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Hades - There Is No Escape!

15 November 2020 - 05:24 PM

Whoa, I get to be the one to start a thread! 


I have been greatly enjoying this game since the full version came out. I had quite a few people singing its praises to me when it was in early access, so I gave it a try even though I hadn't played any of the other Supergiant games and I was instantly hooked! I know quite a few shizzies have been playing too or at least giving it a go. Aside from being very, very fun, it also has a killer soundtrack and some really awesome musical vibes. And YOU CAN PET THE THREE HEADED DOG :D 


Some of my current stats in the spoiler tag below, I definitely have preferred builds and particular boons that I aim for, but once in a while I'll shake it up and try to challenge myself to use a weapon I don't like, or just try to get one of the in-game "achievements" for trying out all the various combinations of things. I have a few good videos/screenshots of particularly fun stuff that I'll see if I can get on here. I'm pretty much done with story-related stuff but haven't quite maxed everything out like a good completionist should...




Looking forward to seeing other people talk about their runs, favourite boons/aspects, and all that!


Is there no escape?





MagWestn’t Starts Today!

01 October 2020 - 05:22 PM

MagWest has moved online this year and while we can all probably say that we’d rather be there in person, it at least provides another excuse for some online hangouts and shows!

Also, the great thing about living on the internet is that borders don’t really matter, so The Runaway Four is gonna be on the virtual MagWestn’t stage tomorrow (Friday), woo! Showtime for us is 8:50pm pacific and Josh of R4/Bonus Stage is hosting the music segments with the usual artist chats afterwards.

Our setlist includes a banging medley we call Bomb Your Own Base, a bunch of shop themes and our Zelda medley featuring a guest flautist for maximum emotion.

Full schedule here:


Other musical highlights include Super Marcato Bros and The Arkadian on Saturday!!

I know some folks mentioned double fisting the music with some telemelting so I’ll do my best to get in on that action too.

Virtual VGM Fest 4.0 Saturday July 11 2PM Pacific

10 July 2020 - 10:32 AM

Hey theshizz

There’s another Virtual VGM Fest tomorrow hosted by my bandmate Josh, and this time we actually get to play it! There are costumes involved.

Pre-show at 1:30PM PDT (4:30 EDT)
Concert at 2:00PM PDT (5:00 EDT)

2:00 PM PDT The Runaway Four

3:00 PM PDT The Arkadian

4:00 PM PDT Jewel Maiden

5:00 PM PDT Lame Genie

6:00 PM PDT EyeQ

TODAY: Virtual Vancouver Retro Gaming Expo 2020 *and* Brew Game Plus Z

20 June 2020 - 10:47 AM

Hello theshizz

There’s a virtual cornucopia of online streaming music today if you desire to be entertained!

First up, Vancouver Retro Gaming Expo has moved online due to the covids, and the show starts at 1pm Pacific with a mix of music and guests.


Since it’s all online, there are quite a few non-Vancouver acts! Musical offerings include:

(All times are Pacific)

1pm: Press X
2pm: 20SIX Hundred
3pm: MATT, TheBanjoPlayer (Matt Menefee of The Hit Points)
4pm: Andrea Galvini
4:30pm: porta2note
5pm: 88bit
5:45pm: Jewel Maiden
6pm: The Runaway Four (hi yes that’s me)

AND if your ear holes are still left wanting more, Aztec Brewing is doing some reruns of past shows at Brew Game Plus which would have been having its latest version today...


7pm: Extra Lives
8pm: The Koopas (feat. Daemon9623 <3)
9pm: Kirby’s Dream Band

Holy moly that’s a lot of music!

Hope to see some of you in the chat... also based on a popular vote the keyboard cam will be aimed at my butt to provide a unique concert viewing perspective.