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In Topic: The Cooking Thread

Yesterday, 07:27 PM

Ghee and avocado oil are the best to use, I don't usually have access to ghee but my nearest grocery store always has fairly inexpensive avocado oil so I've been almost always using that.

In Topic: Isolate PS1 sound channels

Yesterday, 07:26 PM

Post step-by-step instructions here when you figure it out!

In Topic: 11:60

Yesterday, 06:16 PM

5 to 6 days a week, unsure when exactly or if it varies but between 5:30 and 7:00 a.m., for at least 20 minutes, one of our neighbours idles their truck before work. It rumbles the entire neighbourhood, so I'm not sure why nobody has complained yet, but from where my unit is I can't tell where the truck is even if I look out the window. In my 4 years living here, I've never been outside or willing to step out at the same time as the truck has been running. I don't have much trouble sleeping through it, but like, what reason could they have? Cold weather, warm weather, moderate weather, do they have an exact temperature to which they condition the inside of their truck, down to the half-degree, every day? I'm baffled.

In Topic: COVID-19

Yesterday, 06:04 PM

The sickness had better not attack you any harder than it already has, Ken Oh. Otherwise I'm seeking vengeance and not coming back until I have it.

In Topic: NIPPORI STATION - City Pop, J-fusion, etc Stream

Yesterday, 05:55 PM

Favorite joke of the night:

Migfifty is the perfect material on which to project anime.