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#1143080 What happened to you at work today

Posted by Riders on 29 May 2012 - 09:59 AM

I had to work in the office all last week...

Did I mention that this is my office? :D

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#1142368 Castlevania... IN MINECRAFT!

Posted by Riders on 24 May 2012 - 06:33 AM

The legend of Zelda, it's entire overworld plus All the dungeons.
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#1140209 What happened to you at work today

Posted by Riders on 12 May 2012 - 06:06 PM

Got hired for my new job today!

On my way to being a professional mountain man. :) Im going to work as a park interpreter in the meadow lake provincial park. Super stoked! Ill be leading hikes, canoe trips and all sorts of good stuff and giving people presentations on nature and natural history and maybe first nations culture.

Tomorrow Im driving accross 2 provinces for 12 hours to get to saskatchewan.

The only bummwer i suppose is if any of you know canadian geography and what not, saskatchewan is super flat, so i wont really be in super mountain areas at all, but who cares.

I also may be living in a tent for the next 4 months... haha

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#1139677 Dunk thread?

Posted by Riders on 09 May 2012 - 11:50 PM

I suppose her eyes change colour?
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#1138640 Words that just happened

Posted by Riders on 03 May 2012 - 09:05 AM

I love this. because of Ricky from trailer park boys I always try and make a mental note of any time some one either on purpose or intentionally makes up a word or pronounces it wrong. I have a massive list not including trailer park boys words. These have all happened to me.

"in no time at all you will have this down pact." haha

" I pacifically told him not go in there" or " let's get Down to pacifics"

"I opened the email you sent me, but I must not have the right program becuase when I opened it the file came up as a bunch of pyroglyphics."

I personally hate when people say "for fucks sakes." with the s on sakes. And I've started noticing alot of people saying ek-cetera instead of et-cetera. Strange.
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#1137687 Hunk Thread

Posted by Riders on 28 April 2012 - 05:56 PM

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#1137512 Has Anyone Noticed How Good The Real World Has Been Lately?

Posted by Riders on 27 April 2012 - 03:58 PM

Double post I suppose!

Now on the other side of the wheather spectrum.

Just a few months ago the same group of people and I went back country ski touring in this hidden-ish area called the snow bowl. Its in the jasper park area in alberta, but when you get there is more or less an open valley sourrounded by peaks and mountains. Probably one the of the most beautiful places i have ever been to.

This trip was Probably the hardest mentally and physically challenging thing i have ever done, ill get into those details later.

First of all theres a lot of pretty intense planning that goes into the trip: we all had to have a basic level of avalanche training, and register with the park wardens and obey their rules, just to get into the area. some of those rules are packing everything in and out, that includes human poop. WOOO!!! who doesnt like to have a sack of shit with them in thier packs, amoung their food and clothing.

We all had to pack a shit load of gear into our packs, that was a test in itself. Food for 6 days plus cooking gear & fuel, avalanche gear, which is a beacon, shovel and probe, a tent(although split between 2 people. still takes up tons of space), all of your personal clothing,(a couple of layers,down jacket, shells,etxra GLoves etc... it can be a lot depending on what kind of person you are in the cold), a spleeping bag, and then various odds and ends, booties, headlamp, log book etc. Needless to say my pack was jam packed to the brim,and mega heavy. probably around 60 pounds. Might not sound like a lot, but it wears on you when skiing up up hill with it on for 10 hours a day.

If any one you arent quite sure what back country skiing is, quick lesson: instead of going to a ski resort and enjoying your day there going up the ski runs via a lift or whatever, backcountry is in un patrolled and un controlled areas. You have to put skins on your skis (velvet strips that you put on one side of your skis for grip) and cross country ski up the hills, then ski down.The runs are obviously not groomed at all and its all fresh powder, very cool feeling. The skis are also different because they have 2 modes, one way you click them into a cross country skiing mode, and the other you click them into apline mode for going down hill. However i was trying telemark skiing, which is a super old school form of skiing where you never get to lock your heels in. If you are interested check this video out, super duper fun form of skiing and highly reccomended.


avalanches are totally real out here and super dangerous.

First day we skied up to our first camp site. around 10k, not really that much, but it was brutal with the packs on, and not to mention getting used to skiing. I was drained over energy, i did not eat enough not often enough, i lost one of my gloves for a few hours, and it felt like the end of the world. I was so cold, hungry and tired and i wanted to do was ball up and cry for my missing glove. True story.

Then the next day we spent digging the side of a snow drift out, and made a snow cave, which we slept in for the rest of the trip. It was totally like echo base and hoth.

the day after that we skiied up some of the mountains. dug a snow pit and did some avalanche testing, and did some ski runs

Our trip got cut one day short, because it never stopped snowing and the avalanche risks weree pretty high, bu8t in the end our school bought us all lift tickets for the jasper ski resort and we spent our final day skiing there anyways. An absolutle amazing trip overall.

If anyone has some questions ask.

Me climbing the final slope to get to the snow bowl on the second day. you had to keep your skiis on at all time, or else you would sink right down to your waist.

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Real back country skiing, fresh powder. Note the back back, we had small day packs for when we werent at base camp, we had to have our shovel and probe in there at all times. and our beacons were just above our first layer and were on and never came off of us for the whole trip.
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life inside echo base, AKA the snow caves

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The snow bowl, the valley sourrounded by loads of awesome mountains, our huge packs haha.
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morning sunrise, amazing.

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if any of you are facebook, i'm tagged in a load of pictures from my trips if anyone of you are curious to see more.
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#1137287 Has Anyone Noticed How Good The Real World Has Been Lately?

Posted by Riders on 26 April 2012 - 12:59 PM

I have spent the last 2 years enjoying the real world considerably!

To name off one really sweet trip, i may do the next in another post, since i need pictures to show how awesome the real world is, but you can only put in five per post.

This september me and my classmates went up to northern saskatchewan and went on a canoeing expedition that lasted about 12 days, paddling back to a small town called misinipe. All around we paddeled close to 90K. Went through about a dozen or so rapids, Which myself and and only one other didnt flip into the water the whole trip, pretty sweet acheivment actaully.The trip was super sweet, its awesome being in completly remote areas. There was 8 of us and our 2 teachers who are certified guides.
There was a lot of planning that went into the trip and it was absolutly amazing, the wheather was great, and we got flown in by plane into this remote area. totally awesome.

Heres some pictures and highlights

Loading all of the gear into the plane, it had to take 2 trips, because we had 5 canoes, around 8 or 9 barrels of food, 2 coolers, one for meat and one for dairy, all of our personal clothing and equipment in dry bags. Tents, fireboxes, kitchen gear,stoves etc... a lot of gear, it made the 6 or so portages we had to do pretty friggen tough.

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a view from the plane on what kind of river system we are navigating. its called a pool and drop. pretty awesome

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an idea what some of our campsites looked like

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We ate like absolute kings and packed so much food, i was so full after each meal, i also caught my very first fish on the trip, also another sweet acheivment.

One of the many hidden gems we have found along the way,

Tuck falls at night.

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Group shot of us, at the final second last set of rapids very last day of the trip, these were a class 3+ (dont know if that matters, i dont know if anyone on here paddles)

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#1136608 is society moving backwards?

Posted by Riders on 23 April 2012 - 08:10 PM

On another completly different note, but still about society moving backwards, and its funny i have been thinking about this a lot latley because i have been looking at a lot of of old photographs and some movies that take place in the 50's and 60's and not even cause of this thread.

I think fasion and general apperance has gone not really backwards(because if it did it would be awesome) but just untidy in general and kinda lost its touch.

When i was at college i would look at all the photographs on the walls of the graduates from the 50's and 60's, and see their very neat and well kept hair styles, and i bet you they all looked like that every day. Wearing a button up shirt and tie with shoes that you needed to polish was an every day thing, not just for special occasions.

Even though everyone wants to be indivualised to a degree in the present day, i think theres somthing pretty awseome about looking very well kept each day.

I know if i had a time machine and went back in time, i'd look like horse shit compared to everyone else and i think that sucks.

And that note, i think tuxedos and suits will never go out of style, i mean theres paintings of napoleon wearing a suit that would more or less pass at todays standards, plus every body feels like a total power beast in a suit and always looks good.
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#1136136 Hockey Fans Unite

Posted by Riders on 21 April 2012 - 05:35 PM

Don Cherry is his name. Towards the late 90s he started wearing goofy jackets and such. He's one of the hosts of Hockey Night in Canada, which is on Channel 3 here. Even that theme song is super well known.

He's a pretty knowledgeable hockey vet, that just really, REALLY loves the game. The Rock'em Sock'em movies were all pretty rad, because yeah, he says some hilarious shit. In his prime it was funny hilarious, but as he got older he got more senile, and hilarious for different reasons.

I'm not sure if he still hosts it, but he was on during the Playoffs last season.


im not lying when i say that i thought of this youtube idea years ago, some one beat me to the punch and now its got over a million views
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#1135796 Life Achievement Unlocked

Posted by Riders on 19 April 2012 - 11:10 PM

I ain't hatin man, don't be so uptight Its a funny picture and the only one I have with me and you in it, so I'm hoping the next time were together we're both conscious. I'm proud of you man. Thumbs up dude.

Lighten up a little, thought we were friends enough I could tease you a little, guess not.


and to answer ashane's questions

my great life succes as of late, is that i just graduated from college and now have a diploma. so right on for that i guess wooo!
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#1135505 Mandolins

Posted by Riders on 18 April 2012 - 04:43 PM

i've got one. been playing for a year or so now. mostly blue grass, folk and country.

a funny but silly joke

Do you know what they say about mandolin players?


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#1135503 Can we PLEASE hear it, for the band Rush!

Posted by Riders on 18 April 2012 - 04:27 PM

great timing as rush released a full version of their new single today

i for one am very very very pumped


better sound link the other one was compressed to poop

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#1131662 11:60

Posted by Riders on 28 March 2012 - 10:52 PM

Cunt rag mom has been listening to too much Twisted Sister.


MOM:"...if I turned on country western music and blasted it everyday... you would think I was worthless..."

Yes... not because you don't get out and do things, but because of your exceedingly poor taste in music!

with different parents this easily could have been me

is it sad that i actually agree with the mom, i mean the dude doesnt even speak up for himself. what a weenie. If i had a huge passion and wanted to giver all the time, i'd be like listen mom, fuck you, i love guitar, shredding 24/7 and im gonna be a rock star. Sitting there and acting like a huge panty waist is mega lame.

also if my mom spent 24/7 in her room pickin' out country and western licks all day i think i would agree. theres a point when you got no life. Not saying that playing guitar all day is a bad thing, i think theres a balance you have to achieve with life and hobbies friends etc...

also rize educate yourself on western and country, you would be suprised at the virtuostiy of some of these guys,

please give this song a chance and a listen, and expecialy the solo., it blows me away. country guitarists are just as much virtuosos as shredders and what not.

brad paisley is def a guitar god.

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#1131608 SYNTHPOP

Posted by Riders on 28 March 2012 - 05:34 PM

A fun thing to do to try and get better at understanding on what sounds you can get out of your vsts, is to find a song that you like that has a cool sounding synth, load it into your daw and just kinda Learn the song while tweaking your synths to sound just like the song.

I've done that to a load of rush songs, and have presets saved for a butt load of the leads like Xanadu the trees , Tom sawyer and subdivisions.

It's a good exercise because you start learning, oh that's a saw tooth, sine, square, etc... Oh there's some de tuning to create chorus, longer release, slower attack, etc...It's actually pretty fun.

Those are all monophonic, so it's a bit easier, but do a bit of research on what synths people were using.

80s genesis had some wicked Sounds to copy, the. Brazilian has this uber thick synth, also tears for fears, get songs from the big chair. Loads of good drum sounds and synth tones to try and recreate.
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