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Yesterday, 11:00 AM

Shit, I was just about to post that one. Guess I'll go for the low-hanging fruit instead:



This was the first thing that came to my mind. The entire soundtrack really, both NES and Arcade versions:


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Yesterday, 10:41 AM

For items shipped by third parties, or stuff shipped and sold by Amazon?

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Yesterday, 10:40 AM

Onward was released to Disney+ last week on Friday.  It is indeed quite good.  Disney+ is turning out to be a great value if you want to repeatedly watch Pixar movies with your kids (or else watch Marvel and Star Wars stuff).

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Yesterday, 10:16 AM

Yeah, I'll have to look around for the options.  Note the arrival times... first one is April 30 to May 20 and the others are even later.  Man we had it good with 2-day shipping back in the day.  I wonder if I can just build something.  I have a bunch of wood, some metal bars for closets and so on. 

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Yesterday, 09:28 AM

Curious, how early was Coronavirus on your radar and who clued you in?  At what point did you start to actually take precautions of any kind (buying supplies from stores).  For me, it was definitely people I follow on Twitter.  I follow a few people who speak chinese and tweet about China, but I just glossed over what they were saying.  Nassim Taleb (the famous author of the term "Black Swan") was tweeting about it in January.


I like to think I was worried about it sooner than most based on this, but in reality, I don't think I paid much attention until cancellations started occurring in my state (Louisiana). That was the week of March 8. St. Patrick's Day parades in several cities were the first thing I noticed that were canceled since I'd normally go to a few of them.  By the end of the week I'd read an enormous amount about it, schools were officially closed and I'd made a few trips to stores to buy things.  By the end of that weekend the toilet paper was out.  This thread was posted on Wednesday of that week.


Twitter continues to be my most up to date source of info and the best way of hearing about new rumors and dispelling bad ones.