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In Topic: Shizz Movie Nite 7: Arnie Nite 2: SWORDSENEGGER 5/30 800 PM EST

Today, 06:59 PM

had some internet problems but the stream seems to be goin strong now.

still some of barbarian left, then destroyer & red sonja!

In Topic: Donald Trump Is Your New President.

Today, 02:04 AM

i found jalen rose's section of this video (starts at 4:00) to be very powerful / moving:


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Yesterday, 08:40 AM

did it used to work in humbucking mode and just recently started only working in single mode, or has it always been off?

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28 May 2020 - 10:29 PM


Uncut Gems is on US Netflix now apparently, so if any of you haven’t seen it and are looking for a real suspenseful movie, check it out.

For bonus material make sure to follow Wayne Diamond and any other fashion and diamond district weirdos from the film that you can find on Instagram.

Watched this last night and yes it is very stressful but in a way that distracted me from real life stress plus it was good



been meaning to watch this since december & finally got to it tonight.


i'm glad i didn't watch it in the theater because i had to take a couple breaks (partly to piss, but also to steel my nerves).  even though the ending had been spoiled for me, the last 15 minutes or so had my anxiety off the damn charts.  great movie.


speaking of spoilers, this part really floored me:



In Topic: guitarra

28 May 2020 - 03:53 PM

did any wires disconnect from the switch?