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Virtual VGM Fest 2.0 - Saturday May 9 2PM Pacific Time

08 May 2020 - 12:04 PM

Virtual VGM Fest 2.0 hosted by Bonus Stage Vancouver is tomorrow at 2pm Pacific / 5pm Eastern.
 - Marshall Art [PAL VERSION] 
 - Doug Perry
 - Lauren The Flute
 - 88bit
 - Amanda Lepre
 - Stemage

2020 Notable Shizz Releases

06 January 2020 - 10:37 AM


  • "Fresh 2 - Too Fresh" by The Fresh Men [Robby V, Sagnew, KatamariJr, brodan, magicalyardgnome, openium, mig50, Kev] - digital album, pay what you want - start your year decade off right with some fresh-as-fuck deep cut vgm jams.
    bandcamp: https://will-smith.b...esh-2-too-fresh
    shizz thread: https://theshizz.org...-the-fresh-men/
  • "Duels" by Cory Johnson - digital album, pay what you want - a content-packed collection of twelve Dwelling of Duels submissions from last year; vgm covers in a psychedelic/post rock style.
    bandcamp: https://coryvgm.com/album/duels
  • "Mighty Switch Force! Collection" by Jake Kaufman [virt] - 3xLP vinyl, $44.99 - Vinyl reissue of two of virt's WayForward soundtracks, plus remixes - high energy dance tunes that'll take you straight to Space Cuba.
    Limited Run: https://limitedrunga...-3lp-soundtrack [preorders close Jan 31 2020!]
  • "Burning Chrome" by Zaku [Robby V, mig50] - digital single, pay what you want - Demo track from your new favorite band. "For fans of mech suit, demon f1 car, linear synthesis, 3 part lead harmony, electric wind instrument, anime inspired by top gun, orchestra hit, end credits, ROMplers, mint green, etc"
    bandcamp: http://zaku.bandcamp.../burning-chrome





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Daemon9623 memorial singalong at MAGFest 2020

29 December 2019 - 06:19 PM

Facebook event: https://facebook.com...89722344739185/

At 12:30 am, during the Dwelling of Duels listening party at MAGFest, there will be a Goonies 2 sing-a-long in memory of our friend Sean “Daemon9623” Babbitt. All who wish to contribute are welcome.

The Dwelling of Duels listening party is happening in Panels 4 (Annapolis 2-4).

For those unable to attend in person, I will (wifi/cell phone coverage permitting) attempt to use the Dwelling of Duels Discord voice chat to let you be a part of the fun. It’s bound to be chaotic - which, I think, is fitting.

This sing-a-long will be recorded and submitted to DoD as a January 2020 brevity month entry.

This will happen at 12:30am (give or take some time for setup) to hopefully accommodate those who wish to see Armcannon perform.