blast and i'm looking forward to beating some more games/hanging this year!!

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#1414601 guitarra

Posted by batslyadams on 13 February 2020 - 09:19 PM

Also sorta related, no dummy coil here, but I've been considering a Lace Sensor Dually red / silver comobo.  I haven't done any guitarra work lately, or played much really.  I figure a pickup swap might be just the inspiration I could use.  Aside from what's on the Lace site though, there's sure not a whole lot of info out there on what these sound like.





i've heard nothing but great things about lace sensors, i'd love to hear what you think of them - going to try the drop and gains when i get a chance


speaking of the JEM, i love the 7D, it has a gnarly/ugly textured black finish with a silver mirror pickguard and screw head fret markers - i saw one in a shop once and i've been thinking about it ever since lol



the new guitarist for municipal waste has one


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#1401556 Playstation 1

Posted by batslyadams on 20 June 2019 - 05:02 PM

just installed a PSIO (which works amazingly well by the way) so i've been cruising through of my favorite games and unfortunately most did not age well, i'll report back once i make it down the list


otherwise i've been trying some games that i've missed / come up often in "hidden gem" lists and so far silent bomber has been the first one to hold my attention, i think it's considered a classic but check it out if you missed it too, it's a riot once you start dropping 10 bombs at once and the gameplay is super chaotic / satisfying


i'm supposed to continue king's field 1 (us), i think i've got the grit but time will tell

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#1401499 Telesplit - Multi-VGM DAW Project Generator

Posted by batslyadams on 19 June 2019 - 06:12 PM

The page says NSFE works but I haven't gotten a single NSFE to work. It just refreshes the page. 


Just a minor thing but it also lets you submit with no file.


Also I'm a bit confused, for NSFs is it supposed to do all tracks or just one at a time?

Great work BTW!


ty! and appreciate the heads up, i fixed a bug that was blocking the nsfe extension but now that it's accepting it's barfing on conversion, have to disable support for a bit :(


re: multi-track nsf export, sorry that's some stale info in the post about it (updated), the site was initially generating a lot of large zips which i think was becoming a hassle for some users, i was going to make it a specific option to nsf but since nearly every other format is single track it was much easier to keep the interface uniform

i think that ideally there would be an intermediate page *after* uploading the file that lists the metadata to show it read the file correctly, then can check off which tracks you want to bounce and the next step would return the zip, but i would definitely need some frontend assistance for that (if anyone is quick with that stuff!)


will tackle some of that this weekend!

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#1401381 Telesplit - Multi-VGM DAW Project Generator

Posted by batslyadams on 17 June 2019 - 12:39 PM

some progress! i've got track isolation working for some common configs but the big timesink has been detecting which chips are used, i need to explicitly mute every channel on every chip (except for the one currently being rendered) in order to solo


in the meantime, if anyone would find a different DAW format useful, feel free to attach a project file set up in the following way:

- a single track containing

    - track name "ch0"

    - track color (if supported) (red / 0xFF0000)

    - any length/content wav file named "ch0.wav" at 0:00:00

- an additional track containing

    - track name "ch1"

    - track color (if supported) (green / 0x00FF00)

    - any length/content wav file named "ch1.wav" at 0:00:00

- preserve pitch on if that's a global option

- timebase / play position at t0 (1.1.1 / 0:00:00)


and that should give me enough information to analyze - i won't need the actual wav files, just the project file in this case

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#1401245 Telesplit - Multi-VGM DAW Project Generator

Posted by batslyadams on 14 June 2019 - 09:33 AM

Hey Batsly, I just tried this out on a .gbs file I needed something from, and it worked like a fucking charm.  You have built an awesome thing here, and I'm super appreciative!  Thank you.


that rules - just wanted to say that i learned a ton about reaper/eq'ing guitar from your youtube channel some time back (although i didn't know it was you at the time) so i'm super grateful to repay the favor in any way


extended vgm support is almost ready! robby showed me a bunch of wild arcade tracks last month so it's definitely worth the effort (plus space harrier)

just finished up a big project so i'll have free time to finish it up this weekend, after that i'll probably start working on more DAW formats / export options unless anyone had specific requests

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#1400883 Telesplit - Multi-VGM DAW Project Generator

Posted by batslyadams on 08 June 2019 - 10:27 PM

ty all!! very much appreciated!


@jace - looked into arcade support and i have a plan on how to implement it which as a bonus means neo-geo support for czyszy


excited to be submitting my first solo DoD this month and using the tool was super useful in helping narrow down a track and getting to work pretty quickly, i'll capture that workflow from vgm->daw in a video for folks who might need help getting started

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#1399385 Gif Dump

Posted by batslyadams on 12 May 2019 - 08:37 AM

went on a youtube bender last night with mig sam and robby looking for the best guitar moves, made a gif of one of the top 3




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#1399383 Telesplit - Multi-VGM DAW Project Generator

Posted by batslyadams on 12 May 2019 - 08:11 AM

hey all!


worked on some requested features this morning, the multi-track export has been disabled but you can now select a track number / duration, status page provides more feedback/detail and confirmed GBS support is working great


there are a few cool new untested pieces but they need to be hooked into the page, then i'll probably finish work on the other daw formats and actually spend time on improving the site interface


for anyone having issues, definitely check that the extension on the filename, the server will reject a zip/7z and goes by the extension to determine format



also, so far for me this has been an insanely useful practice tool, the generated file has the preserve pitch enable baked into the rpp when you open it you can just solo the channels you're interested in, drop the rate, and jump into practicing tough sections instantly

and even though it can't reliably detect bpm in certain formats it's pretty easy to line up the bpm by rolling the mousewheel over the bpm section and visually match the lines to a measure if you need a click track, and for consoles that used a fixed time interrupt instead of a register dump (NSF vs VGM) there are a specific set of known BPMs (i'll make a video of this workflow if anyone is interested!)



happy tracking!!


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#1399046 Telesplit - Multi-VGM DAW Project Generator

Posted by batslyadams on 07 May 2019 - 01:29 PM

oh cool! i didn't know about towave - besides the daw generation part that's pretty much identical to the core of this project, i think it'll still be good for osx/linux users who can't use that .exe (plus any wishlist features we can come up with) but towave would have been helpful to look at when i started this for sure hahah

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#1399037 Telesplit - Multi-VGM DAW Project Generator

Posted by batslyadams on 07 May 2019 - 12:16 PM

Not sure where to attach but they were Mecarobot Golf and Chrono Trigger, i'll try mmx and wild guns and see if they work.

on it mostly so that i have an excuse to write "v1.0: major fix: mecarobot golf support"


spcs from here worked



i'll check if there are any issues with certain revisions - one thing to check might be if the filename has an additional '.' (since it might not recognize it as a .spc file anymore)

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#1399031 Telesplit - Multi-VGM DAW Project Generator

Posted by batslyadams on 07 May 2019 - 11:53 AM

also if I can help with any kind of server moderation or monitoring or something like that, let me know. this is so incredible

would appreciate this very much for the next part, i'll hit you up soon!



this is just great, trying some nsf's that seem to be working, but tried spc and pressed upload it didn't appear to do anything, not sure if there's anything i need to change on my end computer wise.  but yeah i'll start with some nsf's first and see how it goes.

thanks and just tried a few wild guns / mmx spcs and those worked okay, can you attach one that wasn't working if you get a chance? i'll try to debug after work today

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