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BonkersMaiku Kuro

;< sorry I didn't lol. Lol@one stroke
You know, you can also email or MSN me or something like that too. Or just use my regular myspace I guess. Making songs is pretty much all I did this month. I had over 10 planned, I finished about 8 , submitted 7
Dec 24 2009 10:41 AM

BonkersMaiku Kuro

:O dood. Did I reply to your comment on my Music myspace last month? I can't remember! >.> If I didn't i'm sorry lol!
I just went on it to listen to some old tunes lol
Dec 23 2009 08:20 PM

LuketheXjesseMaiku Kuro

yeah john petrucci is the shit
beats me who the other two are
Oct 19 2009 12:33 PM