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09 January 2019 - 10:48 AM

Hey folks


Just wanted to do a rare pop-in and thank the shizz for their past and current support. Many of the other members have been showing thanks as well. Over the years of touring one unique component for us was there was often a place to crash, or at least a bare minimum couple people in the audience, thanks to the shizzies. We are glad many of you got to be around for some of our best (and worst) moments that live on as hilarious and/or awful stories.


Returning to MAGFEST was surreal and to see the room that full (even more than our “final” show) was humbling, especially for me having dragged my wife and kids along, who really didn’t know much about all this until that moment when they saw it firsthand.


Our upcoming Philly shows (two nights) are likely our very last. PhilaMOCA is a unique venue (former mausoleum)- dark and gritty. We will be playing longer sets. All things considered, it will be a more classic vibe, minus any cases of sparks in the back room. There is an increasing chance the Saturday night show will sell out at the door, so either get tix in advance if you are traveling, or consider Sunday as an option if you are attending only one. We’d love to see everyone the entire weekend, and maybe take over a nearby bar afterwards, etc. There’s a great whiskey & go go place down the block.


Tix Night 1



Tix Night 2



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Pics of the stage view for the “final” 2007 show, and the MAGfest reunion:

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Rising from our grave,