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Help support women in STEM with our Kickstarter!

11 February 2020 - 12:32 PM

Hey Shizzies – Ryan from Chromelodeon here (can we finally retire that?). My wife and I just launched another business and we need your help supporting women in STEM with our Kickstarter!


Emily and I have been working behind the scenes on another business for the last two years and the moment has arrived! JUNO JONES is our new shoe company, specifically offering fashionable safety footwear for women. This is a special niche market we care deeply about, and Emily herself was affected by the lack of products supporting women in STEM and nontraditional and hazardous fields, so she strove to make her own. I have done my best to keep up with her endless enthusiasm and dedication, helping with everything short of modeling them myself (obligatory “Kinky Boots” reference). Fun fact: Emily herself is the model in the Kickstarter video close-ups, with me dropping bricks and pipes on her! We’ve got a measure of trust in our relationship to say the least.


JUNO JONES is now LIVE on Kickstarter and we are asking you all for help asap! If this isn’t specific to you or your partner's needs, please share it with family, friends, and co-workers who would benefit from the support. There are a lot of women out there being exposed to risk due to limited or nonexistent safety footwear choices- a typical problem for women in many areas, unfortunately. According to an overwhelming amount of feedback and support, this applies to a wide array of fields… construction, science, engineering, manufacturing, technology, warehousing, professional kitchens, and more.


On a personal note, as a father of a young girl, I take pride in doing whatever I can to help balance gender issues for her future. This will be a small step for progress. Thanks in advance to all for your attention, and for keeping it weird all these years.