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In Topic: PUNCHFEST 24! - Last one before world ends?

Today, 12:11 AM

Entries here:


But one is screwed up in the zip so grab it here instead:



The wind beneath my wings!

In Topic: PUNCHFEST 24! - Last one before world ends?

Yesterday, 09:57 PM

Is there a .zip available?

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Yesterday, 01:17 PM

I didn't see any blood on her. Fucking liar.

In Topic: What games are you playing now?

Yesterday, 01:15 PM


Burned through the Resident Evil remake over the last few weeks and loved it. Got the RE2 Remake for a good price, expecting more of the same. It's a completely different experience.

RE2 is a good time, but it's almost mean-spirited in how often it makes you run in terror. It gives me so much anxiety. Idk if I can finish it.

I kinda wish they didn't have Mr. X during the first playthrough like in the original. I did like how they introduced him though


They probably had to put Mr. X in the first playthrough because most people don't even finish single-player games let alone play them a 2nd time. He's too big of a draw to not have him in there.

:(  If this is how RE2 plays, I'll be leaving RE3 for the Let's Play professionals and just watching. I can't handle HD Nemesis.


I'm maybe 1/3 through RE3 remake. The game is more action-oriented and nowhere near as scary or tense is RE2 remake. Nemesis isn't scary. He's introduced very, very early and is somewhat present throughout the game. But unlike Mr. X where you're trying to avoid a tyrant while still exploring and completing puzzles, Nemesis is just escaping from point A to a clearly defined point B. Some of these scenes you are literally running down a linear path.

In Topic: The Official Star Trek Appreciation Thread

Yesterday, 10:29 AM

My wife and I enjoyed Enterprise. Not the best Star Trek, but far from the worst.