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In Topic: Castlevania Thread

08 March 2020 - 09:07 PM

I mean, there's the soundtrack to Rusty (PC-98). That's one I regularly reference for it's OST.


This one Rusty track right here is so blatant, haha:




I've been revisiting Rusty recently, finally got it running well with Retropie on my consumer CRT & PVM! The left side of the screen was a tad cut off & I couldn't figure out how to fix it (even with adjusting the service menu, there was nothing hiding in the overscan region), but it was quite minimal. PC-98 also has some wonky resolutions, so it was a tad letterboxed... but MAN it's a cool game! Holding UP+FORWARD and being able to run is a big bonus :D




^ Very interesting article pointing out some eerie similarities between Rusty and Rondo of Blood. What's especially interesting is that, while Rusty is obvi a general CV ripoff, it actually came out before Rondo. Could be coincidences, or perhaps someone at C-Lab left to join Konami, it's a real head scratcher! I'd assume CV master Sindra has seen this link, but anyone who's a fan of Rondo should check the article out :)

In Topic: Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

03 March 2020 - 02:22 PM


I'm not a grilled cheese conneseur, but I can say the best cheese I've ever had is cave-aged Gruy√®re AOP Reserve, aged for at least 15 months, making it sharper than younger, more common gruyeres.  Due to it's small quantity and expense, it is not distributed outside Switzerland.  Why is it so good?  It's from mountain cows freely graizing in the swiss alps (or rolling hills of west Switzerland), and much of the wonderfully clean mountain watered grass consumed there is also full of flowers (petals and sweet pollen), making the milk both sweet and floral.  (I can also say what americans call "swiss cheese" is so far from the Emmentaler cheese it is trying to emulate, it is just a joke.)
Second to true swiss Gruyere, I'd say CABOT Vermont Extra Sharp Cheddar and/or CABOT Vermont Alpine Cheddar are the next best I've ever had.
If I were to make a grilled cheese, I'd look to these.

I would love to try this stuff someday. I think I can get some real (?) Vermont cheddar around here, but even basic-ass Gruyere is too expensive for my pleb budget.

Havarti+Muenster is still my fav combo.



That sounds like such a great combination! Muenster is so versatile, I used to get it a lot at this Polish deli near me when I lived in Chicago. They also had like a zillion different kinds of smoked sausage <3



In Topic: Penis Man is one of us

07 February 2020 - 09:56 AM

It was a poor choice of words but I suppose some inspiration was drawn due to Daemon's awful mother in law also being ex-law enforcement (?). Insensitive, but also perhaps poor worded stream of conciousness talk of a man who needs real funded help. Stupid ass health care system here, he seemed to be doing better back when he lived in Germany. Never made that connection, but that could be a major factor :(


Sad shit all around

In Topic: drummara / percusarra

25 January 2020 - 07:14 PM

I went to a electronics store 2 days ago and spent a few minutes playing one of their electric drum sets, it's fuckin cray how much they have improved since the early 2000s! They felt awkward and laggy whenever I gave them a whirl back in those days, but these days I am very tempted to buy one!


Very compact, and not a problem if you want to play them at night (my family goes to sleep very early), just pop in some headphones! I'm not well-versed at all in what the good brands are, or the brands that are decent & affordable. I'd love some input if anyone here is familiar with said devices!

In Topic: SCART Porn

25 January 2020 - 07:08 PM

If you have an XBR, I'd say forget about 240p and snag a RetroTink 2x (480p only, but very simple plug-n-play goodness with an optional smoothing filter) or an OSSC (very frickin intricate and confusing, but JunkerHQ has a good Wiki for the thang and other scalers/scan converters). 


I've spent a LOT of time this past half-year or so learning a ton about CRTs and would be ELATED to give any of you folks suggestions, advice, opinions etc. Recently snagged a PVM and also a JVC pro monitor (PVMs are overrated, JVCs have way more TVL!) and they are god damn gorgeous. But I have spent so much time in my consumer CRT's service menu that it srsly looks just as good as a PVM thanks to my meticulous work / my Kramer FC-14 RGB to YPbPr transcoder. Moonie has one as well, he can vouch for how dope they are!


BNC cables > SCART. SCART is a pain in the ass! But they are very cool interesting cables, can't deny that. 


p.s. Invest in Extron gear, it can make your consoles look SO so good :3