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Hey, you good at the music and things? Can you make a theme song?

18 March 2013 - 12:34 PM

One of the shows I work on is KEEP PLAYING, a contemporary video game review series.  It needs new intro music for the opening sequence (already filmed), so I thought I'd ask around!  Anyone have anything laying around they did, unused and unloved, or have the chops to write up something that lasts about a minute with a nice 15-second section?

I can't promise fame or even recognition, just proper credit and linkbacks in the event that efforts to get this to take off are successful.  (Oh, and possibly some kind of royalties if it the episodes end up getting sold in some kind of hard copy.)


Wow, was a great sales pitch, right?  Maybe some of the existing material will speak for itself:


Hello, Shizzies

17 January 2013 - 02:32 PM

This is Sean. You may have met me this year at MAGFest. I hang out with Sindra through the Powet.TV crew.

I met a few people through the room and at the Shizz Suite over the weekend, but all I have are real names! I don't know anyone by their handles, and was legitimately confused when they were used instead. (So much so that I mistakenly turned away someone looking for George.)

Anyone wanna make a new guy feel welcome by letting me know who you are and if we've met? :8

I should have some fun video going up soon. Didn't do any collabs with Sindra this year, but you can checkout our 2012 stuff. In fact, she got recognized by a rando this year for when she crashed Brentalfloss's panel dressed as Richter Belmont. (I was her camera guy, editor, and moral support.)

Sooo, hopefully that's cool!